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(25-Mar-2002 at 11:00)
question Integration of Science and Buildings

One thing i would LOVE to see
is when the Angel reads a building report
and then does a science report, it has the ability to insert the percent of schools/unis ON ITS OWN !!!
For some reason, Angel NEVER fills this in itself
even though it has the information

Also i would like to see Angel remembering the % of schools/unis in the science calculator, just as the building calculator remembers buildings !!
I dont know why it doesnt yet !!

I hope you can pass this on to the creators !
They are doing great, we can only go up from here
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(Posted as RuNeFiRe)
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(26-Mar-2002 at 06:11)

Some of these are already on the Angel to do list I believe and will be done ocne the BC is probably rewritten entirely.

The rest, I am sure BG will read and make a note or commen on.

(BG = Brother Green, Angel creator, yes he does read these forums, no need to pass word to him )

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