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Old lx2
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(03-May-2004 at 08:08)
end of day?

I don't know whether I am out of date or whatsoever, but just few moments, I went through this site


It really touched me as this site is everything about the end of day(I'm a christian), and something still beyond me comprehension.
This is my first thread in UT, please post your opinion(be serious) about this long article in the above site.
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(03-May-2004 at 08:54)

took to long to load. could you get the article and past in here?

Where has my avatar gone?

The true meaning of silence
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Old lx2
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(03-May-2004 at 09:06)
Sorry but here's it

Jesus warned us that shortly before the 'End Of The World', almost the entire world will be decieved into taking some type of implant refered to in the Bible as the 'Mark Of The Beast'.

From over 5 yrs of research i have come to the conclusion along with irrefutable proof that this Mark in the ancient scriptures is non other than the modern day MICROCHIP IMPLANT!
The 'Mark Of The Beast' (Microchip implant) is ready, & soon to be implanted into the whole of the Earths citizens for ABSOLUTE and TOTAL CONTROL!
It will be the most deceptive event in the history of mankind and God warns that most of the world will foolishly take it by the 'deceiving & enticing' benefits that will be associated with it!
Keep reading if you want to know fully on how i and thousands of other Christians come to this conclusion....i have startling evidence;

All scriptures on this and all other pages are took from the 'Authorised Old King James Bible of 1611'.

The material you are about to see is a deep study into the Bible prophecy of what is known as the 'Mark Of The Beast'. It will rock your world and the very foundation of your beliefs. It will challenge everything you know to be true and turn it upside down but all for one good reason and that is so it will give you one thing that everyone needs, and that is the TRUTH. Just like Jesus says: "And the Truth shall make you free"!...John ##:##;
The main aim of this website is to EXPOSE the SATANIC plan that is heading our way FAST, which is coming in the form of many many 'Big Brother' benefits and could very well include these: A 'seemingly' wonderfull cure for illnesses, no more kids going missing as Global Positioning Satelites(GPS) will pinpoint your exact location(which is alread being suggested as i write this-Sept 2003), no more ageing(eternal youth-with possible help from Nanobots)), and the amazing feat of being able to enter another world known as 'Internet 2' where that world the Virtual World will seem as real as this one, all with the help of a implant directly connected to your brain.It will be the ULTIMATE games system making Playstation 2 look like a complete joke. And the makers of Internet 2 hope to have it finished by 2010.

Internet 2 alone will make the people of the world WANT the implant because i even admit myself it's very tempting and appealing but i am not stupid or naive enough to have any form of implant as i know what the Bible says about it. Don't be deceived people! More on Internet 2 will be on 'Humans Enslaved: Zone 3' page

I and Fundamentalist Christians worldwide believe that the 'mark' (as given in full below) is without a doubt the Microchip implant. Not just in its simple form,but i believe that the chip will enable allsorts of "big brother benefits" to tease the people(thats me & thee)into even "wanting" a chip implant.You will even probably see celebrity's promoting such an implant & telling you how great it is.People will also be volunteering for it just to get a bit of publicity.It will be as popular as the mobile phone-everyone will want it.

A Biochip(the Mark Of The Beast pic above) is a Microchip capable of being implanted in a living organism,without being rejected by the body(a DNA chip is also called a Biochip:see bottom of page).You see these type of chips in fish,endangered species,even your own pet is now "required" to have one to avoid 6 mths quarantine when coming back from abroad(excuses).Soon it will be 'law' that 'all' pets 'must' have an id chip implanted.I know this for definate,its just a matter of time(and not much time atall).See below pic of a pet id chip;

Its just a matter of time until Humans are also required to receive an implant as the rest of this page will PROVE."Friends watch for the signs"(news,internet search engines,technology progs etc, otherwise this shall all "come upon thee like a thief";

"Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, i will come upon thee like a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour i come upon thee".

Taken from the book of Revelation, chapter 3, verse 3. This scripture is telling us to watch for the SIGNS that God warns us about so that we will know the 'END IS NEAR'.....if we don't watch what is happening in the world around us and remain "willfully ignorant" of Bible prophecy as most are, then the 'end of the world' will come upon us like a thief in the night and it will be too late.

This is the deal people: We are living in these "end times". The hidden elite who have people in every area of power have plans to create the Biblically prophecied 'New World Order' as warned in the Bible!(of which the microchip implant is their ultimate goal).The United Nations plan to control this NWO.

