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(12-May-2003 at 19:14)
:: Elf / Mystic - T/m - Rate Me ::

I havent really been totally focussed on utopia this age so i am not as big as sum other people but i started late in the age so i dnt suppose i am doing too bad, i have just completed my second science pump and now have max schools. So, see whatya think :P

CB / Sciences / Build Strat - In this order:

The Province of Utopian Paradise (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.42 Beta]

Utopian Date: June 14th, YR6
RL Date: May 12th, 2003 (19:00 GMT)

Ruler Name: Sir Paradise the Sorcerer
Personality & Race: The Mystic, Elf
Land: 1,809 Acres
Money: 1,169,333gc (71,274gc raw daily income)
Food: 435,898 bushels
Runes: 95,524 runes
Population: 57,945 citizens (32.03 per Acre)
Peasants: 23,758 (100% Employed)
Happy: b:100%, t:3.0gc, p:101.5%, m:100%
Trade Balance: -150,501gc (0% tax rate)
Networth: 322,171 (178.09 per Acre)
Thieves+Wizards+Science Networth: 86,980gc

Soldiers: 0 (49.6% estimated draft rate)
Heroes: 0
Archers: 17,148 (68,592 defense points)
Elf Lords: 6,109 (30,545 offense and defense)
War-Horses: 2 (up to 2 additional offense)
Prisoners: 0

Total Modified Offense: 30,547 (16.89 per Acre)
Practical (25% elites): 7,637 (4.22 per Acre)
Total Modified Defense: 99,137 (54.80 per Acre)
Practical (75% elites): 91,502 (50.58 per Acre)

Thieves: 5,482 (3.03 per Acre / 90% Stealth)
Wizards: 5,448 (3.01 per Acre / 100% Mana)

Crystal-Ball on your province will show:
Max. Possible Thieves/Wizards: 13,179 (7.29 / Acre)
Estimated Thieves Number: 9,884 (5.46 per Acre)
Estimated Wizards Number: 3,130 (1.73 per Acre)

Buildings: 1,604gc to build, 802gc to raze
Away bonus: 118,790gc (12h) / 356,370gc (20h)


Science Intelligence on Utopian Paradise (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.42 Beta]

** Effects Summary (Known Science Only) **
+54.5% Income (78,689 points)
-58.4% Building Time (78,787 points)
+27.3% Population Limits (78,700 points)
+109.1% Food Production (78,785 points)
+0% Offensive Military Strength
+101.3% Thievery Effectiveness (78,705 points)
+101.3% Magic Effectiveness (78,705 points)

** Science Points in Progress **
Alchemy: 850 points in progress
Tools: 850 points in progress
Housing: 850 points in progress
Food: 850 points in progress
Crime: 850 points in progress
Channeling: 850 points in progress


Buildings Report of Utopian Paradise (##:##)
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.42 Beta]

1. Farms: 90 (5%)
2. Banks: 181 (10%) ***
3. Guilds: 362 (19.9%)
4. Towers: 271 (14.9%)
5. Schools: 724 (39.9%)
6. Libraries: 181 (10%)

Total Land: 1,816 Acres (99.6% built)

** Effects Summary (Available Buildings Only) **
1. Produce 6,300 bushels per day (7,875 with FL)
2. +19.9% to income, protect 49.8% of gold from thievery
3. Training about 7.2 wizards per hour
4. Produce 2,710 runes per day
5. Increase science maximum by 59.8%
6. 271.5 science points per day, protect 29.9% science

*** I am changing these banks to watchtowers asap, i just had the banks to get sum extra cash while i made sum tweaks to my strat.
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Posts: 178/551
(12-May-2003 at 19:55)

Not too bad, but maybe you should pump elites as well. You should try to get around 10k elites. Also, try to boost your TPA by 1. You can always use that extra power. Also, you really need forts at your size. You have fairly low defence, so you are pretty easily breakable. Even someone 200 acers larger then you can take about 150-250 acers from you. That hurts.

I'm an Elf T/M, but I have a modified offence of about 95k, and I'm only at 1400 acers. And I'm still waiting to get OUT of this fake war so I can pump elites (I'm too big to pump in war. No one is big enough for me to gain elites). If my offence were to go up proportionately with my land up to 1800 acers, then add in the effect of my future sci/ elite pumps, I would easily break you, and you would not be able to strike back. You really need those elites.

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