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(14-Mar-2008 at 01:36)
Re: [2001] Scrubs

Originally Posted by Caelis666: View Post
You need a bit of drama in a comedy series. Not because it's fun to watch, but because it makes the jokes funnier. When it's just joke, after joke, after joke, the impact is far less.

Which is why Seinfeld isn't funny. Well that, and the fact that the jokes seem to be written by a comedian with an extra chromosome. *cough*
Seinfeld isn't funny because there was no drama.. yea that makes sense. Some of the jokes were written by one of the most succesful comedians of the time and they were perfectly addapted to the script and the characters. Which is why they weren't funny right? Makes sense again! A fine example of logical steps towards an indisputable conclusion.

Going back on topic.. Scrubs is ok, some of the characters can be annoying at times but the show is generally good.
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