Below is a pic taken from the movie 'End Of Days' starring Arnold Swarzenneger which is about this whole end time situation but unfortunately does not make it out to be as excitisng as the bible does as they leave alot out, but still worth watching!;

Below is the scripture that introduces this page perfectly and after this scripture, i will be showing you the hardcore evidence to back all this talk up;

"And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?""

Taken from the book of Matthew ##:##;



Above pic taken from

Not evil in itself but simply the method in which we "buy and sell" and is very relevant to the message im going to tell you.

Thousands of years of using Physical forms of money what WE have control over(coins,notes etc)is about to end in favour of a "multi purpose Biometric Smartcard".'Biometric' simply means containing some part of your physicall anatomy for verifiable identification such as your 'Retina Scan, or Finger Print,Voice recognition etc. A Smart card is Just a card like your regular credit/debit card but instead of the magnetic strip on the back which stores the info, instead the smartcards have microchips embedded in them which enables much more information to be collected and stored such as the exact product you bought using your card and the time you bought it as well as being able to store all your health records and much more as will be told on 'Step 2 To Enslavement' further down. But you the 'victim' doesn't get to see all the info about YOU that THEY are keeping obtained from the card.
This transition that we are being set up for from cash to Biometric Smart-Card has been done with decades of conditioning through the more "convenient" methods of buying and selling know as the "fexible friend" as mentioned(big brother propaganda yet again)or to me and you the "Credit card, debit card". Remember you were warned it's coming and Cash is leaving!The dangers of this technology and handing power over our money to the Gov't in the form of the card are expressed below in 'Step 2 To Enslavement'

Step 2 To Enslavement: Biometric Smart-Card(as explained briefly above);

This is the second step to Hell because as soon as we move on to this step 2-the Biometric Smart-card, then we are in "severe trouble". We will no longer have control over our hard earned money, the Gov't will, as it will only exist in cyber space and you will never actually be able to touch it like you can now. It will only exist in the virtual world! It's just like when we use our debit/credit card to pay for goods at a store, we are using VIRTUAL money, and only becomes real when we draw some of this virtual money out of the bank that it becomes real and under our control, where as when cash is outlawed, you won't be able to draw it out of the bank as there will be no 'cash points' atall....COMPLETE GOV'T CONTROL. The Gov't will have us eating out of their hands and can blackmail us (in the most subtle way in the guise of democracy), whenever they wish us to accept anything they desire. Of course most the people will want the proposed methods or laws that the Gov't will institute in like i said 'repackaged Hitlerism(Terry L Cooks term ..author of 'The Mark Of The New World Order')or Demoracy in other word. And even if you dont agree with what they say, its tough because they can just push a button and kapow you are gone.You will be starved out the system.No more BUYING and SELLING (Revelation ##:##).They will likely do many invasive measures with this power they have over our "buying and selling' methods with the advent of the Biometric Smart-card, but the MAJOR one that is the focus of my website is eventually and not too long after mind, the demand WILL come that we MUST take the "next logical step" and "evolve" into having a more "convenient" form of ID which will be our own personal identification multi-purpose Microchip Implant. After all "they" will tell us, your card can be stolen, damaged, lost etc etc and all other sorts of EXCUSES to make you believe that the next step(step 3) is to have an implant that the Bible warns about which will go IN the RIGHT HAND or IN the FOREHEAD. So basically the Card and all its info stored about you will simpy be slipped under the skin in the form of a chip.Remember if you refuse to take the chip implant which any WISE person would do, then the Bible says you will indeed be BEHEADED and even if they dont catch you(the Antichrists police-United Nations)then you will simply starve to death anyway, unless you are a good thief or a survivalist, which again increases the risk of you getting caught if you appear in public areas as is explained next;

Yes people the whole idea of Biometric ID is to pinpoint your location, tracking you everywhere you go for WHEN they impliment the MANDATORY implant so that where-ever YOU the RESISTER of the chip,(mark of the beast)can be spotted by Security cameras in cities, streets,shops etc etc via the advent of the DIGITAL PHOTGRAPH, Retina Scan, Voice print, etc etc.The Computers hooked up to the surveilance systems of the cities etc will be programmed to look for certain people who refuse the implant by recognising many of the Biometric aspects of that declared 'Enemy Of The State' that were previously recorded on his Biometric Smart-ID CARD. See below pic of various Biometric methods;

Retina Scan;

This retina scan device is being taken at a School as in London England and a few other palces around the UK. Schools are starting to introduce a NEW way of paying for school meals: Scanning your retina! Simply by scanning your Retina, the total cost of the students meal will be deducted from their 'Virtual' account instead of paying with cash.

