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(30-Sep-2002 at 17:56)

End of UTS in utopia

Today, we the High Council have made one of the toughest decisions in all our Utopia careers.

Since Age 2, UTS has stood for honorable play, loyalty to friends, and courage in defending our members and our ideals. Over the ages, UTS has had several historical achievements. We were the first alliance to have a 2 on 1 dual declaration policy, even though several alliances opposed it and we were attacked eventually fought an alliance war over our policy. We were involved in two major alliance wars (the one posted before) and a war in age 4. We have had numerous member kingdoms and provinces on the top lists during every age on both servers. And we have developed a reputation unmatched in the Utopia Community for our honor and fair play.

Even today, many "experienced" players know the name UTS, but almost all of the newbies have not and since most of the current utopia players have joined in the recent rounds our prominence in the alliance community has shrunk. Distain of alliances has been a long tradition of utopia though the action of a few aggressive alliances with too much tack and too little diplomatic skills, respect and courtesy.
The changing of the war system made UTS obsolete as we are a pure defensive alliance and not a hybrid offensive/defensive alliance, we do not start wars, but we finish them. UTS has never started an alliance war or aggressively attacked opponents who did not harm us first. UTS has never tolerated multis, scripting and other illegal practices and have helped others to eliminate these harmful elements from utopia.

Unfortunately, UTS has not been able to maintain the high standard to which we hold true. In our opinion utopia is not the game it once was and does not to appear that it will grow in the direction we hope for. There are too many noobies that turn over and show no dedication to the game, too much angst for alliances in both servers, intelligent ideas are not considered even though they may be popular among experienced players, and too little feedback from Mehul for our liking. I think Mehul needs to cater to the experienced core of utopia as they truly know what the game is about and have stuck through the good and bad times.

UTS going to focus on a new game(s) where opinions are respected and we will have an influence in the direction of the game’s development. By unanimous vote, we the UTS High council, have decided it would be best to disband UTS, while we still have the finest reputation in Utopia and the ability to back it up if needed.

We as the current High Council wish our members the greatest of success. There are several options if you wish the pursue them and they have been posted on our website. We are grateful for the following alliances for their kind offers…
-The NH alliance and our longtime friends’ there
-Kimmer, our ally and friend in AB
-Our new CS allies, The Seraphim

We encourage you to remain tagged for the remainder of this age. Once this age is complete, all relations will be cancelled, and the UTS utopia forums will close (others will still remain for our new exploits). Afterwards, our history will be completed, and will be posted for all to see on the NH website (www.avidgamers.com/NH). It is not a merge of any sort, but it is their show of respect for us to host our history and will allow us to close all our websites.

Friendships should not be lost just because UTS will no longer but part of Utopia. We shall remain strong in Counterstrike and Holly Wars (www.holywars.cjb.net) among others.

The UTS High Council-

Lord Jester
Sir C

GAH! I need players sign up! Please join and pass the word!
RoK > utopia!!!!!!!!
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(30-Sep-2002 at 17:57)

My career in utopia is one of the longest, now that there are so few experienced people left in utopia. I’ve played in every age since age 3, though my first full round was in age 4, and this last round I “secretly” play a little and nobody knew about it, not even my high council. I found this last age to be grossly mismatched, the elite changes horrible (as usual) and undead to be very powerful. I have wanted to quit utopia since about age 8 or 9 but due to setbacks in people leaving my kingdom or UTS, I could never train a replacement for 2 ages then leave as the replacement would get mehulled or would quit utopia. I just want to say to those people… I hate you bastards, since you fools got to leave and have a life I was stuck making a new site or coordinating a pretty large alliance (back in the day) when I wanted to be lazy and play Quake or CS. Alas, my ment-to-be replacements didn’t replace me…that’s ok I forgive you all, especially you Deckard, you were Regent that age too and I was about to go out the back door then you had to leave and I got sucked back in…well not his time!!!!!

Here is a short list of people whom it has been a pleasure for me too me and call my friends. I could recount many stories about each but that’d take several hours to read, so I’ll just post names and some thanks (apologies for those who know me well that I don’t post, feel free to bitch at me in a reply), though 2 hard drive crashes did wipe most of my contact list and all my records of my first 15 months of utopia. I can’t believe I deleted more than 150 contacts in the past week cleaning my list, and I still have too many people to keep track of.

