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(01-Mar-2007 at 21:25)

Re: Utopia Thesis: Please post your stories and thoughts

Originally Posted by Peppie: View Post
Thanks for your stories!

(Sarak, the question was not *why* cooperation exists but *how*. Nonetheless, your post is very insightful!)

In my studies I've been reading a lot of literature concerning Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and they're generally about EverQuest, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online and so forth. Other texts are about textbased MUDs; things like LambdaMOO. These games typically have the player control a character. You always start out alone, and then find your way in the world, and eventually you may CHOOSE to join a guild/clan/whatever. Utopia is unique in the way that it injects you into a "guild" from the outset; it's not a player's choice. You're forced to cooperate, and yet I think the concept of 'free cooperation' is still applicable, since one can always choose to defect (or indeed, not to play at all).

A major peculiarity is Swirve's rule that you don't get to choose whom you play with. In other online games, players choose their guilds (family guilds, elite guilds) and/or choose to play with real life friends, family or workmates. One of the points I will try to make in my thesis is that this social function (of playing games with people close to you in order to maintain ties) is so strong that people who'd ordinarily not break rules in a game will resort to trading in Utopia.

There's also this weird relationship between player-province-kingdom-alliance. I've read nothing in other MMOGs about true self-sacrifice, players 'taking one for the team'. In Utopia, the province you've created over the space of several months can get decimated in less than two days in certain fierce wars, regardless of your skill. However (especially in the more skilled Kingdoms) players rarely mind seeing their creation destroyed like that as long as the Kingdom comes out on top. In public, people boast about their Kingdoms more than they boast about their province (or so it seems to me, maybe I don't spend enough time with different types of players). I have this idea floating in my head about the Kingdom becoming the 'character' of some 20-25 players, the entity that they identify with. Then this Kingdom often sets out to join actual 'guilds', i.e. alliances.

I'm just thinking out loud here. What is more important to you guys - the Kingdom or the province? Do you identify more with your Kingdom or more with your own province? Do you think the level of collective skill in a KD automatically means that its players will be more KD oriented/minded?
kd, definatly, anyone who doesnt play for thier kd *in WoL at least* doesnt deserve to be called a player imho :P

its about excelling as a kd not a prov, i happily die still hitting in wars.

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(02-Mar-2007 at 02:24)
Re: Utopia Thesis: Please post your stories and thoughts

sidenote -- peppie, you're forgetting the massive amount of trading that's undergone so people can play with their friends.

Personally, i almost always identified more with my kingdom than provice, and kingdom than alliance. I also identified with alliance above prov.

Originally Posted by Peppie: View Post
IYou make an interesting point by stating that people will never join an 'anti-something' endeavour unless there's something in it for them, i.e. higher rankings for themselves. Since my main guiding question is "How does cooperation exist within Utopia?" player motivation for engaging in cooperative game play is a relevant part. If there are any people here who've cooperated in taking down some alliance or player, can you state your motivations? Was it greed, or principles, or killing boredom, or what?
In almost every instance that i have seen of this occuring, it was been greed. Often greed wrapped up in principles to justify it, but usually pure greed. Why do you want to take the player down? So you can get ahead of him, so you can protect your friends. Why do people band up against HaLL? Not principles -- to protect their friends, to kill boredom, to gain themselves. Most of the time Serenity helped people with stupid shit like that, our rule was no razing -- only take the hits for free land, even if it costs us a little growth. But ultimately.. yeah, greed. Every example I saw came from greed. Very rarely was anyone motivated by principles above greed; sometimes they factored but not to the same extent.

Think about the age 21 GB on playboys. Pure greed. People were upset that they were being bottomfed on by PBs, and felt PBs were being 'unfair'. So they ganged together to take them down. Greed, not principles -- those same people were engaging in bottomfeeding themselves, though perhaps not as 'much'. They were powerplaying just as much -- it's something that comes naturally in the top.

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(Posted as jimtim)
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(02-Mar-2007 at 10:23)

The Kd is definitly what keeps me playing. Its what disappoints me most when ppl dont play for the kd (confession: as a bit of a noob i still play for myself sometimes).

I havnt really found the perfect kd, only 3 ages under my belt. I still play in the ghetto, as they say, but I had a really good monarch in the first age and we were a fighting machine! however, we switched monarchs and the drive in the kd died.