My own sister who is a Teacher in London informed me that her own school(which i won't name for security reasons)takes the students hand scan in order to loan books from the library. The Hand scan serves as your Library membership. They do this too at some Hostels;

See how fast its moving?Are you awake yet?or do you want to continue sleeping and pretend it will all go away?Be strong people and if your a father reading this, then you owe it to your kids to be responsible and take the wise step in order to combat what is coming(see 'Apocalypse Survival Guide'page on how to escape what is coming!

In a Digital pic, your face is broken down into mathamatical sequences so that once the computer has stored this info, it can be programmed to scan for those stats(you) in the crowd of the high street or anywhere where there is a camera(almost everwhere).It will automatically find you easily.The same goes for 'Retina/iris Scans';

Above pic of woman taking a Iris scan. Photo took in Amsterdam Airport. Source: http://www.accessexcellence.org/WN/S.../irisscan.html

In the same way as they can scan for your Retina charachteristics that are stored on the mainframe if they havent got your Digital pic that is as is shown below on the Antichrist empire Drivers licence of the EU;

You should take note of breaking news that's come to my attention on the 2nd of July 2002(see pic above). This being that in the United Kingdom, it is being pushed that we should all have BIOMETRIC SMART ID CARDS and SOON. The Govt want it to be law and pushed through within a 5 years "apparently" but i am positive they are just "testing the water" so to speak. This is not an elimination of cash for exchange for a biometric smartcard as mentioned abouve but WILL be a pre-cursor and a conditioning method in which the Gov't will eventually tell us: "why dont we simply put EVERYTHING onto the card instead of just for a national id card.We could have it as a passport, library card bus pas, heck why not ELIMINATE CASH and use it as a multi purpose card which is so much more CONVENIENT than all that loose change bulging in your pocket weighing you down. It will also help to dramaticaly reduce theft(no it wont atall)" etc etc .....they will create the problem and produce the answer and "entice" you all into believing it is indeed for our own good and u will be tempted also because of the "big brother benefits". Anyway, this new card is said to contain a DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH, FINGER PRINTS and other PERSONAL info.What??? only criminals used to have their prints taken, so now we the people(law abiding citizens) are being put into the catagory of criminals whether we like it or not.Remember the REAL reason they want this info(fingerprint, voice scan, retina scan, digital pic etc etc) .....its because WHEN the coming New World Order Dictatorship comes, they will have all this biometric info about you, they will point you out almost anywhere you go from their list of "criminals, terrorsists, radical CHRISTIAN(mentioned above)YES people, anyone who refuses to go along with what the New Order dictates will be classed as a crimial which is why already TRUE Christians are being called criminals and being labelled "potential terrorists".See the link below for the story of the coming 'National ID Card' for the UK(i also hear the US will be getting 1 also soon);


Your Buying & Selling Controlled !

This 'Step 2 To Enslavement is known as the "Cashless Society";

Now people, here is a very important point i have to make so you can see that the scripture in the Bible that warns of this Microchip impant and indeed 'Cashless society' can not be fulfilled until cash in it's physical form is eliminated. Below im going to cover again what is said above but in a different perspective in order to give you another take on the situation focusing on how verse 17 of Revelation chapter 13 is going to be fulfilled via this Step 2 of Enslavement;

In order for the scripture in Revelation,chapter 13,verse 17(which says no 1 will be able to buy or sell "anything" without having an implant-'mark' in their right hand or forehead) to come true,our buying & selling must be controlled asmentioned above: Biometric Smart-card. The scripture says this very thing when it says there will be "no" way to buy or sell "anything" without the mark.Jesus said in a that our buying & selling would be controlled in the 'last days',by the worst dictator the world will ever know, but will only be a dictator to those who are awake.So how could we be forced(even though most will want the mark anyway due to the big brother benefits,conditioning etc)to have the mark?At the moment our buying & selling is under our control.We are still in control via "cash".But if cash were eliminated,& we all had 1 "Biometric Smartcard" with our money being nothing more than just no.s floating around in cyberspace,things would be very different indeed.Soon cash will be "outlawed" in favour of a "multi-purpose Biometric Smartcard".Tony Blair in i think it was april 2001 wants the whole of the UK citizens to recieve just such a card-not to replace cash(as far as i know),but to be used as a "national i.d card.By the way Tony blair is a member of the secret Satanic groups bringing about this New World Order of enslavement,which in turn is paving the way for the Antichrist to appear on the world scene(info on request)Biometric means containing some part of your physicall anatomy for verifiable identification,such as a retina scan,or fingerprint etc.See the below pics for various methods of Biometric Security;



