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(15-Mar-2009 at 16:58)

[2009] Watchmen

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Director: Zack Snyder

Plot: When an ex-superhero is murdered, a vigilante named Rorschach begins an investigation into the murder, which begins to lead to a much more terrifying conclusion.

Malin Akerman ... Laurie Jupiter / Silk Spectre II
Billy Crudup ... Dr. Manhattan / Jon Osterman
Matthew Goode ... Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias
Jackie Earle Haley ... Walter Kovacs / Rorschach
Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Edward Blake / The Comedian
Patrick Wilson ... Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl II
Carla Gugino ... Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre
Matt Frewer ... Edgar Jacobi / Moloch the Mystic
Stephen McHattie ... Hollis Mason / Nite Owl
Laura Mennell ... Janey Slater
Rob LaBelle ... Wally Weaver
Gary Houston ... John McLaughlin
James M. Connor ... Pat Buchanan (as James Michael Connor)
Mary Ann Burger ... Eleanor Clift
John Shaw ... Doug Roth

IMDB link:
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(15-Mar-2009 at 18:34)

I really enjoyed the movie. All of the ill reviews seem to be highlighting the fact that "it was SO much like the comic that it wasn't original/it was boring." As somebody who HASN'T read the comic 20+ times, that wasn't an issue for me. I'd imagine going to see any movie that you already have the plot memorized would be sort of distracting.

The other complaint, often in response to the charge I just laid, is that if you HAVEN'T read the comic 20+ times, you're not going to be able to follow the plot. It's true that the movie hardly follows a linear path through time. There are flashbacks IN the flashbacks. The plot certainly isn't as easy to understand as the common "good guy fights bad guy to save girl." But I still assert that these people are both under-estimating our intelligence and over-estimating the complexity of the plot. As I said, I had NEVER read the comic book, and I had no problem following and thoroughly enjoying the plot.

So I probably wouldn't recommend this movie if you've read the book over and over...apparently having that much free time gives you enough time to complain endlessly about "originality." But if you're a fairly intelligent individual who's willing to look at the movie as a separate entity, you'll probably enjoy it.

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(16-Mar-2009 at 05:17)

3 words: piece of crap. It was boring, sterile, and uninterested in the very ideas it claimed to be exploring.

Some acting was excellent, some was terrible, and some was somewhere in between. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder seems to be utterly without imagination. Yes the movie followed the comic slavishly, and despite what others might think, that's a bad thing. Movies and comics are different genres, and work in different ways.

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(17-Mar-2009 at 20:09)

I think i'll wait to download it. The trailers really didn't impress me

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(31-Mar-2009 at 22:14)

It would have been a pretty good or even great movie if not for
the fact that Jon "Dr. Manhattan" is so overpowered it makes anything that goes bad in the movie indirectly his fault.

Sure, I'm a gamer, so I may think about these things a little more than most people while watching the movie. But it was so distracting to me I think nearly everyone must have picked up on it.

First, a short summary of his shown powers:
- Instant regeneration, even if disintegrated
- Instant teleportation to *anywhere*
- Ability to copy himself (he shows at least 4 copies at one point, there is no indication there could not be more)
- Ability to grow to at least ~100 foot tall
- Disintegrate humans by waving at them
- Restructure molecules (this is much more powerful than he seems to give it credit for)
- SEE THE FUTURE (his, but seeing as he can be everywhere at once, you can pretty much use that to see anyones future)

It should be obvious by now that this dude is retardedly overpowered and makes all his enemies the underdog in such a way that you'd almost root for them.

A few plot holes related to this overpoweredness, some which should've made the whole movie obsolete:
- He should've seen the Tachyon-bullshit coming because, you know, he can SEE THE FUTURE.
This should be the end of the post really, because if you can be everywhere, copy yourself, see the future and disintegrate people by waving at them, there should never be any more wars or major problems ever again. Period.
But I'll keep going a little longer, just for the heck of it:

