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(05-Oct-2002 at 02:35)
HaLL keeps sinking lower...

This age, we notice that a HaLL kingdom is a phenominally good war target. We go to war with said kingdom. They start razing us, so we mass raze them in response. Blackguard's justification for provkilling us had been that we were threats to them -- we destroyed the only threats to us -- their attackers. We got our surrender out of them -- as is fair, because we won the war. Now HaLL is in a uproar, and has thus far mobilized 28 kingdoms to bring us down. Why? Because we retaliated for what they had done to us. We played fair, we did nothing that the other kingdom hadn't done to us first, in our war, as well. A province that defected into our kingdom after we won the war, as been razed from 300 acres to under 50, just to slate their first for blood, nevermind that they had nothing to do with it. The king of the kingdom we beat has promised that they will see us destroyed. We just went into war with another HaLL kingdom (HaLL of Freeman), and are recieving several OOW hits. However, we are still holding even with HoF. To date, we have lost 800,000 NW (including the war we won, but not the one with HoB), and we have taken 1,500,000 NW from HaLL kingdoms. Three or four of our provinces have lost half of their land. There is no justification for HaLL's systemic attempts to destroy us. Thanks for reading thus far. What follows is an account of some of the interaction between our kingdom and members of HaLL.
To the king of the kd we beat:
as you have probably noticed there now is a dragon loose on your lands. This was sent because of the bad style in wich you finished our war, doing suicide attacks just before surendering, such a behaviour is not tolerated by us.
No further retributions will come from us, unless you choose to continue this dispute.

His reply:
bad behaviour? are you serious?

look jerk, no one suicided, and hall is gonna rape your kd.
Signed, King Jack the Sorcerer of HMS Ark Royal
Out of an exchange via a friend of ours with a member of HaLL on ICQ (It's in Swedish, or I'd post the exchange here):
key point is that "they want to use us to train in teamwork for next age"

Last edited by Semirhage, 05-Oct-2002 at 02:36.
Edit reason: Removed attachment; it had locations.
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(Posted as Valek2004)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 02:49)

grr.. see

this is the sh*t that makes me anti-alliance

they are crazy and wheres the honor in that?
that is the reason i am how i am.....

now im pissed off, HaLL makes me sick, it was a fair war and they had to go and threaten them like monkeys with machine guns.....

hall now stands for Homos and Lesbians Legislature

I am one of a kind, the only one you'll find. I am me and nothing else...

Last edited by Valek, 05-Oct-2002 at 02:51.
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(Posted as C h e e s E)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 02:50)
How did you know !!
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(05-Oct-2002 at 03:03)
yeah Hall suck ass, thats for sure , and that KD you were warring thats the one with all the faery attackers i think , the name HMS Ark royal is familiar Hall ain't suppose to surrender , but thats the 2nd time this age those guys have lol , Hall are a bunch of amateur GBers
I feel sorry for you dude , this is why i hate alliances :P
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(05-Oct-2002 at 03:11)

They have a bunch of fae T/M's, and UD attackers.. we already beat them, though. Go look at their kd, you'll notice their attackers are a lot smaller. We only provkilled one of them, though.
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(05-Oct-2002 at 05:42)

yes hall does suck, thats why we all need to join NH!!!! hehe at least we play with honor
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(05-Oct-2002 at 05:54)

i support that stuff myself... if you mess with an alliance, even if you beat them, you gotta be wary... that is the power of the alliance... its a whole nother power struggle, it sucks to be on the recieving end but hey, its a game about war. War is what your getting, if you pissed off people with more power then you, should have warred someone else. You don't see just America looking to attack iraq, we are trying our damndest to get other countries involved as well! Same deal here.
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(Posted as Silvanestri)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 08:17)
I won't say anything about HaLL, because I've had no experience with them. However if that had been an NH KD, you wouldn't be facing such a reaction. If you fight a fair one on one war thats where it should stay. Wars are between kingdoms, you shouldn't have to fight a war then take the alliance on afterwards. The only time you should see alliance intervention is when you don't fight fair, by such acts has double teaming kd's, bringing friends in and the like imo.

I admit this is only your side of the story, and I would be interested to hear HaLL's version of events.

Silvannestri NH.
(Secretary of Public relations.)
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(Posted as Waff cv)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 08:30)

Do you really think that by posting this here something will happend? I don't think it will.
And i don't think it was a good ideea to raze HaLL members it's just like you don't really want to finish this age after all.