Above pic depicting a 'Retina Scan' vendor, by which you place your eye infront of the scanner which enables the machine to identify you via a database of known retina patterns(each one individual).Source:

This way the soon to come Antichrist will have absolute control over any resisters to the New World Order(1 world gov't of 10 nations of which Europe is to be the first).If cash was no longer existent & all our money was just on a card like your regular debit, credit card-we would no longer be in control of our money,not to mention the privacy issue.You would no longer be in control of your buying & selling-the authorities would be in control instead.The opportunity for blackmail would be enourmous.Think about it!.If you were told you would not be able to buy or sell(take part in society)unless you had a microchip implanted in you,there would be no possible way to enforce this-at present,because as long as we are in control of our money in the form of cash,we cant be controlled.But say in 2005(at the latest 2008) when cash will "probably" have been eliminated,If we were told the same thing:we cant buy or sell unless we have the implant,then we would indeed "not be able to buy or sell" like the scripture says,because the Gov't would hold us at ransom.The "only" way verse 17 in Rev,chapter 13 can be fullfiled is if cash is eliminated.There is "no other way" in which we can be forced(or caused as scripture says)to recieve the Antichrists 'mark'.Why do you think there is so many adverts about all new "wonderfull" credit cards etc?.In regard to Smartcards(which "will" replace "all" credit/debit cards)the newish advert for American Express blue Card is a smartcard.A smartcard just means that it can contain more info than a normal credit/debit card.But there is a "major" privacy issue with these smartcards also.With a Smartcard the gov't would know "exactly" what you bought,where you bought it & when,whereas a credit/debit card just tell you When & where-not the item you bought.I am telling you now that cash is in its final days,& you had better wake up to reality,because by going along with the coming "cashless society" you are contributing to your very enslavement.Randy Weaver (who was in a standoff with the american Gov't in the early 90's,& actually survived the wrath of the "corrupt" Gestapo Feds,BATF etc),said in an interview with channel 4 on the new programme(now finished): 'The Secret Rulers Of The World' that people are so naive,& disregard their freedoms so much that if they were told that everyone had to have a walking licence,they would go ahead & pay for it. Sadly enough i totally agree with him.

Here are links below relating to the coming CASHLESS SOCIETY as prophecied in the Holy Bible;

Mobile Phones to lead the way into a cashless society? Click the link below;

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(03-May-2004 at 09:07)
that was the most ignorant thing i have ever read!? i microchip!?
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Old lx2
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(03-May-2004 at 09:09)
Sorry the article was too long i couldn't paste all ..

dabotiiz I dont know ... remember I'm just 16 and what I read(the article) is almost what all I believe.
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(03-May-2004 at 09:11)

I have read one of the articles and it is an article that all depends on what kind of person you are and barely your beliefs. I think that they are intrepreting the bible and all event into things that they want it to mean, and even i as an non-beleiver thinks that this is nonsense. It is only selected parts of the bible and these are the selections that support the case for the end of the world.

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(03-May-2004 at 09:23)

Reading further has also shown evidence of anti-semitism on this site, it continues the persucution of the jews that christians began so so long ago, when jesus was excuted by the romans.
Considering Antichrist is going to be Jewish, it makes sense then that the victims of decapitation will be the Christians even more, as we are hated with great passion by the Ultra Orthadox Jews
Public Law 102-14 sets the foundation for American and United Nations Law to be established in such a way as to uphold these Seven Noahide Laws. These seven laws are a counterfeit of the Ten Commandments, and are promoted by the Neo-Pharisee occult group, the Lubavitchers.
They who follow these beliefs are just as extreme as those muslims who caused 9/11.
Thank you for proving that all religious groups have extremest elements

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The Eternally Mourning Phoenix
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(03-May-2004 at 09:38)
(Originally posted by lx2)
dabotiiz I dont know ... remember I'm just 16 and what I read(the article) is almost what all I believe.
If you are smart enough to use the fact that only 16 as an excuse for having silly beliefs, you should be smart enough to admit to yourself those beliefs are silly.

