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(22-Dec-2009 at 00:26)

New Randoms

So what do you guys think of the new random Dungeons and badges?

Never Forget

September 11, 2001
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(22-Dec-2009 at 09:07)

Like it, but wish you could do LFR/LFG/BG Queue's at the same time.

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(01-Jan-2010 at 22:51)

As someone who doesn't raid and isn't in a big guild, I really love the random dungeons.

It was my first time seeing one or two (the rest I had done before) and the new ICC dungeons were very interesting at first too.

It's a very neat system that does exactly what you want it to do. The rewards are nice (achievement, title, pet and after that still more badges that buy great gear) and nearly all groups are capable of doing the dungeons they are in.
The only times I've encountered problems was in the new ICC dungeons, and even then really only with the Halls of Reflection. That place needs every person to not suck, which can be a little much to ask for in a random group. All other dungeons can be done even if the healer or one of the dps isn't very good, and in case of dps one can even be terrible and you'll still be fine (had no problem in Pit of Saron even though one of the dps (Pally) pulled ~700 dps. Yes, well under even 1K dps. She was friends with the tank and I didn't want to wait 15 minutes for a new tank).

Now that it has a 15 minute wait for DPS it's a lot less fun than it was when there was a 5 minute wait, but it's still a lot better than competing with other random DPS in trade over a tank/healer.

Oh the painful life of a DPS...


(Hey Hopey!)

Last edited by Lunor, 01-Jan-2010 at 22:55.
Edit reason: The worst is when you've waited 15 minutes and see your group consist of you, warrior, DK, pally and Druid
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