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(Posted as Pip Squeek)
a.k.a. Pip Squeek
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(09-Jul-2006 at 07:20)

lightbulb A word from your friendly neighborhood moderator.

If you feel something is inaccurate and/or should be removed from the list/guides below please contact me with reason(s) why, do the same if you have something to add to the lists.

Keep in mind that Mehul probably doesn't read the suggestions posted here and we at temple are just a fan site so it may be wise to post them on the Utopian suggestion board or email swirve directly with your suggestions. One more thing to keep in mind is you don't have to go by the guidelines and suggestions provided if you want to make a somewhat outrageous suggestion or race feel free to do so, but if they aren't a serious attempt they will be closed and you may be warned appropriately.

Last edited by Pip Squeek, 09-Jul-2006 at 07:29.
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(Posted as Pip Squeek)
a.k.a. Pip Squeek
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(09-Jul-2006 at 07:28)

Race Guide & Tips:

I am all for new races and personalities, given it's the suggestions forum. However, most of the races I see are overpowered, not unique and add nothing to the game. I have a few tips for you if you are going to make a new race, please follow them:

Don't give it too many advantages/disadvantages
Give it around as many as the other races have for any given age. If you have 8 advantages and 5 disadvantages your race is no good.

Don't change the spec value unless it is their advantage/disadvantage
It's one of the bases of the game that specs are always equal to each other. Keep them the same as they are for any given age. (5 at this point in time)

Unique advantages/disadvantages
Again, if you take the time to look at the current races you will see that no two races share disadvantages, and the only races have shared advantages at any given time and they where faeries and elves (magic effectivness) and faeries and halflings (thievery effectivness). If you want to give your race a higher magic or thievery effectivness, don't. Also don't give them unique advantages other races have like Strong Massacare, No Food Needed, Immune to Enemy Forts etc. If you want to give them a 'regular' advantage that other race have, like a higher income or combat gains, you can give it (although it's best not to) but make sure they don't have the same numbers (EX. don't give them +30% income just because humans have it. If you want them to have a higher income then give them +15% income, for example).
About disadvantages - do not give them anything other race already has. If you don't think they can ride horses very well - give them the horses anyway. If you want you can tweak the normal horses to only one horse per two troops, horses have 1.5 off points, or whatever, but give them those war horses.

Although this is usually done along with posts of others, before you post it's best that you make sure your race is more or less balanced. Try imagining them in the game, and how they fit in it. What I do is try to build an average 1k acre province with this race and compare it with a 1k acre province of another race.

Elite Numbers
It's recommended that you don't gove them more than 6 off/def, though 7 or 8 is still possible, more than that is too much. I once saw someone who made up a race called gods. Since they are gods he decided to give them 100/100 elites. Another version of gods gave their elites something like 42170/34068, that is just plain stupid. Also make sure they don't become an unbreakable exploring race with 1/7 elites, because no one wants it.

Gameplay before logic
If you make a new race you will probably want to adjust it to a certain legend. For example, some legends say centaurs are immune to spells. That can't be implemented because it's overpowered.

Race Similarity
Every race in utopia is humanoid, so every race you might suggest should be somewhat hunanoid too. Do not suggest things like DevilBunnies or Honey Bees because they simply can't build a society and fight humanoids. For the same reason don't suggest 10 meters tall stone golems, becuase it doesn't make sense for them to fight humanoids either. Also, don't suggest race that lives underwater or on the clouds, becuase it wouldn't make sense for them to fight creatures that live out of the water and on the ground.
You race has to be about the size of the others so it would be reasonable for them to fight the existing races. I did say that logic only comes after gameplay, but logic still means something.

Adding To The Game
There is no point in new races that you post 'because you felt like it'. If you are going to post a serious race, think why would anyone want this race. Make sure it adds something new to the game. There is no point in adding another attacking race or just a thieving race. Make sure your race will add something new.

Is It A Race?
People are posting things like kings, warlords, assassains and many other stupid things. Your suggestion HAS to be a race. Otherwise you can post it as a personality.

Think Before You Post
If you are serious about your race think it over a few times before you post it and try to find flaws in it for example it being almost identical to another race.

Last edited by Pip Squeek, 09-Jul-2006 at 08:08.
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