If you believe that the Internet is the tool of the anti-christ, perhaps a good idea would be to stay away from it. Ever noticed the screen flicker? That's when we transmit the subliminal messages to make you accept anti-christ as your true and only God. Resistance if futile!

The current alliance between Israel and the right wing fanatic Christians who tend to be antisemitic is interesting. To them the creation of Israel is just an inevitable step to fulfill the biblical prophesies, which in the end leave no room for the Jews. By leaning so heavily on that group for support Israel is running an extremely dangerous politics.
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(03-May-2004 at 15:40)

I'm sorry but that was such a load of bulls***. If that is what you believe in then I will tell you right now, you're going to have some problems living in this world (or perhaps more disturbingly you might have lots of people who think the same thing). The internet is the tool of the antichrist? Please.

Religion is a very powerful thing, personally I am an atheist (or is it agnostic? I do not know heh) but I believe that religion has a purpose. However, this is ONLY if that religious belief is in a metaphorical 'example of a good life' sense, and not in the literal 'the bible says the world is going to end in fire and brimstone' sense. The bible is just a very well written story that touches on fundamental aspects of humanity and human history.

As for this end of the world stuff. GPS locators may not be desirable (I wouldn't want one in me), they don't signify the end of the world and I think this person is off his rocker (the author of the site). He sounds like the typical 'guns as freedom no government control here's my religion to justify it' nut.

Not having physical cash is going to lead us to hell? What? Who exactly does he think has 'control' over our money right now? God? It's not like having the paper in your hand means it's worth anything...How odd that all that 'imaginary' money floating around on the foreign exchange market makes your 'real' paper money worth something.

The internet sure is the tool of something...just not the Antichrist...hmmm...maniacal paranoia? Yes, that's it.
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(03-May-2004 at 16:35)

hm, i must admit that at first i thought this is minor paranoia...

but then i read on, and realised this is a full-fledged psychosis.

anyway, whenever i read about how the UN are Satan's tool to bring about the end of the world, i can't help but laugh.
and the mark of the beast please. keep some gold-nuggets in an old sock under your bed, if you feel safer that way. but even as it is now, the government has the power to destroy your savings, even if it is all in greenbacks: they only need to print so much of it that there is an inflation, and your money will be virtually gone, even if you are physically sitting on it.

it just keeps amazing me how there are so many loonies, and religious nuts in one of the most progressive and advanced nations around.

talking about religious nuts, and this is really scary, i read a piece on the influence the religious right has on American foreign policy. incidentially, this also deals with the end of the world, but these people don't plan on issuing brain implants or something, they only want to bring about Armageddon, starting in the Middle East. and yes, these are the good guys, the Christians who will go straight to Heaven. or so they think. what i think is, psychiatrists in the US don't prescribe enough anti-psychotic drugs... but you be the judge:
(Source:George Monbiot's book The Age of Consent: a Manifesto for a New World Order)


To understand what is happening in the Middle East, you must first understand what is happening in Texas. To understand what is happening there, you should read the resolutions passed at the state's Republican party conventions last month. Take a look, for example, at the decisions made in Harris County, which covers much of Houston.
The delegates began by nodding through a few uncontroversial matters: homosexuality is contrary to the truths ordained by God; "any mechanism to process, license, record, register or monitor the ownership of guns" should be repealed; income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and corporation tax should be abolished; and immigrants should be deterred by electric fences. Thus fortified, they turned to the real issue: the affairs of a small state 7,000 miles away. It was then, according to a participant, that the "screaming and near fist fights" began.

I don't know what the original motion said, but apparently it was "watered down significantly" as a result of the shouting match. The motion they adopted stated that Israel has an undivided claim to Jerusalem and the West Bank, that Arab states should be "pressured" to absorb refugees from Palestine, and that Israel should do whatever it wishes in seeking to eliminate terrorism. Good to see that the extremists didn't prevail then.

But why should all this be of such pressing interest to the people of a state which is seldom celebrated for its fascination with foreign affairs? The explanation is slowly becoming familiar to us, but we still have some difficulty in taking it seriously.

