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(09-Jan-2004 at 08:02)

Disney's new theme park, Nazi Land

Okay well maybe Disney doesnt have plans for Nazi Land, and I think that might be wise, something about genocide just doesnt get kids excited like cartoons do. But what I wanted to start a discussion about was Disney's use of cartoons during WW2 that were about Nazi.

On my computer I currently have one about Donald Duck being a factory worker for nazi germany, another one talking about the american attitudes during WW2 that werent condusive to the idea of a unified america, and also one about How Nazis are made.

I was just wondering what your ideas of these are, perhaps if you know any information that might not be common knowledge about them, or just how you feel about Disney using cartoons to teach hatred for the Nazis and the German people to american children, you could post it.

If you havent seen them you can get them off Kazaa, try typing in "Banned" with "Disney" and "Nazi" or instead of Disney try "cartoons". I've watched them about 5 times now, each time trying to pay attention to a new facet of them, artwork, music, message, use of language that would lead people one way, the use of german, watching it and trying to think what a german would think watching it, an american, a jewish person, a child ect ... yada yada yada

But yes ... bodymassage ... GO

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