Someone said (i forget who) that their is a lot of phsycology going on, and i agree. A good kd has a good monarch that knows how to motivate its kd to be active and to "be the best they can be".

Playing with other ppl that play for the kd makes the experience the most fun for me, wen everyone cooperates and comes out on top, thats the best part of the game! Having bn the player to just have taken that "one for the team", i know wat im talking about. we had to resort to pk-ing on the kd we were at war with coz they lost and wudnt surrender. I was active and vocal enough to draw their attention so it was me that got chained (along with our monarch). we nearly killed their monarch b4 he surrendered (just a coward in my opinion. you should have heard all the bluster! and he still had 300 acres...) anwyay that was yesterday and just a little story. goodnight girls and boys

PS: kds that use supplementary tools, like utopia pimp, also seem to do better. for me, definitly an essential tool! maybe mention the host of other sites and calculators that exist because of utopia (and ppl's obsession with it)
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(Post has been warned)
(02-Mar-2007 at 11:34)
I began playing Utopia back in September of 2005, when I was invited to play by my son. See, we'd been estranged at that point for over 3 years...for reasons I won't get into here, but he felt that a game like this would be a good way to break the ice. It worked, and while my son went inactive this age due to his KD falling apart (he'll be back next age), and I've had a few setbacks that have limited my ability to play as well, I still enjoy the game, and it gives us a common ground for discussions when our relationship in RL gets strained.

I also enjoy the sense of team and teamwork I get from my KD mates...some of us have been together since the Age I started...some were there before even...and while players come and go, we always stress fun and teamwork over anything else in this game.

So, while I am one of the a-typical players...female AND over the age of 35...I have to say that I've had a lot of fun, even with the changes that have gone on...*coughTheNerfingOfBattleFieldscough*...and I plan on being around for a long time...

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(02-Mar-2007 at 13:26)

Not planning to go into too much detail but here goes:

The one and only reason I continue to play is the friends I have made in GA. I used to be really into alliances and such but they grew tiring to be in and have so many rules. I have always been a firm believer of KD first then Alliance.

just my two cents


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(02-Mar-2007 at 15:03)
Not sure if you are going to pau some attention to the time when Utopia came into being? It was the late 90s, I believe, when computer games are still relatively primitive and it was relatively difficult finding games that support online play. And of course, Utopia is free, which is an important factor to the non-working people out there. Well, it is for me, at least.

Anyway, I have been playing on-and-off since 98 or 99. I have stuck with it because it's complicated, time-consuming, and challenging. And of course, it was fun working as a KD. I always liked the idea of the target enemy province logging in to discover his province in ruins. But perhaps the greatest factor that kept me going was the challenge.

It was not just an individual challenge but also a team challenge or the challenge of finding a good KD. I'm not sure about others but throughout my years of playing Utopia, I have never landed in a very good KD. I'm not talking about SKDs; just very good KDs. I consider myself to be a fairly active player but most of my KD-mates can't match my level of activity and it is disappointing. I recall that there were two KDs (different times) in which I was among the core players, trying to build them up. But in both cases, as soon as we were getting better, something happened to break up the KDs.

For the first KD, the monarch became power-crazy and started razing a newcomer who disagreed with him, without conducting any form of diplomacy. Even though I was part of the KD for some time, I wanted to work as a group, in a cooperative atmosphere and so when the king refused to back down, I defected.

For the second KD, the king left because of some personal issues, and I took over. I spent roughly two ages with it, trying my best to build it up, but in the end, even though the KD was doing quite well, I left because I was unhappy with the core members. I had traded into the KD and so when I took over the KD, the core was already there. And I didn't agree with their idea of getting a war win at all costs, and to taunt losing enemies. Personally, I feel that the only thing worse than a sore loser is a winner who can't win with grace. And since I can't get rid of the existing core members, I left.

I guess, in retrospect and with relation to your thesis, the social element was important to me. I want to work cooperatively in a group, and I want to work with people whom I can respect, in terms of moral values. If the social atmosphere doesn't suit me, I would be out, regardless of the skill level of the group. The second element which was important to me is the skill level. Even though the social element is important, I still play to win. Or even if my province and the KD had to get thrashed, put up a decent fight at least. I don't spend time on my province just to let it get destroyed because I am in a lousy KD.

