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Posts: 2
(02-May-2010 at 19:06)
Need an Alliance for protection from Bullying

Please help me my kingdom has not asked for this kind of abuse. I need help protecting ##:## from ##:## Blades of Glory province seems to have a personal vendetta against me and my kingdom. Here is the information needed for you to figure out if you wish to help me out.

My name is Tionis province Blade of Power from the once proud kingdom of Blades of Dragons mate ##:##.

There has been a growing issue with a once king who was toss from his thrown after repeated despicable acts, such as using a banner saying “we like it like that” with a picture of a girl bent over in just her underwear. He did that because we didn’t want to follow his iron fisted yet uneventful rule as monarch anymore.

So he decided to put us in a war with a much larger kingdom then go on vacation along with 3 of his most loyal of subjects to try and “teach” us a lesson. It backfired; he left to kingdom ##:## and we were doing fine after he left.

Suddenly my kingdom is now barren after the course of a month with everyone going inactive or defects because after his leave he left us in a bad way that was hard to recover from.

He’s also taken our banner and changed ##:## to Blades of Dragon mate as well.

After all of this and my kingdom ##:## has turned into what many in the game will call “ghetto”, He has sent me a mail with very vulgar language and threats. He wants me to bring what is left of my kingdom to merge with ##:## but only if I grovel at his feat.

I told him absolutely not ect... and now ##:## onslaughts my kingdom like crazy. This is not fair or right. The abusive game play and language is wrong and I want it stopped immediately please.

Below are 8 images in order of list of events starting with the first to happen.


Please help me take care of this problem. The harassment and abuse is wrong and should not happen.

If anyone wishes to help us in our plight I would be forever in your debt. Please help me before it’s too late.
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Posts: 19/64
(03-May-2010 at 20:02)
this kind of stuff is exactly why i'm coming back to playing this age. You are invited to join my alliance at www.apocalypsealliance.com . We are just getting started again, but i've been know to expand a alliance very quickly
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Posts: 93/108
(04-May-2010 at 13:16)

Eeeke he got the url mixxed up again..


Apocalypse Alliance

hehe is does that all the time..

Any way ask for Bonz, Felix or Meph One of them can surely help.

~ Alliance Leader, Demoness Protector of the Flame/Shield of the Apocalypse~

Apocalypse Alliance - http://apocalypseiscoming.net - IRC Channel: #AA

Last edited by Electra, 04-May-2010 at 13:18.
Edit reason: added additional info ;)
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Posts: 2/2
(04-May-2010 at 15:22)
My kingdom and I are currently discussing joining your alliance. I've one question about your rules on out of war attacks.

Does this mean unless we are in a war AA members are not allowed to attack random kingdoms simply for land/gold/learning gains? I'm confused about that rule.
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Posts: 21/64
(04-May-2010 at 18:45)
If were in a alliance war, for the alliance as a whole, the best thing is to attack the alliance that we are at war with. I understand that some issues do come up that is unavoidable. Sometimes that is were some diplomacy maybe helpfull. If you are needing to get out of a war, to target a alliance that we are at war with, or a change of hotilities, then we can give you a hand in doing that change.

Oppertunities do come up and we understand that, but in a war, most of the focus should be there.

I will be reviewing the tournament rules and maybe tweek them a bit. They should be good to go. For tournament points, you don't necessarily have to be in AA to play. So if you join, but your kingdom don't want to join, but they participate in out tournament, they can still acrue points and then we'll still continue with the WRKF autographed book. Which is a KickBoxing book Written by me. the person who wins will have the option of picking volume one or two. The Master edition probably won't be completed this year.
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Posts: 1/1
(17-May-2010 at 23:15)
Can This Be True?

Is this post really posted as of 2010? I was a founder member of Dragons mate! Please reply if the kingdom is still running I would love to hear from you...and have much history, images including the original emblems.

Uzziah (Blade Of Ashdod)
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