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(22-Jan-2003 at 19:27)
i dont see why people are complaining about mehul

its as he and many others alread stated : Its a FREE service

take it as it is or leave. period.

stop whining
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(22-Jan-2003 at 19:52)
(Originally posted by Don Romba)

Mehul is a hero. Face it, the reason we're complaining is Mehul, but the reason we are ABLE TO COMPLAIN is Mehul too.

Just give it some time. I'm confident many people run multi's in the start, and besides, it'll take some time for the real n00bs to kick the boots and stop playing. People will get less active in due course too.

I do not blame Mehul at all, and I think his attitude is great. Actually the first time Mehul respons so emotionally to a direct comment to him. Good to see he's Human too

All should be thankful for being offered this free game, and if you don't like it, then do as Mehul suggested and leave. That'll help the others have faster servers too
I agree completely with Ramba. Actually, while it is very annoying to deal with a page that doesn't load and the pop that does (that happens once in a while), it is a small price to pay for something that we don't have to pay for.

Everquest and other online games are incredibly stupid compared to Utopia. Mehul gives us a game with a huge number of users and an everevolving game and merely forces us to close a few popups here and there. The servers are slow sometimes, and it can get frustrating, but what do you want? You could choose to play something that will give you less fun and pay 20 bucks a month for it instead, but who would want to do that. Most of us don't even click on the popups and ads at any rate, we just play the game as a free game, and contribute nothing to the bottom line.

If you want another server, make it a point to click on every ad you see, every time you log in. That will directly influence Mehul's revenue stream. Or sign up for his service levels, and pay your way to Platinum. These are things that will help solve the problem. Mehul can't/won't change something now, particularly when he is in grad school.

The two concerns I would have are:

The amount of spyware in the popups is getting high, imo. I don't like having to scan my comp every day and find 5-8 new programs to delete.


Cascading popups that don't load all the way, and if you can get them closed, they also close Utopia.

The ads and the slowness of the servers are things that you just have to deal with. If you don't like it, then get a Platinum account, and then Mehul will actually listen to you...
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Posts: 1/4
(22-Jan-2003 at 19:54)
I think that I wasted my money being a platinum user now though. Last round was excellent, and I definitely enjoyed the money I spent for platinum, but now I'm getting the same error pages as everyone else.
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Posts: 15/25
(22-Jan-2003 at 19:55)
I'd rather pay to play than not be able to play at all

Okay, for me everything seemed to clear up yesterday. I'd still much rather pay a buck per age to play than have to go through a week of logging on so that I can look at all the pretty ads that resize my ie window and try to install crap on my computer.

So basically it comes down to this: Would you pay $5 a year to play Utopia? Say 50k would... thats $250,000 a year. Plus I wouldn't even give a crap if there were still banners. Pop-ups are the only ads I dont like... He could still make money through bonus offers also, because there are plenty of people who like free crap for their prov.
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Posts: 38/70
(22-Jan-2003 at 19:55)
I agree with Mehul 100%. Those ppl complaining need to recheck themselves. Nothing is perfect, you have to take the good WITH the bad.
good:enjoying playing utopia
bad:server slowdown sometimes, sometimes theyr'e down.

The good WAY outweighs the bad, Mehul is doing a great job imo for the kind of budget I assume he runs on.

Keep up the good job mehul.

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(User is Banned)
Posts: 101/733
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:03)
Arrogant? No. Clear in the answers, that's what the man is. He has a healthy view on the technical part of the servers. With the knowledge i have about the internet and UNIX systems i can only say that he is speaking the truth. Centralized database on which multiple servers connect to. More active users, more load. Less active users, less load. Sounds good (as in: truth). Also, be happy that there are lots of active users! Means more fun in the game if you'd ask me

Maybe he could have answered with more kindness. On the other hand, i don't like people who pretend they are sooo kind while they actually plain aren't.

This makes the uSSa government horny! | PEOPLE NOT PROFITS (Antidote) | Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely (Paai)
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Posts: 4/207
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:08)
Im curious about how many of the people who are complaining with such loud voices actually pay for playing utopia...Im sure some are but I bet many who complain loudly in threads like these are only paying their internetcosts for playing utopia....

A fast way to get better servers would be to require payment to play utopia...whould you like that? no? well unless you are paying or have a great idea on how to provide sponsors or money from elsewhere keep quiet

maybe utopiatemple could do a research to see how many people are paying...and how many of those who arent paying complain a lot about the servers
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(Posted as Ithien)
Posts: 594/2341
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:17)

I think Mehul is right in being blunt. Whats the point in trying to sugarcoat the problems when someone would see straight through them anyway. I would rather see the straight facts then the distored ones. Come on, Mehul aint a Laywer.

http://thiscrazyworld-flair.blogspot.com/ - Not a lame blog, a comedy outlook on topical issues.
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Utopia Temple Host
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(22-Jan-2003 at 20:20)

Mehul has some extremely valid points in what he posted, and I think he's right to be blunt, as people obviously are having problems 'Getting It[tm]'.
And to those people who think that you just buy a server and plug it in and you're done, please think of the other costs:
  • bandwidth
    An additional server means you'll receive more hits, increasing the bandwidth use.
  • electricity
    Computers like to be powered, and therefore you'll need to pay the electric bill (or get more hamsters for your generator).
  • time
    Setting up a server takes time. Keeping up-to-date with patches takes time. Ensuring that everything's functioning (monitoring) takes a non-trivial amount of time. In Mehul's case it would also involve the extra player-load and multi detection of the additional server.
That's not even counting additional support equipment such as switch ports, backup space, etc. and coding time for rewriting programs and modifying data structures...