(As an aside, maybe you would like to look at the idea of 'morals' in Utopia. I know it has been argued that there are no morals in a computer game: "it is just a computer game!" Or perhaps you can look at how this can be reconciled with the high ideals that some alliances profess to hold.)
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(02-Mar-2007 at 17:24)
Reading what some of you guys posted about how selfless you felt about your KD and how selfish you felt about alliance and reading what Peppie posted about you landing in a KD by force and choosing to be part of alliances later, I can't help but to draw an analogy between an utopian KD and family as well as an analogy between alliances and other social ties.

Basically, with the exception of finding a spouse, we don't choose our family, we start our lives in them. From an utopian perspective, its the same for your KD.

Similarly, most people are pretty generous toward their family as is to be expected. Same seems to apply to utopian KDs (of course, their are exceptions in both cases which seems to strenghten the analogy a bit more).

However, I think its safe to assume that this generosity doesn't extent as well to bonds outside the family (with the possible exception of friendships for which I cannot find an analogy in my frame of reference between real life and utopia). Also, such bonds are formed later in life just as alliances are formed later in your utopian experience.
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(02-Mar-2007 at 19:10)

I'd love to see a study on superstitions in Utopia.
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(02-Mar-2007 at 20:36)
I've been playing utopia for, hmm about 6-7 years I think, I'm not really sure. I know I started in 7th grade, or possibly early in 8th grade. I don't remember exactly why I started, but most of my new classmates were playing utopia and I thought it looked fun so I started too. I made my province 2 or 3 days before the end of that age, lol, so I got furious when I tried to log in next time and see that my province is gone.

well, I made a new province, and ended up in a kd with a wolf theme, that's all I remember. this was on the battlefield server. at that time, I had absolutely no idea how this game worked (not that I'm a pro now, but...) you know, the usual rainbow strat, no exploring in protection... "wow, I got soldiers, let's train some archers!". I thought archers was like Legolas in LoTR, thus being some super-leet units. I was surprised to see that they could do nothing but defend.
I spent one age with that kingdom, and in the beginning of the next age, I decided to defect.

That's how I ended up in my current kd. I'm glad they "took care" of me, and taught (?) me a lot about this game. Though I did lots of noob stuff even after I'd played for several ages, like playing without any thieves, not building guilds, thinking that it wouldn't help me anyway and such
Well... so there were some germans in this kd, that I talked to quite a lot (i'm swede myself so we were usually online at the same time), and that way I learned "vital" things, like keeping about 50-55dpa with the army out and such.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've been in this kd for some 20-25 ages now, at least, and only me and these german fellas have stayed through the ages. some new people have been added, one is my all-time rival (grrr Shadow!), while there are others I don't "care" that much about, honestly. This might sound ridiculous, but they've meant a lot to me, through all these years. Some of these people have become some of my best friends, though I never met them. I'm very happy that I started to play this game, that day 6 or 7 years ago, it has given me a lot of fun, and new friends as well, though I have also lost some.

I have promised myself to never quit playing utopia, unless this kd is no more. without this kd, there is no utopia to me.
I've gone through so many things with these people that I don't want to start over again, no matter what the alternatives are. I've been asked to join several alliances, but never accepted to do so.

I figure it's about time to share some stories about things, or just "things" that have made me stay here for so many years.
We used to have a t/m summary every age, where everybody's ops and spells were added, and at the end of the age, everybody's total stats were calculated so we could see who was the #1 t/m.

there were also a menu for our tavern;
- Avian Stew
- Elf â la Evil
- Steamed Dwarf with Mushrooms
- Bami Goreng with Fried Faerys
- Halflinglegs in Garlick Marinade
- Human Carpaccio with Basilicum
- Orcs raw & alive (when possible)
some dishes even have instructions on how to cook them

I also remember when our king took a screenshot of our kd page when there was 8 people online at the same time, hahaha! well, that shows how active our kd is ^^

Then there was this guy who I really liked a lot (not in that way ), who went in vacation mode for about 2 months, and the end of age was coming, no sign of him. I started searching for him on internet, and managed to find him after a while. he stayed with us for an age or two after that, but this age, he deleted. I'm not lying when I say that I almost cried.
I hope he comes back one day.

