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(12-Feb-2012 at 23:18)

A Slight at Jesus in the Quran

In the Quran Jesus is referred to as Isa Ibn Mariam or Jesus son of Mary, thats a huge step down from the son of God as Christians were calling him. Some believe the Quran was inspired by Allah therefore they are his words, which makes one think what happened in the 600 years since Jesus was born and the Quran came about, maybe Jesus went out of favor or did something wrong. No other Prophet is reffered to as Son of his father or mother, why just Jesus.

Also, in the Imam Al Mahdi prophecy it says him and Jesus will return and Al Mahdi will ask Jesus to lead the prayer and Jesus will decline telling Al Mahdi he should lead it. Just think about this, its like youre at a door and you tell a person go ahead and he's like no you go ahead etc.. The whole point is Jesus is being belittled and i wonder why. Plus why is there such a high regard for Jesus in Christianity and in Islam he is just another prophet.

Death Before Dishonour

When the righteous lose this battle, it is because they, in a wrongful society, exist as individuals whereas the materialists gang up. The Quran suggests the righteous get together and form an alliance against the wrongdoers.
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