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(29-Jul-2003 at 08:24)

I really unhappy too see why everytime when people try to post some new race, and somehow they did try(i did too). Some people just make a new race that suit to a certain playing stlye, such as A/T, or A/M and sort of races. It is fine to create a new race with personal happiness, BUT what i really hate and no happy with a comment :
advantages and disadvantages not unique.
now, let me do little analysis
One of the adv and disadv is related to building, which been done quite frequently.
double building effectiveness
half building effectiveness
what else can you make from it? More effectiveness? then that is not unique.

Military strength
-attack speed
related to attack style
-war horses
-military strength while war(undead)
-elite convertion(avian)
-military cost(elf)
-combat lost(feary<before>,undead)
what else can make from these? unique? you say no unique, than make another one pro or con on these.

-magic effectiveness(elf, feary, orc)
-magic failure(human)
-cost of magic casted(human)
-basic magic skill(no yet)
-advanse magic skill(feary)
-self spell on kd member(elf)
-or make another new disadv that distance decrease length of magic?(no yet)

-basic thief skill(undead)
-distance decrease what you steal?(not yet)

What else? i doubt we can create any more than these.

Sci Bonus
-max min of sci bonus(human,undead)
-auto generate 1 sci point per 10 acres per utopia day?(not yet)
-decay rate?(Not yer, but funny if happen)

no more can add in for sci bonus as well.

So? what else we can make to create a unique race? Let all the user who read this, brain storm, create a new races, you need to break these problem, create a new elite? then read below

Mehul Keen to let province have less defense, and more offense. As you can see that, we get only MP and Forts as defense bonus. This age, war sacience also included which is also same bonus ages ago. So, if you want to create an elite #/8, i wont say it is not possible in sense, but mehul wont make it, and the other people who give comment will oppose that over power or whatever $hit like that. Never or little chance to make it balance and help to generate balance races. I dont like this type of people. Only discriminate, never help.

For offense, we have agression, fanatiscm,barrack, war bonus, bloodlust, war pony, merc, war and hostile mode, and what else? So, very obvious that mehul make the game with 2 rules:
1. defense can hardly make another province unable to break you unless you train only 60% of military with elite, and have a NW/acres up to 300gc's.
2. weaken slightly of the military strength of t/m, which is balance so that attacker so have smaller chance to break t/m. As, i once see this, a feary with 120+ dpa, and use up all my elite, i can make only 95+ opa with elite of 6/4. and dpa, max i can make is 80dpa no mod with 75% drafted.
Thus, never create elite more then 8/6 as rate.

Another pro and con that people might use is
population limit.(human, orc)
exploring cost<include soilders and gc's>(undead, feary)
and now, i think how about limited exploring acres? i doubt this is good idea, as this idea stink. so whatever, can we make something else that
1. Not related with military
2. Not related with t/m
3. Not related with building
4. Not related with sci bonus
5. Not related with population limit
6. Not related with land.
IF take these all out, what else can make the races more unique?

Final conclusion, for all those who leave with only words which stated
Not unique
Then you better just turn off your computer, sit there, think, what else can make that race more unique and then turn on again, go to forum, post your comment with better idea. Or else,
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