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(01-Oct-2002 at 18:00)
Is anybody listnening?

Good now that i have your attention, when is the simulator going to be updated? The end of the age is near and people are gonna want to start making their strats.
Is there anybody, any moderator or whatever who knows this?
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(01-Oct-2002 at 18:09)

How should it be updated, if nothing about the changes is known yet?
As far as I've read the interview with Mehul, he doesn't know himself yet, what to change...
I didn't use that this age, but I've read somewhere else, that it's not updated for this age even. I think it's no use to update it for this age, when the next changes are coming soon.

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(02-Oct-2002 at 12:43)
I don't agree firemage. The changes made at the start of this age are so radical that it would be a good thing to update it right now.
I know Mehul already suggested that happiness will change, but that stays constant oop anyways.
And why wait so long and update all these changes in one single day...
The changes for the next age can't be as much as last age. So update it now, let people think out their strat age 17 like and update the changes for age 18 when they come.
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(15-Oct-2002 at 16:08)
Tell me about it. I was running Undead Sheperd strat and found myself making 80k+ an hour....OOP I was 350 acres, and 1.5 million gc just sitting there.


Its a good simulator, but please make even the basic changes so it somewhat resembles the game we play today.

Otherwise, it's quite useless.
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