Now, I want to finish this long post, with one of my favourite conversations with the above mentioned "Shadow":
Kalle säger:
why do u always say I'm noob when u know it's u who are the real noob?
Shadow säger:
u noob cause u dont admit u are noob
Kalle säger:
Kalle säger:
what have I done now?
Shadow säger:
u stay noob
Kalle säger:
so I have no choice because I stay noob?
Kalle säger:
but I'm not noob...
Shadow säger:
u noob until u say u noob and when you'll, u'll stay noob cause u know u are
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(03-Mar-2007 at 01:03)
I used to like this game, but it's not as fun and as enjoyable as it used to be. I've considered quitting this game a while now, but I know that sooner or later I would probably create a account just for fun, and somewhere in between there, a temptation of playing with a good kingdom would grow, as failing with the ghetto gets frustrating. Playing in the top isn't really alot of fun, It's like being a puppet, you have a puppeter that directs you, and all you really do is click and type whatever the puppeter tells you. Then when you win, what have you really won? You feel like you won, but all you did was login and got directions from the leaders.
As time pass by, I feel that a bigger responsiblity to show up has grown, people are actually sacraficing their lives for this, so it would be really disrespectful to not show up. Well, so you can think, but it's really not, as many probably already have stated, it's just a game.
I would say that this kingdom I play in right now is the final destination, I dont know when, but eventually I will quit this game
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(03-Mar-2007 at 14:26)

a couple of questions:

* When did your Kingdom fail you? What were the main motives for you to defect or delete? What do you look for in a Kingdom?

* What is "just a game"? What does that entail? What does that justify? What does it mean?

Itd be nice to hear a few assumptions about games, and see if they're shared by others

(And thanks so far, everyone!)

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(03-Mar-2007 at 14:53)
Hey Peppie, I assume you're interested in stories in English rather than Dutch, so I'll keep it at that.

I am not sure on what aspects of the game you focus on (assuming mainly interhuman relation through or as a result of the game). It's at least something I've also considering an interesting and important aspect of the game, and a strong tool or weapon on the road to succes. I'd be more than happy to share my experience throughout the ages, feel free to use it or debate on it. Please drop me a line if it's been of any use, or you wish to comment on it as I am not used to reading these forums. I just dropped by cause BG linked it on the main page and I'd be happy to give my contributions. I'll try to split my ranting into "topics".

Utopia Province/Kingdom History

Disregarding specific groups or individuals, what's struck me is the mechanism of the game, and it's influence on the level and type of interaction between the players. Back in the early ages specifically the gains and relation system were much more losely connected and it was easier to avoid being hit cause you could get more DPA than people could get OPA on your size. This resulted in more interaction between top players, province based alliances were fairly prominent and there were a lot of "communities" created around target sharing. All those shared target automation tools and options to share intel outside kingdom bounderies date from the time that it was a GREAT advantage to search from a wide database of targets for random grabbing.

Throughout the ages, mainly Swirve and the "growing" community moved into much stronger kingdom based coordination. Advantages and limitations were defined by the game rules, ethics and bounderies as players tend to explore every possibility to gain an advantage. It does not surprise me that kingdom based advantages often took weeks months or sometimes several ages to be explored fully, because it requires much dedication for a team to have an entire team sacrifice their personal gain in favour of the larger picture of the kingdom.

In the last years it's become generally accepted that people should dedicate to their team. And kingdom based alliances have become the "standard". On the flipside this also removed the personal potential, the true quality moved from handling a province to guiding an entire kingdom (or alliance) through the age. And the player ran provinces have more turned into "land tapping" pawns (I agree this is a rather dramatical description, but I'm sure you get the intend).

That brings me to the next topic, rules and cheating


You cannot discuss Utopia without discussing the various aspects of terms of agreement, and how the "community" dealt with it. In the early ages you'd fairly often spot multies, as it meant a great deal if you could have a farm for your private province, or simply a province to get intel for your main account. Trading has always been a part of the game, but in the early ages it was mainly at the top of the game, and friends trying to get into the same kingdom. When the attention shifted to mainly warring and purely kingdom orientated, it became more and more important to have a reliable team and active set of players. With amazement I've watched the level of cheating around this being raised to a nearly scary level of professionalism. Several kingdoms took full control over a set of of accounts in kingdoms. And a certain level of activity became a requirement to be allowed to play on those accounts, those who couldn't keep up would be replaced.

