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(15-Oct-2016 at 16:58)
Wow, that makes me feel old

I got a birthday greeting this morning from Utopia Temple. My son is in his 1st semester of college and I teach high school. He was in diapers and I was a stay home mom when I played.
I did not even own a computer when I started.....played from WebTV.
We had a few grownups in our kd, but I was only woman. Unless you count that some ages my husband played as a female. The majority of my kd mates were younger than my son is now. One time our king had to go into vacay because he got put on restriction.

Utopia World and then my kd was moved to BF. We always used 254 as our tag no matter what our theme was. Geez, this makes me feel old. But those were some good ages.
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(24-Nov-2016 at 17:11)

You're all awesome.

"Genius may have its limitations,
but stupidity is not thus handicapped."

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(20-Dec-2016 at 03:59)

We're all awesome.

It's always refreshing to come back and relive memories.
A large number of my friends (and now in laws I didn't use to have!) and I play mafia at game nights that my wife and I will host. Even though I was never one of the best players here, I credit my experience here to helping me be one of the best players out of them.

Also, we play this game somewhat similar called Resistance, and I know I'm the best at that. So good at lying now!

Thanks for all the memories UT!

I miss Runey...
Band is good! Band is great! Band is how I got a date!
War Damn Eagle!
I love Reputation! Love it! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! Please.
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Research Group
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(23-Dec-2016 at 00:39)

Happy Festivus, fellow UTers!
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