In the United States, several million people have succumbed to an extraordinary delusion. In the 19th century, two immigrant preachers cobbled together a series of unrelated passages from the Bible to create what appears to be a consistent narrative: Jesus will return to Earth when certain preconditions have been met. The first of these was the establishment of a state of Israel. The next involves Israel's occupation of the rest of its "biblical lands" (most of the Middle East), and the rebuilding of the Third Temple on the site now occupied by the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques. The legions of the antichrist will then be deployed against Israel, and their war will lead to a final showdown in the valley of Armageddon. The Jews will either burn or convert to Christianity, and the Messiah will return to Earth.

What makes the story so appealing to Christian fundamentalists is that before the big battle begins, all "true believers" (ie those who believe what they believe) will be lifted out of their clothes and wafted up to heaven during an event called the Rapture. Not only do the worthy get to sit at the right hand of God, but they will be able to watch, from the best seats, their political and religious opponents being devoured by boils, sores, locusts and frogs, during the seven years of Tribulation which follow.

The true believers are now seeking to bring all this about. This means staging confrontations at the old temple site (in 2000, three US Christians were deported for trying to blow up the mosques there), sponsoring Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, demanding ever more US support for Israel, and seeking to provoke a final battle with the Muslim world/Axis of Evil/United Nations/ European Union/France or whoever the legions of the antichrist turn out to be.

The believers are convinced that they will soon be rewarded for their efforts. The antichrist is apparently walking among us, in the guise of Kofi Annan, Javier Solana, Yasser Arafat or, more plausibly, Silvio Berlusconi. The Wal-Mart corporation is also a candidate (in my view a very good one), because it wants to radio-tag its stock, thereby exposing humankind to the Mark of the Beast.

By clicking on www.rapture ready.com, you can discover how close you might be to flying out of your pyjamas. The infidels among us should take note that the Rapture Index currently stands at 144, just one point below the critical threshold, beyond which the sky will be filled with floating nudists. Beast Government, Wild Weather and Israel are all trading at the maximum five points (the EU is debat ing its constitution, there was a freak hurricane in the south Atlantic, Hamas has sworn to avenge the killing of its leaders), but the second coming is currently being delayed by an unfortunate decline in drug abuse among teenagers and a weak showing by the antichrist (both of which score only two).

We can laugh at these people, but we should not dismiss them. That their beliefs are bonkers does not mean they are marginal. American pollsters believe that 15-18% of US voters belong to churches or movements which subscribe to these teachings. A survey in 1999 suggested that this figure included 33% of Republicans. The best-selling contemporary books in the US are the 12 volumes of the Left Behind series, which provide what is usually described as a "fictionalised" account of the Rapture (this, apparently, distinguishes it from the other one), with plenty of dripping details about what will happen to the rest of us. The people who believe all this don't believe it just a little; for them it is a matter of life eternal and death.

And among them are some of the most powerful men in America. John Ashcroft, the attorney general, is a true believer, so are several prominent senators and the House majority leader, Tom DeLay. Mr DeLay (who is also the co-author of the marvellously named DeLay-Doolittle Amendment, postponing campaign finance reforms) travelled to Israel last year to tell the Knesset that "there is no middle ground, no moderate position worth taking".

So here we have a major political constituency - representing much of the current president's core vote - in the most powerful nation on Earth, which is actively seeking to provoke a new world war. Its members see the invasion of Iraq as a warm-up act, as Revelation (9 . 14-15) maintains that four angels "which are bound in the great river Euphrates" will be released "to slay the third part of men". They batter down the doors of the White House as soon as its support for Israel wavers: when Bush asked Ariel Sharon to pull his tanks out of Jenin in 2002, he received 100,000 angry emails from Christian fundamentalists, and never mentioned the matter again.

The electoral calculation, crazy as it appears, works like this. Governments stand or fall on domestic issues. For 85% of the US electorate, the Middle East is a foreign issue, and therefore of secondary interest when they enter the polling booth. For 15% of the electorate, the Middle East is not just a domestic matter, it's a personal one: if the president fails to start a conflagration there, his core voters don't get to sit at the right hand of God. Bush, in other words, stands to lose fewer votes by encouraging Israeli aggression than he stands to lose by restraining it. He would be mad to listen to these people. He would also be mad not to.
that is much more worrying to me than imaginary Signs of imaginary Beasts. those lunatics are real, and there influence on US foreign policy might be as well. 15%, Jeeeeez!

btw, the guardian link didn't work for me, i copied this from another forum, so i can't quite vouch for its authenticity. again, you be the judge.