Former Kingdom-mates:
Lady Shiloh – you been with me for the longest time, thanks for the support
Sir Twist – I must have taught you too well your better than me now
Sir Carter – Try not to get bigger than me anymore, it depresses me
Lord Deckard – I was hoping you’d take over for me when I wanted to leave in age 8, but instead you left and screwed me…
Korn – It was a pleasure to play with you, good luck in your KD
Evangelist – You were great, it was fun to be in NW races with you
Sir Elegolas – You made a fine regent, hope your current KD knows how lucky they are
Sir RaLpHaEL – Your kingdom banners owned
Sir Gummihora – Your one Crazy attacker
Sir Jeeves – It was a pleasure, too bad you quit before me
Knight Ryder (sir Ollpen) – I wish you didn’t get mehulled all those ages ago, you, me, twist, shiloh and carter owned anybody back then. I can’t believe I have ICQ logs so old that I found your old provence leader’s name…Ollpen.
Sir Robert (azn_freak) – Heh we had good times, and tlak a lot of strategy ver the ages.
Sir Linkin Park – Glad I had somebody capable to take over when I left…even though I was mehulled before I could train you more, I heard our KD owned this age

UTS friends:
Acrux – You’re a true asset to UTS, now just try to finally decide to stay in utopia or not to
AngsT – I owe you big time for hosting the site for awhile
Arathar – It was great to have you as a UTS member even for a short time, good luck with the alliance
Arch Bishop – It was good to have you at my side in UTS when I need you in the lean ages
Benjudah – It was good to see you come back to UTS after all those ages
Cckean – get to the site fool, hee hee
CityZenX – Busting skulls in the army really takes away from UTS doesn’t it
Cthugha – Thanks for being there in the lean years, I was gonna make you HC but you left (I wanted to go first)
Dirt-Farmer – How can your kingdom always be that good?????
Fieldstar – always knew I could count on your kingdom and you in a pinch
Garan – Your such and old timer like me!! I think you’ve been here longer than me.
Gracus The Cricket – Thx for helping me when I was first in UTS, drop me a note
Hellfire – Another great senior member but icedancing???? C’mon Hockey and that do not mix.
Mage111 – I owe you for your help in making the site. (people msg him too he lost his list if you know him ask me for his ICQ #, I’ve been down that road before…a few times)
IronBalls – You lead a good KD, my attempts to get you back failed too often
Jack – I only know my coding skills wouldn’t be this good if it wasn’t for your help with the site
Jiriki – Another old timer!!! Hey you still have those pics of Michelle?
Juggler of Fate – Always watching out for UTS ebfor e his own interest, you should attacked more, my KD would have had you back, we owned so bad back in those ages.
King Peter – Another UTS member who got to retire before me…
Krafty – You’re a great senior member, though the shortest reigning UTS leader ever (though there have only been, 4 so don’t feel bad)
Kylinn – I still don’t see how you could get past 3 million NW in those early ages (though I was a noob then)
Lady Wizzie – So sad you retired form utopia, you were more active than me
Lord Byron – I OWE you SO much, thanks for hosting the current site and my constant crashing of it. (no pressure but I need those Sagas on the backup tape hee hee)
Maddawg – Our best AA/UTS member, thanks for helping lead with me in the early ages of my reign
Merlin – another good UTS member in the lean years, you shouldn’t have retired before me though, it’s not fair…
Mulciber – Another Good UTS retiree (age 10) sensing a trend in utopia yet????
Night Wolf - Old school member before me, shoulda came back!!!!
Paladin (Father Time) – Another old timer, I remember the good old days of you, me, and Maddawg leading UTS
Pcpower - thanks for the help on the site, and you gaming site still own
Peric – Another excellent senior UTS member retiring before me, wow you’ve been in isolation a long time, sorry for the spam….
Prince Jay – Yet again another great member retiring before me, so unfair, I coulda been out ages ago if you all stay in utopia.
Sammi – You another excellent member I was proud to serve with, he was smart enough to retire before utopia went downhill
Shayde – Our last member to join UTS, stick with Jester and you’ll be fine
Spiderman – Another top 50 former UTS kingdom’s monarch, wow we really owned in the early ages
Staffa – Another old timer who helped teach me when I was a noob, drop me a note!
Swifthammer – heh. I spammed you way too much on ICQ
Rob the Fog – Heh you were my right hand man in those lean years with FT and MD
Tomas – Another old UTSer, at least you don’t have to make a new site and show how your MS certification really helps you kick my butt in designing websites
Tromador- Thanks for hosting the site for so long, getting me into UTS, and helping restore the site when I’d botch it up or have it hacked by some punks (I’ll get you punks if you ever mess with UTS again, I’m a much better hacker now, your HDDs will be mine)
Zapata – You really scare me. Hee hee. Where do you get all those jokes from?
Zarubi – It was a pleasure to play with you in the good old days, if I get bored I’ll try to own you in earth
Zeo – Another excellent member any alliance would want, but it’s UTS or nothing for him or was that Zapata…damn kids and their Z’s nowadays!! Too confusing for an old timer like me….
Zihan – Last but CERTAINLY not least, another senior member whom I depended on all the time over the ages.

