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(06-Jul-2009 at 01:26)

Eye of Eternity: Beginner's Guide to Raiding: 10 Man

:: Eye of Eternity ::

Basic Information:
First of all, one of your raid members will need to have the Key to the Focusing Iris, otherwise you will be unable to start up the fight. I highly recommend having a Death Knight to Death Grip the sparks (Chains of Ice is also useful here), a Shaman to Bloodlust at the right time, and a couple of Druids to Battle-Ressurect (bres) when someone dies. Some people like having Hunters for misdirect, but that's never made a big difference to me, personally.

You will only need one competent tank of any class. For healing, I'd recommend having two for the fight and three while on the dragons; Druids and Priests are preferable healers. Malygos will enrage if you do not kill him in 10 minutes, if he enrages your entire raid dies quickly. Everyone should have over 18,000 HP after buffs and be easily able to pull at least 2200 DPS. You should try to get someone who knows how to lead the third phase and put an icon over them so they will be easy to follow. If you are in a PuG (pick up group) and you expect to kill Malygos on your first try, you are probably wasting your groups time. Sometimes I'm lucky and find a PuG that does it on its first try, sometimes I'm unlucky and it takes a dozen tries. Usually people who are in a PuG (especially 10 man) have a lot of trouble on Phase 3 because too many players move out of range of the healers Area of Effect.

Phase 1: DPS Malygos
You want to get Malygos to 50% health as soon as possible. The tank might need a couple of seconds to pull aggro. DPS and Healers should be on Malygos' side or behind him, never in front. The tank needs to lead Malygos away from where the sparks will be coming. You can usually see where the sparks are about to come by looking upwards to see when a vortex opens. When the spark comes down, the DPS should try to destroy it before it reaches Malygos. A Death Knight can use Chains of Ice on the spark to stop it if it gets to close to him. If Malygos eats the spark, he will get a lot stronger for a few seconds. If the spark is destroyed, however, it leaves an energy field which you can stand inside. Anyone who gets inside the energy field will get a 50% increase in damage until it disappears. If one spark is destroyed where another one is already (Death Grip comes in handy here) the +50% damage buff will stack together from both of them. If you are ranged DPS and there is a spark down, run over and get in it (cast instant spells during the time you're running if you can manage), the tank should be trying to lead Malygos away from sparks that are about to come out of the sky, but towards the energy field.

Each minute, during this phase, Malygos will lift everyone in the raid into the air and spin them around for 10 seconds at 2000 damage per second. You can still use instant spells to damage Malygos a bit here (e.g. Circle of Healing, Conflagrate), but everyone will be taking quite a bit of damage during this time followed up by more damage from falling to the ground (warlocks can avoid falling damage by using 'Demonic Circle: Summon' before the fight stats and then using 'Demonic Circle: Teleport' before they hit the ground).

If there is a Shaman in the raid, I suggest using bloodlust when Malygos is at around 60% health with the dps having at least one energy field around for the 50% damage increase so that you could bring him down to 50% incredibly quickly.

Eventually, when Malygos is at half health, Malygos starts talking about how this dragon war is all your fault. Ranged players should DPS him as much as possible during this time with their most powerful spells before Phase 2 begins to make him die a lot faster during the last phase.

Phase 2: Kill the Adds
During Phase 2 you will not be fighting Malygos. A few adds will appear called Nexus Lords (kill these first) and Scions of Eternity (cannot be aggro'd) who will need to be killed before you can start Phase 3. Nexus Lords and Scions of Eternity will drop a disc when they die, melee fighters should be the first ones on these discs (since ranged fighters can usually still cast spells from inside the anti magic shield). The tank should not be getting on a disc until both of the Nexus Lords are dead. The Scions of Eternity will not hurt you badly unless you're outside the anti-magic shield.

The first thing to keep in mind here is that when an anti-magic field (a big purple forcefield) opens up, you want to get inside it if you are not yet on a disc. The anti-magic fields shrink every second, so it's important to move to a new one when it opens up (if one opens up near one you're already inside, you'll get knocked out and should get right back in). If you are not on a disc and not near an anti-magic field when you see the text 'Malygos takes a deep breath' then you are about to die and better hope a druid can battle-res you.

When Malygos says a sentence that begins with “Enough,” you will be at the end of Phase 2. Earlier on I said to mark someone who knows Phase 3 with an icon, right now you will want to stand right next to them. Some people I know like to type /follow IconPlayer to make sure they don't have to worry about using left and right keys while they DPS or heal.

Phase 3: Destroy Malygos
The ground will collapse beneath you and red dragons will catch you to fight Malygos with you. You want to stack together, keeping the person with the icon over their head near you. You want 2 or 3 Healers for this fight, everyone else should be focusing on DPS. Healers just click their dragons and spam 334, 3334, 33334, or 333334 (personally, I find it more useful when at least one healer does the latter). DPS need to spam 112, 1112, 11112, or 111112 (again, I like the latter) on Malygos. These work as combo points and stack as Damage Over Time spells on Malygos.

When you see a big blue spark coming near you, you move right along with your group to avoid it. When you see the text “Malygos focuses his eye on you” he is casting surge on you. When you notice that you should spam 11..5 instead of 11..3 for a few seconds to protect yourself from it. It will take 25 energy to use 5, so make sure you keep that much energy as a minimum incase you need it. Since healers will be healing one particular target (3), preferably themselves, and then everyone around them (4), it's of utmost importance that you all stay around each other so that everyone will be inside the healers Area of Effect. If Malygos is not dead within 10 minutes from the start of Phase 1, it means your raids dps was too slow and he will enrage and kill each of you, one after another, within seconds. If Malygos does not enrage and you all manage to stay within the healers Area of Effect, you should be able to beat him. I know this seemed long, but if you've read it all you need to remember is:

1. Icon Experienced Player
2. Destroy sparks & get in the energy field they leave behind, if you can reach Malygos from it
3. Get the Shaman to Bloodlust (Heroism for the corrupt alliance) at the right time, if there is one.
4. If there are non-tanking druids, they need to Bres. the Dead if it's not on cooldown.
5. Top health melee DPS gets on disc first ; if not on disc stay in anti magic fields.
6. Stack with the player who has the icon.
7. Spam 33...4 if you're a healer ; Spam 11...2 if you're a DPS.
8. Expect to try again if you're in a PuG or an inexperienced guild.

If all else fails, call someone a troll.
that can be fixed... /

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(10-Jul-2009 at 11:05)

Might want to add there's a daily outside the Nexus where people can practise with Drakes. They have the exact same abilities as in the Malygos encounter.

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