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(04-Oct-2003 at 17:58)
Wow almost everybody here is being a baby... waaa happiness sucks waa this game sucks, I can't do anything "sob sob" its so boring... why can't it be more fun?...

Well listen up... This game ain't perfect and I've played on and off for 12 ages or so. I do fine with the entire system, and I'm mainly an attacker... Big F ing deal. If you don't like the game, make your own damn game and see if you can attract 60 thousand or so players. Utopia is a fantasy game so it shouldn't have any realism? where the hell did you get that idea? Mehul isn't god, so he's obviously able to make some mistakes without people ragging on him all the time. The happiness system is imposed on everybody and its just like any modd that races can have. Attackers can woop a t/m if he was good enough. The happiness system just makes sure attackers build some defence in magic and thievery... If you have good defences, then maybe you wouldn't be screwed all game. Happiness is like honor, newbies to the game usually don't get much honor either, granted happiness has negatives. But this game is modeled to be a kingdom and if you are so dumb that you suck ass as a leader of a province, then thats the way it is, and the realistic attitudes of the peasants are good. YES, the bad has way more consiquences than the good, its imposed on everybody, and sometimes its a pain but deal with it... its just another challenge. For you people who think morals shouldn't be imposed in the games, QUIT. Society doesn't need @holes like you who has to pick on people to make themselves feel important and are cowards who piss their pants when somebody bigger come along

but the main point is... for all you people who think happiness makes the game suck and your now bored, how bout trying to do well for a change? if the game sucks so much and ur bored, maybe you should look at happiness as a challenge and play to use it to your advantage like every other mod thats been imposed since the beginning of Utopia.

Last edited by Ratha, 04-Oct-2003 at 17:59.
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(06-Oct-2003 at 01:20)

OK Ratha how do you like this example:

You have 1000 gc on your bank account
The next time you look at your account you have 800.
And you didn't get any transaction mess.
Wouldn't you find that strange?

Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer.
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