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(25-Jun-2003 at 22:51)
sunglasses Me again :)

So..end of the age nearing and nothing much to do so I got bored again. Last you saw me I was ~1000 acres with the title of Lord. Since then I've grown a fair bit and was the target of a hefty AW bang(hence the not so good WPA).

The Province of Bored Again (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.45 Beta]

Utopian Date: January 17th, YR13
RL Date: June 25th, 2003 (22:00 GMT)

Ruler Name: Baron Whatnot the Sorcerer
Personality & Race: The Mystic, Elf
Land: 2,003 Acres
Money: 7gc (59,334gc raw daily income)
Food: 260,417 bushels
Runes: 55,923 runes
Population: 64,323 citizens (32.11 per Acre)
Peasants: 19,778 (100% Employed)
Happy: b:100%, t:3.0gc, p:101.5%, m:100%
Trade Balance: 1,302,457gc (0% tax rate)
Networth: 362,915 (181.19 per Acre)
Thieves+Wizards+Science Networth: 103,947gc

Soldiers: 162 (61.4% estimated draft rate)
Heroes: 0
Archers: 31,035 (124,140 defense points)
Elf Lords: 0
War-Horses: 291 (up to 162 additional offense)
Prisoners: 0

Total Modified Offense: 486 (0.24 per Acre)
Practical (25% elites): 486 (0.24 per Acre)
Total Modified Defense: 124,464 (62.14 per Acre)
Practical (75% elites): 124,464 (62.14 per Acre)

Thieves: 8,319 (4.15 per Acre / 49% Stealth)
Wizards: 5,029 (2.51 per Acre / 43% Mana)

Crystal-Ball on your province will show:
Max. Possible Thieves/Wizards: 15,750 (7.86 / Acre)
Estimated Thieves Number: 11,812 (5.90 per Acre)
Estimated Wizards Number: 3,741 (1.87 per Acre)

Buildings: 1,702gc to build, 851gc to raze
Away bonus: 98,890gc (12h) / 296,670gc (20h)


Buildings Report of Bored Again (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.45 Beta]

1. Farms: 140 (7%)
2. Forts: 100 (5%)
3. Guilds: 260 (13%)
4. Towers: 341 (17%)
5. Watchtowers: 361 (18%)
6. Schools: 801 (40%)

Total Land: 2,003 Acres (100% built)

** Effects Summary (Available Buildings Only) **
1. Produce 9,800 bushels per hour (12,250 with FL)
2. +5% defense bonus, -7.5% losses when attacked
3. Training about 5.2 wizards per hour
4. Produce 3,410 runes per hour
5. 54.1% catch enemy thieves, 60% identify them
6. Increase science maximum by 60%


Science Intelligence on Bored Again (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.45 Beta]

** Effects Summary (Known Science Only) **
+55.1% Income (101,400 points)
-37.5% Building Time (13,307 points)
+27.6% Population Limits (104,172 points)
+108.9% Food Production (88,713 points)
+0% Offensive Military Strength
+102% Thievery Effectiveness (97,924 points)
+102.1% Magic Effectiveness (98,911 points)

** Science Points in Progress **
Alchemy: 2,249 points in progress
Tools: 2,771 points in progress
Housing: 2,258 points in progress
Food: 2,265 points in progress
Crime: 2,578 points in progress
Channeling: 2,577 points in progress
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Posts: 22
(26-Jun-2003 at 11:44)
Nice strat... R u a pure mage?
Cuz if not, Thieves Dens would be useful
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Posts: 1/2
(26-Jun-2003 at 12:31)
I'm more of a t/m. I mainly use my thieves to get SoM's for the kingdom, maybe burn forts and NS some soldiers now and then so I don't really loose all that many thieves. TD's wouldn't really be usefull for me.
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(Posted as Unknown Evil)
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(26-Jun-2003 at 15:20)
Your happiness should be higher. A good way to do that and to raise your networth would be a elite pump. That would get rid of the defensive message. You would probably be around 450 to 500k nw with all elite defense plus you could raze inactives or attack during war. Otherwise good.

Yconomus, the guardian
Devoted Christian
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(26-Jun-2003 at 18:20)
Well...I would have elites had this province been alive for the whole age(I'd probably be twice as big for that matter). With ~2 weeks left of the age when I reached the point where elites would have come into play I thought better to just grow and use def. specs rather than spend a week pumping elites that wouldn't really give me much joy. I'm more help to my kingdom this way.
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