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(03-May-2004 at 16:48)

sorry for the double post, but:

for some reason or other, the link to the Rapture Index didn't work. but that thing is really precious, so i looked for the correct link: http://www.raptureready.com/rap2.html .
the Index is currently at 141 - shows how outdated the article i quoted is - and seems to be falling. this gives us Infidels some time to breath. Just so you know how to read it:
(Source: The Rapture Index)
Rapture Index of 85 and Below: Slow prophetic activity
Rapture Index of 85 to 110: Moderate prophetic activity
Rapture Index of 110 to 145: Heavy prophetic activity
Rapture Index above 145: Fasten your seat belt
that's just great, isn't it...?

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Well, considering we are basically a cashless society (the only things I use cash for are stores that don't have a credit or debit machine, or drugs), we are basically already there:

"This retina scan device is being taken at a School as in London England and a few other palces around the UK. Schools are starting to introduce a NEW way of paying for school meals: Scanning your retina! Simply by scanning your Retina, the total cost of the students meal will be deducted from their 'Virtual' account instead of paying with cash."

My school does the same thing with the magnetic strip on our student cards.... we don't need a retina scan to accomplish the same thing.

But to all of you who doubt this is gonna happen, you are just in denial, and it obviously working behind your back, and will sneak up on.... just like the monster under your bed.

After I'm dead I'd rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one

The only reason we die, is because we accept it as an inevitability
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(03-May-2004 at 17:01)

yeaaah, it might only be school lunches now, but just wait a little, soon the Satanic Armies will use their knowledge of what you had for lunch to bring about the end of days, just wait, the end is nigh....
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(03-May-2004 at 18:15)
(Originally posted by Subterranean)
yeaaah, it might only be school lunches now, but just wait a little, soon the Satanic Armies will use their knowledge of what you had for lunch to bring about the end of days, just wait, the end is nigh....
Some time before the end of days you will find your insurance company refusing to pay for your heart problem, because they have record of everything you've eaten and they can show that the disease is caused by your own unhealthy eating habits. Slightly later you will get fired for having sent a mail critical to the President from a supposedly anonymous terminal...

Just because religious nutcases have wierd ideas doesn't mean there aren't aspects of this new technology that are downright scary. Those who control it will get more power than is really good for the rest of us, and that is just as true if it is the government or large corporations.
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(03-May-2004 at 18:54)

people like this are extremely worrisome, and far from promoting a Christian view they are placing a restriction on God, which is a sin. The sin of "God needs our help in carrying this out". The prophecy has no need to be 'legitimized' by extremists, if it is really to come to past, it will whether they work for it or not.
The best thing a believer or non believer can do is actively oppose this line of thinking as detrimental and contrary to the teachings of the Bible.
that said I would like to state the tracking and categoring of people via computers abuses your rights of movement, and of privacy, and perhaps security as well. experiments have been done in the states that involved 'price code' id's on students wrist, so marketing surveys could track their purchases and create better marketting on campus. At the end of the experiment, the surveyers knew everything in the homes of the subjects, and the stores that were part of the study, would phone at times and remind the people they likely needed this or that.
also, air miles are given when you purchase most items nowadays. This means that a central system has a list of what you have bought, and what you buy or where you go with the bonus points.
it might not be a dire condition, may be fuelled by my paranoid tendencies, yet it is invasive and will soon be normal and not alarming at all.

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”
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As soon as I read the word microchip, I stopped reading. What a load of crap. These is the kind of people that give a religion a bad name. Of course each religion has its nut bars.

but the second coming is currently being delayed by an unfortunate decline in drug abuse among teenagers and a weak showing by the antichrist (both of which score only two).
Decline in drug abuse. Now that is a laugh. I know alot of people who do drugs. Btw isn't a so called decline in drug abuse good?
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(03-May-2004 at 21:33)

(Originally posted by XxXFaithlessXxX)
Decline in drug abuse. Now that is a laugh. I know alot of people who do drugs. Btw isn't a so called decline in drug abuse good?
not if you are impatiently waiting for the End of Days.

