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(Posted as Starfriend)
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(28-Jun-2006 at 13:15)

[2006] Superman Returns

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Director: Bryan Singer

Plot: After a long visit to the lost remains of the planet Krypton, the Man of Steel returns to earth to become the peoples savior once again and reclaim the love of Lois Lane.

Brandon Routh .... Clark Kent/Superman
Kate Bosworth .... Lois Lane
Kevin Spacey .... Lex Luthor
James Marsden .... Richard White
Parker Posey .... Kitty Kowalski
Frank Langella .... Perry White
Sam Huntington .... Jimmy Olsen
Eva Marie Saint .... Martha Kent
Marlon Brando .... Jor-El (archive footage)
Kal Penn .... Stanford
Tristan Lake Leabu .... Jason White
David Fabrizio .... Brutus
Ian Roberts .... Riley
Vincent Stone .... Grant
Jack Larson .... Bo the Bartender

IMDB link:
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(Posted as Lodewijk)
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(29-Jun-2006 at 08:14)

I saw it today, and I enjoyed it - it was a rollicking ride. The special effects are awesomely entertaining. The plotting is a little woolly, esp. the 'evil plan' of Lex - I mean, it's a pretty crappy plan, to be blunt. Brandon Routh is a little wooden and the ego of Clark Kent wasn't explored enough, but it was an enjoyable film.


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(29-Jun-2006 at 08:59)

Lois Lane is a horrible trollop! *coughs*

Hey, of course Clark Kent was wooden. Superman has no personality! (Okay, okay, I admit it, I'm not the world's most massive Superman fan.)

I think my big issue with the movie was really the portrayal of Lex Luthor. Lex is supposed to be an evil genius with subtly expressed megalomania (as opposed to the open, cackling sort), and that plan was neither subtle nor overwhelmingly brilliant. That said, I don't expect groundbreaking plot from superhero movies, and it was entertaining enough.


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(Posted as Invictus AA)
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(03-Jul-2006 at 00:13)

A co worker saw it and him being a comic geek said it was a very enjoyable movie. Im going to see it if I talk my daughter into going.. I hate going alone.

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September 11, 2001
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(03-Jul-2006 at 04:49)

I saw it and Lex Luthor was horrible. He was suppose to be an evil genius but he just seems to be a small time villian here instead.

I did think that Brandon Routh managed to potray Superman and Clark Kent with nearly uncanny similarity to Christopher Reeves - Wooden Clark Kent!

I give it 7/10

The One and Only DMW
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(03-Jul-2006 at 13:27)

I am not sure if i am going to bother watching this movie on the big screen.It's bad enough that they kept this hideous costume(for crying out loud couldn't they have reaplced it like they did the Wolverine one?) but Lex Luthor looks awful.Instead of a cool and calculating mastermind he looks and sounds like a demented and unoriginal villain.They should have taken the guy who played Lionel Luthour in Smallville.Now he could have made a great Lex

And last but not least Lois Lane.Kate Bosworth just doesn't seem right for the part

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(User is Banned)
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(04-Jul-2006 at 19:44)
Re: [2006] Superman Returns

I really didn't see anything wrong with the characters, or how they were portrayed. Sure they're two dimensional and wooden, but all television and film adoptions of superman are like that. I assume it is part of the charm.


Entertaining enough, but a little long.
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(05-Jul-2006 at 03:38)

I didn't really like the film. It was good at some parts, mediocre at others. I was kind of wishing that the film would end before it ended, however, good entertainment.

If there's anyone here that goes to Sydney Boys High School, this film was filmed there during the summer holidays.

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(05-Jul-2006 at 18:38)


Wow, we weren't watching the same movie.

Disclaimer: I am the biggest Superman Fan in the world.

Alright, we got that out of the way. The movie I saw was brilliant. Singer did what singer does, directed a hit that perfectly meshed the comic book with legit cinema. Clarke Kent/Superman seemed to be played by Christopher Reeves' stunt double. I couldn't belive how close to Reeves' performance it got. This, to me, gave it the feeling of being a true sequel to the older Superman movies. The special effects made the film though, you actually got to see Superman, being super.

While I agree, Lex Luthor wasn't the greatest villian he could have been, Kevin Spacey's portayal of him was absolutely STELLAR. I think it was some of his best acting yet.

Lois Lane could have been played by anyone, I found her performance forgettable. And am sure that James Marsden (aka cyclops) is happy to be in a good superhero movie again, after that monstrosity they called Xmen3.