Retired 13th Council of HaLL™
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Posts: 16/103
(05-Oct-2002 at 09:13)
(Originally posted by Waff cv)

And i don't think it was a good ideea to raze HaLL members it's just like you don't really want to finish this age after all.
Please explain to me whats wrong with razing a province in war. It happens all the time, most often to overpop an attacker who poses a major threat. I would like to hear both sides of the story first though before I say anything else.
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Posts: 6/11
(05-Oct-2002 at 14:15)
Raze a HaLL member, get whacked. That's the name of the game, like it or not.
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(User is Banned)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 14:27)

Thought it was Utopia myself.. But ok..

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(Posted as God Of Phun)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 16:16)

All hall has done is make people hate them and the alliance community more.

It creates more Anti alliance attitudes, which is shown in the recent anti alliance postings on these boards. Fact

Phun Phanatics forever.
The World is changed...time to smell the ashes
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(05-Oct-2002 at 16:27)

I came into this KD late this age not too long before it all started i have dealt with alliances my entire time in utopia and i gather my opinions of them from first had experiance not what i see on these boards Hall i have never had a run into with before but it appears that they are everything that i have been told they are and frankly it makes me sick

now Hall im waiting for a offical post on what the hell it is you think you are doing to me and my KD

My purpose in life is to make yours worse
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Posts: 5/334
(05-Oct-2002 at 16:42)
'official reasons'

I posted a similiar thread on the Utopia Forums, under Utopia Talk. Their reasons there are different from the two reasons that have been presented to us thus far. The three reasons that we've heard are as follows:
1) [Utopia Talk reason] It was retal for our OOW dragon on the kd we beat.
-That dragon was sent as retal for the suicide surrender
-They were GB'ing us (esp. our king) before we sent the dragon.
2) [From a HaLL Council Member to two of us -- we have ICQ logs of this conversation] You hit us, we hit you, you retalled, so we're killing you.
-They hit us first.
-We never used a tactic they didn't use.
-It's still a stupid reason to raze a kd to death.
3) [From a neutral alliance's conversation] They're doing this for practice for next age.

Everything else..
Waff - They razed us, so we razed them. If they want to war us fairly, they can't restrict what we can do, while allowing themselves full access.

Jiriki - The hits didn't begin 'til AFTER the war, and you have demonstrated that you don't mind OOW hits, considering our paper is full of them during our war with HaLL of Freeman atm.
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Old abt
(Posted as Deebo)
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(05-Oct-2002 at 16:43)
question low

Hall is as low as they come, and i hope they know that

and why was my brother banned?

he has a right to speak his mind and it was the truth....

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(User is Banned)
Posts: 6/14
(06-Oct-2002 at 03:16)
exclamation mark HaLL

HaLL is low and the proof is why the guy created this thread

when an alliance does actions like this they are braking the rules, Mehul never intended alliances like HaLL to be in utopia, sure a KD is an alliance and thats enough, we dont need anymore bullies with power

it is kinda strange tho that HaLL (bullies with power) always seems to have an excuse for thier actions,

about 'Valek' being banned, it was for his own good.....lol

"dont be afraid to question the truth"
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Posts: 9/17
(06-Oct-2002 at 04:39)

I figured it was that kd...they are still a very very good target since they dont have any attakers now lol I ce'd them all through your war with them. HoK...Kaer Loche KLA razed you guys in war...killed your king...nothing happened to them...wonder why...we were going to war HoK and we cant cuz they are busy razing you guys if we do we will get razed too, so we backed off...as I have already been gb'd 3 times this age lol
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Posts: 11/17
(06-Oct-2002 at 05:08)
Jiriki wheres is your raze on Kaer Loche? they even humiliated HaLL with a banner they made calling them idiots and no one hit them....they arent a little too big for HaLL are they? One day HaLL will screw up and gb someone who has lots of friends.
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(06-Oct-2002 at 06:10)
Why can't people figure this out?

People like alliances because it makes them feel special. "I'm a member of HaLL, we just kicked NI's butt in war! I didn't do a thing, but I'm part of HaLL so I'm powerful with them as my friends!"

Weak people looking to be strong realise that Darwin was right, "The strong survive, the weak perish." So a mass number of them will attract strong players too, afraid to be mass GB'd by the weaklings. Instead of giving everyone an equal chance and make alliances with other kingdoms as things happen throughout the round, they want power above and beyond what they can earn themselves.

Who WOULDN'T want to be part of an alliance?!? The ones that understand the true spirit of the game, and the way it was originally intended to be played.

=-}The Wandering Sage, Darl'con{-=
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