Alliance Contacts\Friends:

Birdie formerly EoS – lucky for me you like my name
Boydle UGH – It was one of the greatest honors to have your alliance base you ideals on our core rules and our guide (that took me so long to write)
Crazy Mystics- Thanks for the help when we had a ##:## kingdom, good thing you contacted me today too.
Cassiodorus EoS – It was fun to play PU with you, I hope to see you at the TS site
Cheese (formerly VLaOS) – We’ve talked many times over the ages, you run a good kingdom and get into way too many wars. Hee hee
Fale (formerly AA) – Another good AA member who support UTS, also another SOB who got to retire before me too
Greven EH – We’ve had too many talks for me to remember
Gruarn (formerly VoV) – Also retired before me too, 6 months with no utopia and counting…
Haren – I’ll see u at the TS site and CS games, good luck expanding into utopia
Kimmer AB - It's been fun being our ally, thanks for the help
Lord Binar VAT – It was my pleasure to help you when I could back in the day, though I doubt nowadays you’d need much help
Methos- Seems we never talked to much, in the 14 ages I’ve played, I think you’d avoid more wars if you chatted it up a bit more with people, good luck AA
NH Jaco – I talked to you way too much, your finally getting some UTS kingdoms now, they’ll be real asset to you.
Parthanon – Damn, we were So CLOSE to getting you and you KD into UTS, it was great chatting with you all those times, Jester will see you in NH
Spider ES – drop me a note it’s been a long time since we’ve talked like in the old days
Thanatos GoDs (and formerly xXx) - I need you ICQ # again, we’ve talked for at least a 10 ages, D2 with you was hellva fun
Zarah Haj (formally of VLaOS) – You’re a true friend for helping me out so quickly when it was needed, it’ll be an honor to server with you in Holy Wars

I usually don’t do this junk but I did this for 3+ years and recalled a lot of memories doing this message. I wish you all luck in utopia and you better not fight my CS clan or you’ll get whooped.

GAH! I need players sign up! Please join and pass the word!
RoK > utopia!!!!!!!!
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Posts: 5/40
(30-Sep-2002 at 18:00)

And finally I'd like to tell the anti-alliance people that I enjoyed my time in my alliance TENFOLD more than playing utopia.

The only reason I never quit in past ages was the people depending on me to lead UTS and my kingdom mates and friends.

Utopia will be a lonelier place without UTS, but other new game that are not dying will be graced with our presence. I thank all kingdoms who changer their banner/names in their show of respect to us.


I'll add more info/stuff to the page later today


GAH! I need players sign up! Please join and pass the word!
RoK > utopia!!!!!!!!

Last edited by Sir C UTS, 30-Sep-2002 at 18:03.
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(30-Sep-2002 at 18:01)
never heard of ya, but if i read that....i wanted 2
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Posts: 538/702
(30-Sep-2002 at 18:20)

(Originally posted by NL DeMoNiC NED)

never heard of ya, but if i read that....i wanted 2
u must be a n00b in those ages

Sad to see UTS go. U guys were definitely one of the finer alliances the eyes of Utopia have seen. GL in what every u do in the future.
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(Posted as Jester UTS)
Posts: 19/130
(30-Sep-2002 at 18:23)
Official Post

While Sir C (who didn't even bother to mention me in his going away speech) gave a wonderful posts, this is the shorter, and official post from the UTS High Council.