Accounts that got removed would either be scripted back or attempted to be traded back. A large group of players crowded around scripters just cause they were able to ensure replenishing of accounts. Site got called into life for stuff like Xlogging, Proxy lists and login tracking. And it's not that the player group got a lower morale, but the players evolved, a much deeper level of experience and skill became a habit to a much wider group of players. So victory has over the years become a measure of simply attack output of the kingdom. So having 25 contributing accounts is a huge advantage these days. And a mainly chart based competition inevitably results in people attempting to risk deletion to enhance their chances at the expense of others.

And of course the heated public and private discussions around the cheating, groups of players accusing eachother. Prominent opponents and those who'd more or less openly admit to tolerating (using) it.

The cheating has also resulted in a much wider "spread/shared" player group that gets deleted/kicked/removed and moves from kingdom to kingdom. Having kingdoms controls the accounts resulted (results) in much faster rotation of active players through top kingdoms.

It also resulted in the fact that to lead a top kingdom it meant that in most cases aside being a leader and strategist, it also requires taking care of account control and whatever level of cheating you wish/need to run as well. The top kingdoms where the leadership/monarchy didn't break the utopian code multiple times in the last years can be counted on one hand (mostly trading).

On the flipside, the Xlogging also resulted in a large group of players losing bonds with the kingdom cause the need to log in fades away a bit, and the stress to perform for others is put on a higher level. Alarm clock setting, or fall back to xlogging yourself...

Communication and Communities and Tools

I have never seen a game with suce a wide spread of external tools fora, dedicated websites and communication tools on this basis of active players. Many many spare free hours have been dedicated to generate mail accounts for scripting, tools for sharing intel automating use, inter sharing and presentation chart history, graphs etc. Website and use fora for users alliances, public, private.

As soon as the game opened it's become evident that the tools provided by swirve were not sufficient for most players. At first it was mainly ICQ, later accompanied by MSN (AOL Yahoo!), and lateron IRC which is now at least for the more active players the generally accepted communication method in utopia.

I think the vastness of communication and user contributed site/fora/tools is vital to what defines this game. A reason why I think this has happened is that in order to end each age in a succesfull way, you need to constantly put time into your province and your team, the setup of the game doesn't allow a user to be away from it for more than 12 hours in a row, which automatically makes it a part of daily routine for the vast majority of players.

Alliances and Coordination

Alliances have played a huge part in the history of utopia. They've always been tuned down to the needs of the participants, so in the early ages there were kingdom and province based alliances (for example AV, KIWI, HaLL having a large and active province orientated participation into and impact onto the game in the earlier days.). When the game moved to kingdom focus the alliances slowly moved to kingdoms only. I do not think there is any "alliance" left nowadays which pro-actively manages to have an impact on the game based on provinces alone. What alliance DO have in common though is the need to brings them into life.

A massive user interaction game such as utopia where you simply are able to interact with the entire game at the same time makes people lean towards bonds of cooperation to give them a secure feeling or an advantage. As of tradition groups of top kingdoms have attempted to improve their chart positions by gathering into alliances. And either use those to strike their opposition, or simply make sure they wouldn't hurt eachoher. But in result gaining dominance over the game. Other smaller alliances have a more social role into improving together and adding a larger aspect of the game, rather than just hanging around alone.

What I've seen over the years were mainly 2-4 factions of top kingdoms striving for dominance over the top spots on charts. Where Absalom (whom can definately be applauded for continuity) and several other alliances (in no particular order of importance, KLA, Legacy, Exodus, Myth, Spirit, Echo, Zauper's and more recently NOX and to some extend CBS, Lotus and possibly now Covenant, and likely some alliances I've forgotten) have been ingame and diplomatically scrape eachother's limits of tolerance and trying to wrestle eachother for top spots. Naturally with independant kingdoms trying to defend their spot in between the pack.

This has resulted in several clashes and wars over the years. I think looking backward I consider myself blessed that I've been a part of and were able to observe the biggest 2 of the last years very closely, even though the ending negotitions were not always in such a pleasant atmosphere back then. But those occasion were definately the limits on what defines the extends advantages/disadvantages and dangers of these larger types of cooperation.

Many wars and struggles of alliances in utopia were a result of personal vendetta of the leadership, stubborn people. Or simple re-heating old grudges.

As Zauper stated in another post, it's ironical that many alliance leaders of top alliances were/are natural anti-alliance people (I can think of Zauper, myself, AlanP). I think it's because those who are specifically anti-alliance, at least invest time into making that judgement and have specific reasons for disliking them. At some stages you might make the choice that the kingdom wants to join an alliance, and if you have a sceptic view on them (mostly cause you're the playing ball of others which might put your chances at danger) it's often better to be part of the control and leadership yourself.
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(03-Mar-2007 at 16:53)

ok this is for my brother (Yojimbo) and I.

