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(14-Apr-2002 at 06:03)
Heavy Explorers...

I've been workong on this strat for a while now and have ran in through prophet to many times to count.

Here is what I have for 200-???

**all numbers are percentages..**

15 Mills
50 Banks
10 Farms
15 Guilds
10 Towers

This gives me more then enough money to explorer and train my armies for a decent d.. also lets me slam sciences insanly high..

Now heres my dillema, I know at some point I will need to get schools I'm just really worried about keeping my util up and I had origionally planned to cut my mills for schools.

So at I would convert sometime after 500 acres to... (This is where I need advice and pointers)

30 Schools
40 Banks
10 Farms
5 Towers
15 Mills

Will 30% schools be enough or is 40% really that much better? Will I be ok with just 40% banks instead of 50%?

Race is humans and personality is merchant... assuming mehul doesnt change anything.

Thanks for your input.
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(Posted as RuNeFiRe X)
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(14-Apr-2002 at 06:38)

Should be fine with 30%

What do you need, cash and Soldiers. 40% Banks will give you ample cash with the Human bonuses..

Be able to buy Soldiers.. So should be fine..

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Posts: 40/54
(14-Apr-2002 at 06:58)
I think 40% schools would be better since you are a human, the extra 10% in pop will become more significant as you grow large (providing you have max sci all the time which you should since you are a human) Money wont be of a concern once your economy starts kicking in since you are gonna go for def spec only.

no guilds after 500 acres? It will help A LOT if you can cast Patriotism. Elves would be a good choice if you are going for Heavy Explorer. (cheaper def spec, better spell casting ability)

Well that wont be too much of a concern if you have plenty of elves in your KD casting 24/7 patriotism on ya. Trust me with that spell on 24/7 you can get at least 30% more land per day.
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Posts: 24/47
(14-Apr-2002 at 07:53)
Goh I ment to say 15% Mills or 15% Guilds.. I had not decided on which and wanted advice.
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(Posted as enforc3r)
Posts: 121/337
(14-Apr-2002 at 21:27)
no guilds = no self spells
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Posts: 61/101
(15-Apr-2002 at 07:37)
I think Elves do make the best heavy explorers.

Not sure it would be so good of an idea with a human due to the pop penalty (which may or may not be made up with your sci max bonus).

I assume that you are goign to be science pumping at some point in this strat too. But if you didn't plan on it, my bet would be to keep some universities, at least in the beginning. With 40gc or so per point, you'll get about 10K science per day, more or less.

I think it's pretty good though, though I think you could put the guilds to more use in the later stages.

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Posts: 45/48
(15-Apr-2002 at 08:02)
I'd say faeries makes the best explorers. GW and ToG really helps out greatly when you've grown up a bit. 6 defense elites also helps out greatly...

My kingdom has been in wars during almost this whole age but now when we've stopped I've started to grow about 100 acres a day, mixing paradising with exploring...
Right now I'm at 3.5k acres and have climbed from not on the list to nr.17 in most powerful provinces on island (I play WoL...).
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Posts: 26/47
(15-Apr-2002 at 23:33)
the +20% income is what draws me to humnas.. I'm a faery this age and the no paradise in war thing kills me, although GW is very useful
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(Posted as grockman)
Posts: 76/1434
(16-Apr-2002 at 22:29)
worried about money?????

If you want to be an explorer, money is never a problem. Getting the soldiers is the biggest problem. If you want to be an explorer, you need to be a mage, or else have some elf keep patriotism on you 24/7
When you get big, sciences will be tough to keep at high levels, also because your utilization will be crap cause you'll need to keep 17 ot 18 archers per acre.

I guess you could buy soldiers, although you would need to be in a damn good KD if you want to buy soldiers unless you plan on running a small province. Once you get big, you will be able to handle insane numbers of soldiers, but during the last war, my explore costs were over 200 soldiers and 47k gc per acre.

If you don't have a good kingdom, your trade balance will go to hell because you will be getting soldiers and losing TB that way, but all the cash you send wont get it up again.

Since you want to make your final switch at 500 acres and you want to use merchant, I would guess that you do not plan on leading your island in land (I am proof that a human explorer can lead his island in land).
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Posts: 5/8
(16-Apr-2002 at 22:41)
First of all using mills in protection as an explorer? why? will your utilization be abd in protection? lol no chance you can draft about 25 soldiers an hour lol and the final switch at 500 acres no way its possible
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Posts: 27/47
(17-Apr-2002 at 01:36)
I hadent planed to switch at 500.. I was thinking the 500+ range.. I'm not sure when schools will become more useful than my other buidlings.

This age I am 3k acres and i would love to hit the 5k+ mark.. so I really could use pointers.

If you're the leading human explorer what pointers can you give me beside the fact I will need to find a way to get tons and tons of soldiers?
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(Posted as grockman)
Posts: 80/1434
(18-Apr-2002 at 22:22)

you will need 20% mills and tto try to get 35% to 40% schools. Try to keep housing science as high as possible for a good utilization. Explore costs will be terrible, they are at 119 soldiers and 28k gc for me right now out of war, over 200 soldiers when I am in war. I keep patriotism on 24/7

Forts are always helpful in case you get attacked. Hospitals are useless unless you get gangbanged. Your defense will be pretty much 100% archers (I have over 70,000 archers and only 4200 knights right now). Replacing the archers is very very cheap. Replacing the land is very very expensive. If you can get an elf to keep patriotism, nature's blessing, inspire army (saves a ton of money), and minor protectino on you 24/7, then you should be able to get 20% mills, 20% forts, 40% schools easily. With the rest of the land, build some farms, and the rest can be mines or banks (extra money to pump sciences or buy soldiers with). As long as you don't keep homes and build banks or mines instead, your income will be fine, and in turn, your sciences should be fine. don't do a science pump, instead just keep banks and mines and constantly feed sciences.

Keeping a high enough dpa will be annoying, but its very doable. One thing I have noticed is that about 85% of my soldiers I send exploring and the other 15% get trained as archers. It costs about 120 soldiers to explore one acre of land, and 18 soldiers to train into archers to defend that land. So out of every 140 soldiers, 120 go out exploring. This means that it is advantageous to log in as much as possible so you can send your soldiers exploring and get your peasants to come back to replace them, increasing your utilization and your income.

I have even cast paradise on myself occasionally, but if you have a good kingdom, you wont need guilds or towers. Instead, tell everyone else to keep patriotism on 24/7, and if they have too many soldiers, you'll just buy them with your great income. Make sure you are online when you get sent the soldiers, or you will lose peasants until you send them exploring.

Basically the key is to keep a high enough dpa that you dont get attacked. Getting attacked will make you take a long time to replace the land you lost.

I have found human mage/explorer to be a good strat, you could try it if you want. You cast all the self spells on yourself, although you can't be an offensive mage (spell costs hurt). This does mean that you can use reflect magic during wars (helps a lot incase people try meteors or fireballs). Spell costs aren't too bad, With good magic science, your rune production will still be pretty good. Even better, being a human mage will stop all Orcs from getting CBs.

If they take away the 5% population penalty, it will make human explorer much easier.

There are a lot of provinces on my island that have come close to getting ahead of me in land, but they always seem to get attacked 2 or 3, sometimes even 4 times when they attack. If you are big, good targets to attack are in great demand, and if you are an attacker, you just might become one of the "great" targets for attack for a bunch of people. Being an explorer means that you will get CB'd and SoM'd much more(you look landfat), but attacked much less (you have a great dpa)

I wish you luck in case you decide to play human explorer, and I hope that you can also be top 10 in the world among humans, proving that explorers can grow well.
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