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(29-Dec-2002 at 21:21)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.39 Beta

What's new & fixed since version 1.38 Beta 2:

** Military Calculator **

- Fanaticism effect changed to 15% (AquaSeaFoam, Aerath)
- Fixed a couple of swapping issues (Blood Raven)
- SoM Translator range increased (Mat Bowen)
- Maximum gain cap adjusted (RPG, Ehlana)
- Added Always-on-top feature
- Confirm before resetting panels
- "Minimum Gain" / "Burnt Land" captions mixup (Decay Constant)

** Science Calculator **

- Fixed range check error
- Schools and Universities values imported from Buildings report
- Added Always-on-top feature

** Miscellaneous **

- Survey report ignored Guilds future effects (PsycoPat)
- Total Acres added to hostile declaration range (Supe)
- Buildings Calculator Always-on-top hiding alerts (DeathWatch)
- Always-on-top available for everybody (was for paying members only)
- Over-building capped at 100%
- Fixed rare error when saving settings (Uumaleeheh)
- Disabled popup alerts from advertisement frame

** Graphics **

- Santa-Angel on splash screen by Gwill
- Default ad banner by pat5star

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Note about this version:

We have moved the IE component initialization to the startup sequence, instead of the first window opened. It will now take Angel a few seconds longer to load, but will enable smoother operation afterwards.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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