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(23-May-2003 at 18:00)

avain better than orc hrm where are u from???? did any of you avain lovers come to notice that there highest defence point for a unit is ahem 4 basically they top out at 2k acres orc kick ass from there sure they also have there best unit as 4 points BUT 15% pop can easily make up for that + u need like half as many elites for same attack guys think before you talk and if nothing i said has made sence thats cause its 3am here NITE!!!!!!! and play orc if u want the best attacker!!!!!!
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(23-May-2003 at 18:02)
undead rogue, im at 1700 acres and there are few people my size who challange me. i have 1.5 tpa and 1.5 wpa so before i attack you get hit with 10 fireballs and 10 nightmares the i send my military 145k mod offense in war with fanatism it jumps to 160k. and after my attack i always use war spoils i kidnapp a dumb orcs pesants caust they never have any theifs or wts.

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Posts: 15/16
(23-May-2003 at 23:14)
play orc only u in a top 15 kd in thw rodl, theres no point playing orc if u r not in top 15 kd, becuz u get raped by t/ms. play undead or avian
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(Posted as Mercad)
Posts: 287/473
(24-May-2003 at 04:04)
Avian- Shephard (hope you don't feel like getting past 400k)
not true at all... i was 500k, got hammered by a t/m and avian/war hero kd... now im down to 220k from avians and im basically like a land dropped avian.

Orcs > Avians for sure

Avians > Orcs for honor... u jsut need them to be the same size
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(24-May-2003 at 06:45)

i am a avain shepard (monnarch even) on BF and i topped 400k, barely but still. If i was orc this wouldnt have happened.....
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(24-May-2003 at 07:42)
(Originally posted by Usagi)

Elves make good honor gainers..yeah..but Elf attackers are annoying to play. Having 3 generals is a pain..and they don't have good attacking elites..you need to maintain a rather larger army than most races if you want to be successful.

I like playing Avian..just for the mass number of elites I gain. War horses aren't the "be all end all" of attacking. They are helpful, yes, but you don't NEED them to be successful. It's pretty cool to not have to worry that your stupid target has 10% forts..and it stopped you in your tracks.

Orcs are great too..after a good elite pump..you'll be able to hit people around your size twice! That really makes a huge difference..you can end up gaining 400+ acres on attacks..or you can attack someone much bigger than yourself, because of your sheer power and gain a huge amount of land/honor.
Orc need MYstic to recover his weakness , thief can recover by WT and CS.

Elf can be easily reach joyous and up , I am euphoric now.So if reach these hapiness level , it is better than have one more general.

Elf is the best . Yeah !
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