Running servers ain't a plug-in-and-forget job. Those who plug-in-and-forget run the risk of having to unplug, re-install and re-forget later.

- Tyrall

Admin of the Tyrall Network, home of Utopia Temple
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Posts: 14/37
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:21)
3rd server/BF

How about making WoL a ghetto server for free, and make BF a P2P (Pay to Play) server with banners, no popups. Platunum membership takes away those too. I would definately pay $5-$10 US/year, $50 US/lifetime to get hold of a server with a maximum member limit.

Players that have been members using a swirve-email for more than 2 or three ages gets 30% off.

For a $10 000 server and one guy serving it for $25 000/year (probably monitors the other server as well if it is servermonitoring we're talking about.)
Then other costs for as much = a total of $60 000
You'll need 12 000 players paying $5 to get that amount, plus you get the revenue from the banners (Small as it is though) Say you set the limit to 25 000 players and you'll make money, being able to upgrade everything, servers, coffymachine, girlfriend...

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Posts: 1/1
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:42)
Mehul is running a business and providing a service that many of us enjoy. He assumes all the risks and we enjoy the rewards or we would not be playing. He has indicated the root cause of the problem, and has indicated that no new server will be purchased to solve the problem.

Now that we have been informed, we can learn to manage our frustration (which is really a minor problem) or leave and occupy our time with other persuits. I understand Mehul's answers and thank him for taking the time to explain the situation to us.

Perhaps scheduling access to users, or providing a daily maximum allowable minutes on-line would reduce the number of people on-line at anyone time to a manageble number.

Perhaps forum messages can be eliminated and users can post through group email on another less utilized swirve server instead.

I don't know what is involved, but I do know that offering up ideas is better than complaints.
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Posts: 10/179
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:47)
How bout all you guys that don't like it just quit because then it'll be faster for us. You don't appreciate how much work and money Mehul puts into this game to keep it up, running, and free. Remember he could just charge us. Just to write this program and the formulas i couldn't even grasp how much time he put into this game.
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Posts: 12/23
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:48)
well, i do agree with him. if the servers are on there maximum, and, he does not want to invest in a new server, then thats his choice....

do not ever touch my pies of pizza!
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Posts: 1/291
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:51)

Hey couldn't swirve get a third server, but offer it to people who pay to play. It would only be a small fee which would give them faster game play and less/no ads?
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(Posted as Magmar aka Migz)
Posts: 8/13
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:53)
smile Nice going Mehul

Mehul is talking right.....everyone wants the server to get back but.... life cant be perfect always...

Keep Your Friends Close, and Keep Your Enemies Closer
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Posts: 110/248
(22-Jan-2003 at 20:55)

I cant believe how selfish how many of you guys are. Its a free service. Thats the bottom line. Dont expect to be treated like a king.
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Posts: 1/106
(22-Jan-2003 at 21:04)

I know mehul said all tht cause he is pissed, imagine 10-20 thousand people complaining all day, he just got fed up and said the truth, play it if you like, if not leave...
But since he is making money off us to "maintain" the servers he should technically treat us as customers thus the customer is always right.
Anyways he hsould take a short vacation or something, he sounds like he is about to blow his top.
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Posts: 1/15
(22-Jan-2003 at 21:06)
(Originally posted by Tyrall)
Running servers ain't a plug-in-and-forget job. Those who plug-in-and-forget run the risk of having to unplug, re-install and re-forget later.
Finally! Someone who actually understands the real cost of running servers! Well said. Perhaps if the people whining spent more time learning what was actually involved, they wouldn't come off looking so silly.

Oh and as for the "he must make tonnes of money from the pop-ups" argument. Take my word for it as webmaster of several sites, internet advertising rates suck and clickthrough from regular users is tiny. The guy is not getting rich off Utopia.

Eoghan Irving
Solar Flare: Everything Fantasy and Science Fiction
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Posts: 2/42
(22-Jan-2003 at 21:20)
The only reason that they can be bothered to complain is because Mehul and swirve have created a game that they care about. The majority of us don't pay a cent, yet get to play one of the best games on the net, requiring just enough time to play for it to be fun and yet not too much so as to provide us with time to live our lives.

As to the moanings about what Mehul and Swirve do with the money they receive from adverts and donations, who are you to ask? Mehul is running a business, therefore he is entitled to do whatever he wants with the profit, to pay his staff handsomely for their hard work, and to not have to declare anything about the running of the business. We are not shareholders, nor paying customers, and so Mehul should not have to defend himself to a bunch of pre-pubesent teenagers.

The setup here is a win/win situation, we get so much for nothing. So i suggest that we do not bite the hand that feeds us.

I am also not about to brown my tongue on Mehul's rear end, as i know relatively little about the man. I can say, however, that i am thankful for Utopia and congratulate those behind the running of it and wish them all the best.

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(Posted as Sister Green)
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(22-Jan-2003 at 21:29)

remembers mehul winning one million...................
, can't we just make an equivalent of utopia or steal the source codes and host it on a userpayed serverpark

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