Fellow Utopians:

Today we mourn the passing of one of the few remaining original alliances.

United to Stand (UTS) was without question, the most honorable, loyal, and humble collection of Utopia's great leaders. Beginning with humble roots during Age 2, UTS prospered during into one of the game's most respected alliances. Until this day, we have strived to serve our membership, and the ideals of honor, courage, self sacrifice and loyality to which will held in the highest esteem.

UTS was the first alliance to truly recognize that the power of the word greatly outmatched the power of the sword. We conducted our business in secret, and so effectively that even in now, you would be hard pressed to find any people complain about UTS.

As this age draws to a close, we as the High Council have come to the conclusion that UTS can longer effectively uphold its ideals. Game play changes and the downfall of "diplomacy first" have made Utopia a uniquely different place than it was 15 ages ago. Instead of tarnishing our great legacy, we have decided that the most honorable solution would be to disband UTS forever. UTS kingdoms will remain tagged for the rest of the age, however, at the end of the Age of the People, UTS will be a tag, and an ideal, no longer in Utopia.

All relations are immediately cancelled. All foreign ministries and embassies should be closed by the end of this age. Our friends at NH have been more than kind to host the UTS history once the UTS website gets shut down.

We wish our membership, our friends, and all of Utopia the best.

Lord Jester
UTS Chancellor

Sir C
Lord Bryon
UTS High Council
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(30-Sep-2002 at 18:34)

It's always hard to se a Veteran leave the game, alliance or player alike.

been around since age 2 myself, and even though I'm not so happy over the changes through the years, I cannot see myself quitting yet for awhile.
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(Posted as zapata UTS)
Posts: 1/3
(30-Sep-2002 at 18:51)
It is a sad day indeed when a man can no longer strut around in women's clothing with his friends

On a more serious note though, being part of UTS has been my most enjoyable time playing utopia, and I will miss it greatly.

I'm not very much for speaches so I will leave it at that and wish everyone I have come in contact with through utopia and UTS good luck with whatever you decide to do with your lives in and out of the virtual world. Keep in touch!

Head of Men dressing like Women - UTS
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(Posted as Jaco NH)
(User is Banned)
Posts: 349/950
(30-Sep-2002 at 20:01)

It is with great regret I see this day come, UTS was one of the foundation cornerstones of utopian alliances along with the AA's and KLA's of the game. It is a sad day, a day a legacy and history comes to an end and a new beginning for many other alliances as UTS passes the torch

It is my great pleasure to have Jester come over and join the Nation of Hope, I am sure many of his brothers and sisters from UTS will join him in NH or other honorable nations.

Big C, your a good man, if you come back look me up, Ill have a job flipping burgers for you in NH lol =) But seriously its an honor to have UTS forces join up with NH, and also a sad day to see a proud nation and its history come to an end

-Sovereign of NH, Trenn of TE-

"Oh, the perils of leadership in a species so anxious to be told what to do. How little they knew of what they created by their demands. Leaders made mistakes. And those mistakes, amplified by the numbers who followed without questioning, moved inevitably toward great disasters."
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Posts: 7/23
(30-Sep-2002 at 20:21)
LOL...I never thought I would fel so broken up about an alliance disbanding. Sir C and the rest of UTS, you will be missed. Your alliance was one of the truly honorable alliances in the game today and it is sad to see you leave the game that gave rise to the UTS Alliance. Good luck and we'll be seeing you around.

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(Posted as Runner)
Posts: 173/304
(30-Sep-2002 at 20:49)

Sir C,
I joined only about near the end of age 7, but I quickly learned of you. Although we never met, I came across many UTS kds, one or two in war, but most on a friendly basis. I am truly sorry to hear you are leaving. May you find peace in some other game. Take care.

The Lonely Lord LoneRunner
PERSONAL Spokesman and BODYGUARD for the Beautiful Exmuse
Forever GUARDIAN and Protector of The Former X
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(Posted as Valek2004)
Global Moderator
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Donated $41.00
(30-Sep-2002 at 20:59)


great news!
not that ive heard of UTS much

me being Anti-Alliance bring great news to me and makes me want to celebrate!

thats one less alliance that gets in the way and is "honorable"

but scince i dont know anything about UTS, i will leave it at this: if you played fair then sorry to see you go
and if you are "honorable" and stole that honor away by GB and force than goodbye!