All in all, Superman is SUPER see it.


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(06-Jul-2006 at 10:06)
It a nice show except

for the part that superman have to end up in hospital.


Last edited by Swifty, 06-Jul-2006 at 14:02.
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(Posted as Drizzzt)
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(06-Jul-2006 at 16:26)

Plot line kinda sucked. Superman can be involved in some brilliant plotlines, watch the Cadmus arc in Justice League Unlimited to know what I'm talking about.

I thought that the movie was good, though. You dont really realize that the plotline sucks until you walk out of the theatre. The movie keeps you on your toes.


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(06-Jul-2006 at 21:20)

I really didn't like this movie. A Superman movie is supposed to be about him flying around doing neat stuff, and since this was the first Superman movie to come out since digital effects came into power, one would expect this movie to be chock-full of neat-o stuff. Instead, we get the first part of the movie which was indeed pretty full of neat stuff, and then we get an hour and a half long story about Superman and Lois Lane's romance. Lois Lane is supposed to be an aspect of Superman movies, not the central concept. I went with my mom and her boyfriend, her boyfriend actually fell asleep during the movie, and we saw it during the middle of the day.

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(Posted as moonblooded)
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(13-Jul-2006 at 12:34)

A movie that needs no thinking to be enjoyed. If you like to think - wrong movie! If you like Brandon Routh or Parkey Posey or a brilliant score, it's for you.


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(14-Jul-2006 at 13:04)

I don't know what this movie's trying to be: action/adventure or drama. Because it's neither. The effects are good but there are very little action scenes. And the supposedly emotionally charged parts are not because they're either portrayed badly or are over-dramatic (good lord, especially the
hospital scene
). There's also nothing brilliant about the story,
how Lex Luthor acquired knowledge about kryptonite is too easy, as if Singer got lazy writing
, and there are a lot of borrowed scenes from Superman 1 & 2. I know this is a continuation, but when I mean borrowed, the exact replica of that scene. I keep wondering if Singer or the other writers have lost creativity or weren't using half their brains in the process of writing this movie.

Routh would have made a good Superman... if he were allowed to say and do more than the script lets him. But Bosworth just isn't right for the part (or is it just bad writing again?). Spacey gives it his all, but again the script doesn't make him menacing. So you don't feel the danger at all.

And I just keep comparing it to Batman Begins, especially because this movie's trying hard to be more drama than action, more deep than the first two Superman movies. It failed miserably.

Overall: 2/10
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(17-Jul-2006 at 01:36)
I thought the movie was alright, a lot less action than i had expected. Kevin Spacey is a great actor but he just doesn't have that menacing characteristic i expected in Lex Luthor. In my opinion he was just a tad bit comical for that part. The choice for Louis Lane struck me as odd, Kate bosworth does not remind me in anyway the Louis Lane of the previous movies or comics. She seemed way too stuck up even when Superman/Clark wasn't around and her acting was average at best (note her facial expressions and u'll know what i mean). The guy that played Superman was fairly decent, i didn't really have any complaints and he did resemble Christopher Reeves fairly well.

As someone in here had also mentioned, i didn't like that they went back to the whole kryptonite concept and the lack of CGI used beyond that of the final scene.

I did have some specific scene complaint. The first was probably Lois Lane being Unbreakable Lane. Anyone find it odd that she stood up just fine without a scratch or whip lash on the plane? Second was the return of Superman from the remenants of Krytpon. Sorry if i'm mistaken but isn't Krypton made of Kryptonite given the way in which the planet exploded? (if that's true then superman should have been super dead)

Right i forgot to rate it: i'll give it a 7/10
Nothing spectacular but it wasn't exactly horrible either.

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(27-Aug-2006 at 20:14)

Nothing beats what was the TV show "The New Adventures of Lois and Clark" with Teri Hatcher.
I saw Superman Returns today- disappointing to say the least. Lois Lane was horribly portrayed and Superman was boring. Plot was dry.

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(27-Aug-2006 at 21:39)

Well, my main problems with this movie was the complete lack of interesting story, and how they made lex luthor seem.. Silly.
3/10, and thats just cuz some scenes were cool.

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(31-Aug-2006 at 03:16)

I liked it other than the fact that Lois Lane never got naked. And I really mean that.


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(Posted as Uncle Para)
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(05-Oct-2006 at 10:49)
enjoyable, but unfortunately exactly what I expected. lack of originality. 3/5
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