I started the MMORPG addiction in the family with StarKingdoms but Utopia is better... why you ask? choices everything is about choices, you can choose between 8 Races and 9 personalities, that's ~72 combinations (though about half of the combinations are stupid). So the choices keep my brother and I coming back here.

My brother and I are usally pure attackers becuase we can steal from people's stuff and yeah they may take it back and then some, but who cares we never see eachother again unless it's war.

Also for some odd reason the people in this game seem nicer than any others... I have played other MMORPGs while I take a break from this one (like I am doing now) but I always come back here becuase of the people...

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(04-Mar-2007 at 02:45)

The best thing about Utopia is the fact that its a smart game, for smart people.
You do not have to spend 10 hours per day to be a very good player and it doesnt mean you are a good player when you spend 10hours per day on Utopia.
Each and every age you are learning new things, new ways to improve yourself. You need common sence to understand the ''Utopia-World'', diplomatic/social skills to make sure your kingdom likes you, and tactical skills to create war-strategies.

You get to know people from all over the world (from The Netherlands to Singapore, to the US), you help each other understand the game and you help each other to become a better player.

It's the best online game ever and it will never get boring because there are so many ways you can play this, so much races/personalities to chose from and so many kingdoms you can land in.

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(04-Mar-2007 at 09:37)
I haven't been playing real long, but it feels like I have. I still play because the relationships are phenonmenal. I love the people in my kd. When I started in this kd, it was a real ghetto. The monarch didn't have a plan and everybody just did what they wanted. He left and we got a guy that taught me a lot about the game. He left and we got a guy that just talked alot and thought he knew what was going on...he didn't. He sucked and we lost a lot of good players. He quit in the middle of a war we lost and we got a good monarch. He made us better and started a growth which hasn't quit. He quit the monarchy and I got voted in. These people show me more loyalty than I deserve and still wonder why. The relationships in this game overshadow many that you will find in the real world and it continues to amaze me. I wish I could have all these people over at a BBQ or something bc they mean a lot more to me than people I know in real life.
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(04-Mar-2007 at 17:38)

Re: Utopia Thesis: Please post your stories and thoughts

Originally Posted by Peppie: View Post
a couple of questions:

* When did your Kingdom fail you? What were the main motives for you to defect or delete? What do you look for in a Kingdom?

* What is "just a game"? What does that entail? What does that justify? What does it mean?

Itd be nice to hear a few assumptions about games, and see if they're shared by others

(And thanks so far, everyone!)
To answer to these two points:

* A kingdom fails me when they use diplomacy in a wrong way, or act towards other players in a way that i cant accept myself. Of course, that'll differ for everyone. Im a very aware and alliance-political influenced person, other players may see it diffrently.
My general reasons to defect/delete is the point above, or when the kingdom im in is not off sufficient quality (EG warring capability, knowledge of the game)
What i look for in a kingdom is friends, mostly. Getting along with everyone in your kingdom is the biggest factor of importancy towards staying in a kingdom or leaving it.

*Just a game means that you refer to people taking it to seriously, wasting to much time on it and caring to much about the result achieved in it. It justifies lack of 24/7 activity, its justifies a sober view on things. A game is something to have fun in, to relax in when you have a little spare time. Certain utopian treat it like more then just that, while it isnt

-= Tyreal Aslan - Lord-Fuhrer of NeXT =-
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(04-Mar-2007 at 20:34)
More important kd or Prov?

Depends where you end up at... How the kd plays?

If the kd follows specified strats.. And whole kd choses what kind of set -up will be played... Then automaticly kd is most important..

Think in more ghetto kd.. where everyone plays own race of their choosing without consultin kd.. I see it more often that peeps just play for emself instead of the kd..

Bout sacrificing yourself.. Not really sacrificing I guess.. You get smth in return.. If your kd get's labelled kick-ass warrin kd.. recovering from pain automaticly becomes easyer... I often saw it when warrin ghetto.. that other kd lost 7-8 players... since they were bashed to pulp...

When do I defect?