I am one of a kind, the only one you'll find. I am me and nothing else...
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Posts: 109/177
(30-Sep-2002 at 22:55)
Valek, shut up! I can live with your anti-alliance stance, but there are limits to everything.

To Sir C and everyone you mentioned, I'm really sorry to see it end like this. Don't know if you know who I was then, not planning on revealing it. All I can say is that my time in UTS was one of the best I've had and I'm sorry that I was yet another of those who retired before you did. Keep the UTS spirit up, now and forever.
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(Posted as Valek2004)
Global Moderator
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Donated $41.00
(30-Sep-2002 at 23:01)

mad holdup

seriously i dont know UTS good enough to judge if they are honorable or not!

and how dare you tell me to shut up,
and besides its my opinion on things and everyones intitled to one and i respect yours and everyone elses, i was just assuming things about UTS if they were cool or not, thats all so back off!

I am one of a kind, the only one you'll find. I am me and nothing else...
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(Posted as stoffe SoS)
Posts: 2/82
(Post has been warned)
(30-Sep-2002 at 23:55)
Valek, the reason that you don't know that UTS were an honorable alliance is because you're a fucking nOOb !

Sorry to hear about UTS disbanding...
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(Posted as Runner)
Posts: 174/304
(30-Sep-2002 at 23:57)

Valek, this is a thread for UTS, not for your campaigns about Anti-Alliance. And just one thing, if you knew anything about the history of Utopia, you would know that the men and women in UTS do not take honor lightly. That is a valued thing, and for you to put them down, shows ignorance on your part. Before you speak, think.

The Lonely Lord LoneRunner
PERSONAL Spokesman and BODYGUARD for the Beautiful Exmuse
Forever GUARDIAN and Protector of The Former X
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(Posted as C h e e s E)
Posts: 4/123
(01-Oct-2002 at 00:06)

Second alliance i was in, after the hilariously fun Gemini, was UTS. I dont know how many of u around in the days of Tromador, but he was someone to respect..

This is truly some shitty news to read....
View Public Profile Find more posts by eX Cheese Xe Add eX Cheese Xe to your Buddy List Reply with Quote
Posts: 6/40
(01-Oct-2002 at 00:27)

Thanks for all the great comments, everyone who know's me, knows that i'd help any past or current UTS member anytime, anywhere no matter the odds. It's just who I am and who we, UTS, were and are.

Cheese - I still keep in touch with tromador he's currently addicted to NWN, I'm trying to get him to post here, made a few good quotes on our site recently (heh i got him to come back to the site and post often in the past 4 months)

Additionally I'm going to release the top secret Sagas of the Dark Lord, that I've written since Tromador left uTs in age 5.

UTS friends: more stuff

Lord Jester - If you ever quit pestering me on ICQ i might have added you to my list to thank, all that chatting iwth you made me take 7 hours to organize everything for our closure.

Raben - Dude, we had alot of fun in my first few ages in UTS, such a shame i haven't seen you on ICQ in 2 years...

Ther shoutout:
thorstein_VAT, ElektraWA, Fate_PRIDE - good to have seen you in our forums
King Arthur RW - keep up the good work in RW, one of our longest allies in the game, i remember you guys even when i just joined UTS in age 4

GAH! I need players sign up! Please join and pass the word!
RoK > utopia!!!!!!!!

Last edited by Sir C UTS, 01-Oct-2002 at 00:30.
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(Posted as Master Surtof)
Posts: 28/463
(01-Oct-2002 at 00:34)

Hmmm...i hold my roots in age 2 aswell,and thus i feel more connected to you than before

Anyway,i had nearly forgotten about UTS by now but i remember better days many ages ago.Good luck wherever your going,and i speak for many when i say Utopia will always welcome you.
View Public Profile Find more posts by Sabe TA Add Sabe TA to your Buddy List Reply with Quote
Posts: 25/34
(01-Oct-2002 at 00:37)

sad news indeed, never been in UTS but have always admired you guys and the positive effect you have had on alliances

*agrees with everyone else who is saying STFU Valek*
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