here's their full list:
(Source: The Rapture Index)
False Christs 2
Ecumenism 4
Date Settings 1
Occult 3
Globalism 4
Volcanoes 1
Satanism 1
Tribulation Temple 3
Earthquakes 4
Unemployment 2
Anti-Semitism 5
Wild Weather 5
Inflation 2
Israel 5
Civil Rights 4
Interest Rates 2
Gog (Russia) 4-1
Famine 3
The Economy 1
Persia (Iran) 3
Drought 3
Oil Supply/Price 5
The False Prophet 3
Plagues 4
Debt and Trade 4
Nuclear Nations 4
Climate 4
Financial unrest 2
Global Turmoil 5
Food Supply 3
Leadership 2
Arms Proliferation 4
Floods 3
Drug abuse 2
Liberalism 3
Apostasy 5
The Peace Process 1
Supernatural 1
Kings of the East 4
Moral Standards 4
Mark of the Beast 5
Anti-Christian 3
Beast Government 4-1
Crime Rate 2
The Antichrist 2

Rapture Index 141

Updated: 26 Apr 04
as you can see, Drugs are fairly weak. and the economy is doing waaay too well.
Luckily they can count on Israel with 5 pts (see article above). i'm sure the Liberals could do better than a mere 3 pts as well. and cheers to the Petroleum Companies, they contribute another 5 pts.

33% of Republicans, huh? i guess they aren't exactly known as the "Compassionate" Conservatives...
that's just hilarious, and at the same time more than a little scary. with people like these around and having considerable influence, maybe it is indeed about time for the world to end. i mean seeing as we let those people have a say in world politics instead of putting them in the loonie bin, i don't think the Human Race needs to go on...

so i think i'll do my best to move the Index a little further up. i think i'll try to be a little more Liberal, and let my Moral Standards decline a little further.
oh, and of course i'll vote for the EU parliament, that being the Beast Government; everybody can do their share.

and don't forget, kids, Jesus wants you to do more drugs...
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(03-May-2004 at 21:36)
(Originally posted by Subterranean)
hm, i btw, the guardian link didn't work for me, i copied this from another forum, so i can't quite vouch for its authenticity. again, you be the judge.
Here is a working link:
And here is another one from guardian:
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(03-May-2004 at 23:05)

Being a Christian myself, I had to laugh at this extremely paranoid load of BS.

First off, the end of the world being delayed? HA! The passage was even quoted. The ed of the world will come like a theif in the night. You can install the most high tech security systems, surround your house with an army of elite guards, and have an electric net extending five miles in every direction of your house to try to prevent a robbery, but the theif will still find a way in. There's nothing you or I can do to delay it. It's the same way with the end of the world. This little point right here is tiny compared to the BS of the rest of the article.

More importantly, the Microchip ("the mark of the beast", as he called it) could not possibly control the entire world. Explain to me how the "Satanic" United Nations will forcibly implant it in everyone? Especially by 2010? Think about the population of the world. There are far more than 6 billion people in this world. Consider the expense of implanting the chip. Even at 20$ per chip, that's 120 billion dollars, just to manufacture and implant it. That's not counting the money needed to pay for the factories, the workers, rounding up the desenters, and all the other expenses involved. Also, think of all the third world countries that barely even have a standard currency. How will they suddenly adjust to a world-wide standard "fake" currency?

Americans, French, British, Canadians. How do you think they'd react to being forced to implant a Microchip into their head? I doubt the American government could even get 90% of the population to willingly give thier fingerprints, no less allow something to be implanted into their heads. I, personally, will not even go to the doctor unless I have an injury or illness that severely impairs my physical abilities. I mean, it took me a week and a half before i allowed my mom to take me to the doctor because of a severely sprained ankle. I would not allow anyone to implant anything into my head. I don't care how good it could make my life. My body is my body until I die.

Also, consider the failure of the American government to put the golden dollar into circulation. Pretty much the only people who have them now are coin collectors and little kids who think they're real gold. I'd like to see them try to create an entirely new form of artificial currency.

That article was almost as much BS as the article exposing the miniature microphones implanted in the erasers of pencils that the government uses to steal our invention ideas, which I wrote as a joke making fun of conspiracy theories for one of my classes.

I am your future.
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I actually got a pamphlet about this a yesterday from "A Higher Ground Ministry". In which it proclaimed that the Pope maybe the Anti-Christ, and was trying to sell a book (or a cassette set, I couldn’t really make it out) entitled "The Beast, The Dragon & The Jew." My state has extremely harsh anti-defamation laws, so I sent an email, with the offending pieces of text and the sections of the state and commonwealth acts that they violated to the Queensland Equal Rights and Opportunity Commission.
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