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(28-Apr-2007 at 14:39)
Prophet - DIY Version

I thought it would be a nice idea for you guys at UT to develope a "Do It Yourself" version of Prophet.

By this, I mean making it fully customisable, so we can adjust settings and race / personality bonuses each age, as and when they change.

I've noticed you have a small Modify section under "Edit" at the moment, but I was wondering if you could extend on that.

This would reduce the necessity for you to produce such frequent updates.

The modify options would need to include things like:-

A set of known race bonuses such as:

Population bonus +/-
Income bonus +/-
Military wage +/-
Food consumption +/-
Birth rate +/-
Science bonus +/-
Exploration costs +/-

Attack times +/-
Gains bonus +/-
Magic effectiveness +/-
Thievery effectiveness +/-
Military losses +/-
Thief losses +/-
Mercenaries and prisoners fight as +/- soldiers

+1 Off Spec
+1 Defence Spec
No specialist credits from combat
No building credits from combat
Free building construction
No draft costs
No bonuses from honor
Capture science on TM
Extra Damage on massacre
Immunity to fog
No access to dungeons
No access to hospitals
Access to all spells
No runes needed
No food needed
Cannot train elites
Spreads the plague
Some specialists trained into elites on attacks

So we can toggle these on and off, then adjust the settings ourselves if they change over the ages.

Personality bonuses should need to be accessible:-

+/-% Income
+/-% Training time
+/-% Building time
+/-% Science research speed
+/-% Rune production
All lands generate +/- bushels per day
Every +/- elites take up the population space of +/- peasants

And so on..

Then perks:

Immunity to plague
Immunity to learn
One addition general
Cannot be ambushed
Immunity to all income penalties
All guilds are twice as effective


Elite units need to be adjustable Off/Def +/-

All buildings need to be adjustable, with options such as:-

House +/- people
Produce +/- bushels per day
Increase max pop by +/-%
Increase birth rates by +/-%
Decreases building costs by +/-%
Reduces exploration gold expense by +/-%
Generate +/-gc per day
Increases income by +/-%
Increases offensive military efficiency by +/-%

Well you get the idea, and so we can assign these modifiers to the relevant buildings ourselves..

It will take a lot of work initially, but updates would be much easier, and you'll only need to do them when new modifiers or perks need to be added.
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Research Group
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(30-Apr-2007 at 16:59)

The creator has been inactive for over a year now, and the current version is quite out-of-date (I'd imagion). Brother Green might have the source code, but I think Prophet is pretty much done for.
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(Posted as Lahks)
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(20-Aug-2007 at 03:01)

tongue Prophet

I saw in another posting about prophet that a new and better program was available for download. The guy said to check, "AR". What web site is that??
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(01-Sep-2007 at 14:10)

They were referring to ..........................
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(25-Jan-2008 at 23:12)
they were refering to............. what???
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