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(Posted as Pip Squeek)
a.k.a. Pip Squeek
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(30-Jun-2007 at 18:44)

[Wol #36] Land Gains

This thread is to research the World of Legends server land gains formula. Please post here the following information:

My Province/KD-
War Science:
Our Attitude Towards Them:
Kingdom Stance:
Extra hours: 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4
Fanaticism on: yes or no
Dragon on us: yes or no

Target Prov./KD-
Guard Stations:
Their Attitude Towards Us:
Kingdom Stance:
Dragon: Yes or No
Recent Hit: None/Once, Couple, Moderately, Heavily or Extremely

Attack -

People who are good with math, can use this data and Angel Land Grabs Data to build a nice formula.

Good luck!

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(17-Aug-2007 at 07:02)
My Province/KD-
Race: Gnome
Personality: Freak
Honour: Knight
Acres: 1672
NW: 393898
War Science: 5.2
KD NW: 5189061
Our Attitude Towards Them: War
Kingdom Stance: Normal
Extra hours: 0
Fanaticism on: no
Dragon on us: no

Target Prov./KD-
Race: Dwarf
Personality: Freak
Honour: Knight
Guard Stations: 0
NW: 438922
KD NW: 5181382
Their Attitude Towards Us: War
Kingdom Stance: Aggressive
Dragon: No
Recent Hit: None/Once

Attack - 185 acres (angel predicted 263-322)
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(15-Sep-2007 at 15:19)
In war I guess you would need to know wich hour of war it is the first 24.
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