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(04-Aug-2001 at 19:49)
world server and utopian forum server

Im not sure whats going on. Since the big server crash on the swirve.com site I can't enter swirve except on the Ip adress. When I use theis games.swirve.com/utopia I cant access.
Then I use and I get the login posibillities. but I cant access the server on world and the utopian forum. Not even the browser compabillity site.
They are all located on the same server.
The strange part is that I can access the battle server (using an account from a friend as a test) but thats also located on another server. When i had the double option I could only use the bottom one. So plz some one help me out here.
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Old GreenyG
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(04-Aug-2001 at 21:08)

im having the same problems

cpet i cant get into BF or the utopia forums.
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(04-Aug-2001 at 21:35)

Re: world server and utopian forum server

How can we help?

It works for me. Thats all I can say.

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Old GreenyG
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(04-Aug-2001 at 21:41)

U cant

but we cant access the B&S forums so we need somewhere to complain and it seems like thie is the only place we can.

Even after sending mehul some mail

oh well
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Old Arasythe
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(04-Aug-2001 at 22:26)
Re: -

Same problem here can't get on at all, the Utopia Forums won't let me on, nor will the announcements or much else for that matter.
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