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(18-Jan-2003 at 00:13)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.40 Beta

What's new & fixed since version 1.39 Beta 2:

** Miscellaneous **

- Updated for the Era of Hope!
- Introducing: Forum Agent (version 1)! (see below)
- Happiness values are now updatable from the Internet
- LiveUpdate: Automatic Ping disabled (Winterbay)
- Default ad banner by Aerath

** Military Calculator **

- Default Random Factor decreased to 4% (see below)
- Protection is assumed by default (see below)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Introducing: Forum Agent:

The Forum Agent is a tool for automatically posting intel (CB, SoM, Survey, SoS) into external forums, through Utopia Angel. These external forums can be any kind of forums available on the Internet, such as Avid Gamers, ezboard, vBulletin, and so on. Many kingdoms use external forums for better organization during wars and peace times. The Forum Agent will improve their cooperation by posting intel in the background, without user intervention. Click here to read Forum Agent manual.

IMPORTANT: This is the first release of the Forum Agent. Due to time constraints, it hasn't been tested as much as we'd like, so we consider it an Alpha product. Please report all the bugs you encounter, so we could fix them.

SUPPORTED FORUMS: This version is limited to work with Avid Gamers forums only. Additional forums will be added based on public request.

Military Calculator Changes:

As described above, two changes have been made to the Military Calculator settings. However, for safety reasons, these changes only affect fresh installations of Utopia Angel. If you already have Utopia Angel installed on your computer, you will have to apply the changes manually:

Settings -> Calculators Settings -> Military Calculator

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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