When I see no improvement after tryin myself... My kd now is build at start of the age.. ended up top 20... Before that a ghetto.. if it remained a ghetto without improvement I'd quit.. (but well I'm just a kick-ass kingie )

If somebody says, I'm to fat, then I probably am, so don't say I'm fat!
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(04-Mar-2007 at 21:00)
Essay on utopia

I've written an essay when i was in college on utopia which gave me 100% and a surprising congrats from my teacher...I figured this might interest you. The point of the essay was to write about a turning point in life.

A turning point.

This story takes place in a world known to those who live it as “Utopia”. As ridiculous as it may sound, “Utopia” is an online game that gathers over 80000 players worldwide. These players live in this world, a world where there are no boundaries, there is no race, no age and no gender.

In this world, many decisions are made. The game consists of kingdoms and provinces, each province is lead by a player, and a kingdom is compiled of 25 provinces lead by one monarch, which in my kingdoms case is myself. The decision to become monarch of my kingdom in this so called “game” has lead to many things in my life, most of which I had not realized until now. I made this decision for one simple reason, my character traits and goals in this game were what was needed of a person to make a kingdom successful.

When making this decision, I had several question I had to ask myself. The biggest question I asked myself was if I could make 24 other players gaming experience interesting and fun. As a monarch in a kingdom, there are many tasks one must do, one of which is teaching new players all the mathematics involved in this game for them to enjoy it and to be successful. I have always enjoyed math and enjoyed helping those who need it. Enjoying teaching math was a big factor in my decision to become monarch because I basically knew the game inside out and therefore could help new players the most. I am proud to say that those whom I have helped in math have succeeded in their attempts to use the knowledge I have shared with them. Some of these players I now speak to almost every day and I have learnt many things from many players over the past years.
The primary task of a monarch is of course to be a leader. As a leader you must be organized, punctual, diplomatic and be very attentive to small details that could harm your kingdom as a whole. Although I was not the best leader at first, I had proved I had potential at several times. My leadership skills were good at the time and have only improved since then. As a leader I must keep track of a countless number of things for my kingdom to be successful and must quickly adapt and react. Although I was very disorganized and hot headed when first starting this game, I learnt quickly that organization and diplomacy are an important role in being successful in Utopia, as well as in life. Every word chosen when speaking to the rest of the utopian community can affect you throughout your gaming experience. I have always learnt quickly when interested in a subject and this helped me to my decision. Although I did not believe I was fit to be monarch of my kingdom yet, I knew I had the potential, and capabilities to learn what I needed in order to be successful.

All in all, I believe my decision was one to be proud of. Although this decision was one that most may think is ridiculous because it’s only a “game”, I must say I have learnt countless things beyond the gaming world. I have met people along the way who have helped me with homework and gave me advice in life when I needed it. This paper itself was inspired by a member of my kingdom whom mentioned I should write a paper on Utopia, in a joking manner of course…just wait untill he sees this 

My character traits and goals in this game have led me in the right path, each member of my kingdom has never enjoyed the game more than they do now, they have all thanked me for how much work and effort I put into our gaming experience. I have developed better leadership skill and have become much better organized in everything I do.
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(04-Mar-2007 at 22:15)
How it all began

It all began like 6 years ago when one of my ex boyfriends was an Utopia player.
He woke up quite often late at night to make attack, always planned our going out according to "armies home" and stuff.
He really tried his best to pay enough attention to me, but somehow I felt myself a bit ignored.
And one day I decided to create an account and see what's this all about and why this game affects our relationship that much.
My first account was a sweet little Faery (I still don't know why girls are attracted by this race), I read the guide 10 times but still felt like a complete newbie.
Ofc my ex boyfriend couldn't find enough time to guide me a bit, so I was all alone in this hostile world out there.
Step by step I started paying more and more attention to the game, took Monarchy, started building a kingdom etc ... but still my Utopia world was mostly my WoL kingdom.
Later I met more and more people, made friends, made enemies, improved my skills ...
And then I met *him*
We met in TGW last year, playing in same kingdom and we're still together.
Different countries but same continent.
We met each other in real life and now feelings are even stronger.
I know some might say it is stupid, but for us it is not
Hopefully difference soon will no longer be a problem

<3 oyzar

P. S. I wish I could meet in real life all the nice people I met in Utopia, all my nice kingdom mates, but alas I am not a millionaire.
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(04-Mar-2007 at 22:38)
I love you too. Find us on irc if you want to talk Peppie.

<3 slavs
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