- When his ex-wife comes up to him claiming to have cancer, he could've looked at her and said "that wasn't me", because he should know if he caused it or not (he can see the past, present and future of himself, and he can restructure molecules). In fact, he should've just waved at her and restructured her molecules so she didn't have cancer. Why didn't his huge brain think of that? While he was doing that, he should've also remembered how much of an idiot he was for not restructuring her molecules earlier to keep her forever young.
- Speaking of his huge brain, he is so intelligent that he should've thought up a way to make world peace long before prettyboy 'smartest man in the world' ever did. I bet he could've done it much less violently, too (for example by teleporting over to a few places and decimating everyone still arrogant enough to think they can touch Dr. Manhattan)
- Why was he such a distant prick? He was 30 when he became Dr. Manhattan, and that was like 20 years ago. So he's around 50. That means he lived longer as a normal person than as Dr. Manhattan. How did he become such an uncaring douche so fast?
- And when he was on Mars, wtf was up with that? He tells his girl that he likes it because it's perfect as is, without a oil line (great example of why life doesn't matter, dipshit), but then he ERECTS A GIGANTIC MACHINE. If you think your toys are prettier that's fine, but don't pretend like Mars is perfect. You're changing it just like we change earth. Jerk.

Well I could go on and on. If only Dr. Manhattan had been a little less omnipotent, the movie would've been much, much more enjoyable. As it was now I couldn't enjoy the story too much, sadly.

Btw those of you thinking the restructuring molecules couldn't be done on people because he says he 'can't change human nature', don't worry. He makes it quite obvious he can change molecules in a person. How else do you think he disintegrates people?
I think he just meant he couldn't make people think other things or change how they are. But it's obvious he can change their mass (for example, he can make them go splotch).

Still, it's a pretty fun superhero movie if you dial your brain a few settings lower. But not too low, or you'll have no idea what's going on because the plot is pretty hard to follow at some points.

ps. Rochack is awesome.

I'd give it 7/10, because of the spoiler-mentioned issues.


(Hey Hopey!)

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(31-Mar-2009 at 22:20)

Gonna see it tomorrow. I read the comic last week, definitely worth the time! Pick it up if you have the chance.

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(31-Mar-2009 at 22:29)

Re: [2009] Watchmen

Originally Posted by Caelis666: View Post
Gonna see it tomorrow. I read the comic last week, definitely worth the time! Pick it up if you have the chance.
After you watch it I'd love to hear if the comic explains the issues I have with the movie a little better.


(Hey Hopey!)
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(01-Apr-2009 at 06:03)

Not being familiar with the comic I loved the movie. Sure it may have its faults but as a whole I give it two thumbs up. It was an awesome way to spend a couple of hours.

And yeah, Rorschach was my favorite.

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(29-Nov-2009 at 13:57)

watched it loved it ..... haven't read the graphic novel or aiming too ..... do own from hell and think the graphic novel is way better.

I'm waiting for the 4 hour directors cut of watchmen thats supposed to be very good.

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(30-Nov-2009 at 06:45)

Watched it on some overseas flight. Its an amazing movie, even at 400x300.

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awesome stuff right there

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(04-Dec-2009 at 17:02)

At Lunor:

Well, the reason he couldnt see the future, was because the Tachyon-bullshit was blocking him in some way.. He thought he would be dead, as he sais I think.
Second of all, he can see the future, but he cant react differently to this anyway.. Remember the scene where the girl tells him she slept with another dude? Just a few seconds earlier, he tells her that is what she is going to say, and yet he becomes shocked when she sais it.
Third: He sais he cant mess with humans, since they are too complicated. Thus, he cant fix cancer.
Fourth: He doesnt have a huge brain, nowhere in the movie does he claim to be smarter than anyone else. The smartest man on earth is after all.. You know.
Fifth: 20 years living as he did, would indeed change him, dont you think? If you lived for example, as ultra rich the next twenty years of your life, dont you think you would have changed as a person? I do belive I would have.

Sixth: Yeah, right about that though

And finally.. When he changes human molecules, they go "poof", remember? Pretty good reason not to cure cancer I think

Ofcourse, I really loved this movie. To be honest, best superhero movie ever made (yes, I know, even better than Batman2, shocking), with no one acting as a hero. Everyone is an asshole, in their own way.. Except maybe the gay dude I guess

Plus, ultra violence, naked chicks. All in all, a must see!

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(04-Dec-2009 at 18:11)

It wasn't a very impressive movie however I did like the music

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common; they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views
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