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(04-Feb-2001 at 08:48)

Utopia Angel v1.10 Beta

<font color=yellow>What's new & fixed since version 1.00 (beta 9):</font>

- UPDATED FOR ROUND 11 ("Age of Nobility")
- Schools added to Military Calculator to better guesstimate War science values.
- Links bug on some computers - Fixed.

<font color=yellow>Notes:</font>

* Since we still don't know many of the formulas used this Age in Utopia, Utopia Angel will use the same formulas as last round, until they are discovered. If you wish to help us in this, please visit the <a href=http://pub6.ezboard.com/fucbffrm18>Research Laboratory</a>.

* Wizards are now another missing factor in target CB's, thus making it impossible to estimate the target's thieves number anymore. A new field has been added, which will show the combined networth of the target's 3 missing factors: Thieves, Wizards and Science, assuming all land is built. Since the networth formula is not fully known either, don't expect this field to be accurate in this version. However, it should improve from version to version, just as the other formulas.

* I have done my best to update Utopia Angel for this round, but unfortunately I'm only human, and mistakes happen. Please make sure to tell me if I have missed anything, or if you found any other bugs or problems <a href=http://pub6.ezboard.com/fucbfreportbugsandproblemshere.html>here</a>.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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(User is Banned)
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(04-Feb-2001 at 09:37)

Re: Utopia Angel v1.10 Beta

You're a human?

I think you've done a good work, at least it helps some. A tip to the public might be to not let the Angel do ALL your work for you.
I would gladly try and help report everything that's wrong with it, but unfortunatly I don't have an account.

I have to say sorry to the users that I won't be able to answer as many question, and solving problems, as before. I will do my best and take my word on it; Don't trust everything I say
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Old Alderock
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 09:41)
Re: Utopia Angel v1.10 Beta

dont trsut tengu!
(he said that!)
arent u an elf..?
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Old Saneth
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 09:49)
Re: Utopia Angel v1.10 Beta

Great job, Brother Green!
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Old TheFish
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 10:38)
VERY minor bug found

when you move you mouse over the question mark next to your enemy's war science in the militairy calculator, it says that you can only guess their % of war science.

But this is no longer true! We now have a "spy on sciences" op!!!!
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Old SoopaSk8
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 11:48)

Actually, BG, you can learn the Sci's by SoS now. I think you should make it possible to Copy the scis prior to getting the CB then it will let you know the maxes on both Wizzies and Thieves or something like that. Also, mb make it compatible with Infiltrate, just to give us rough estimates.
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Old fyta
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 14:12)
user selectable unknown variables....

you should allow the user to be able to put in there sugestions on how many thieves or wizzards or percent of, to make a guess on what the other person has. For instance, there is a total of 25k NW unacounted for, so i wanna say that since they are a faery, they probably have 150% wizzard coverage, so how many thieves will they have then... three little boxes where you can change two values and calculate the third... and if you have SoS, then that is a given estimation that you dont have to guess on.
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Old griffinme
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 15:01)
kewl beans

Great job!!
I know there were alot of format changes for this round.
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Old Zac
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 15:48)
cb's not formatting

I installed the new version of utopia angel. formatted the kingdom page, no problem, selected all and formatted the cb.. problem. selected only the relevant info within the cb page.. still problem. Here's what it looks like

Your wizards gather their runes and begin casting. The spell consumes 131 Runes and ... is successful! Our crystal ball shows ... The Province of poor bugger I attacked (XX:XX) as of April 1st, YR0.
Race Undead Ruler Mr. Dude I attacked
Trade Balance 293 Acres
3878 bushels
0 runes
0gc Soldiers
War Horses

From what we see, this province has not been attacked recently.

Remember, there are few rewards for attacking a badly hit province, as the easy to capture resources have already been taken.

I'm sure others are already bringing it to your attention, just thought I'd let you see what the output looks like.
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Posts: 218/279
(04-Feb-2001 at 16:54)
Re: Utopia Angel v1.10 Beta

Zac, the problem you had wasn't with Utopia Angel but with Utopia. If you look at the CB you'll see that the horses are missing so Utopia Angel don't react. But this was a bug with Utopia and has now been fixed by Mehul (at least he wrote that in the forum) ... so Utopia Angel should work again. If not post again.
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Posts: 1/2
(04-Feb-2001 at 17:37)
The New Angel v1.10 Beta

hmm...tried everything and it works well even the CB formatting...
is it that u did not install the angel properly...?
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(Posted as Alexander)
Posts: 1/36
(04-Feb-2001 at 18:16)
max science

i have calculate the max school with 110% the max war sceince for human is 51.7% and other race is 47%.. is this ll true?
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Posts: 1/2
(05-Feb-2001 at 08:11)

Thanks Brother Green, it's another great version

One thing I want to point out, though, is the inaccuracy in thievery returns estimation. Utopia seems to have adopted a NW-based thievery returns policy, so if someone steals from a much smaller province, the gains are minimal.
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Posts: 2/3
(05-Feb-2001 at 22:49)
Infiltrate Operation

Surely if you perform an infiltrate, that should tell you the #thieves, SoS will tell you the science, and from that you should be able to determine the #wizards?
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Posts: 4/4
(06-Feb-2001 at 02:21)
Monarch attack bonus

I still get +10% attack bonus as a monarch, I canīt even take it away.

Please check if you have a bug
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Old fyta
Imported Post
(06-Feb-2001 at 05:02)

Aces, there is no attack bonus for monarchs... there are no offensive bonuses at all for monarchs. they are only defensive(military, magic, thievery) and income (bushels, runes, gold).
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Posts: 1557/8415
(06-Feb-2001 at 20:24)

Re: Monarch attack bonus

Aces, you are absolutely correct. I discovered it like 15 minutes before reading your post, and it is already fixed in the next version. Please read more about it, as well as the other already known bugs, <a href=http://pub6.ezboard.com/fucbffrm16>here</a>.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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