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View Poll Results: What would you do?
make him close account 0 0%
close his account yourself 2 50.00%
break up with him 4 100.00%
make your own account and contact him 0 0%
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(27-Apr-2011 at 07:55)
question what would you do

Your seeing someone for about 2 years around 6 months in the relationship there may have been a rumour that reached you he was still seeing the ex girlfriend...He says they broke up but she keeps calling....Before you went out he had a singles dating site they both hooked up on...Only a month ago you hear another rumour he hooked up with the ex online you ask him about it...he says she suspended her account that doesn't bother you you ask about why he is still using his account? as he isn't single he says its nothing no different to books under the bed he says you can look any time....???? What do you do...I can trust him and leave it at that but why wont he close the account?...I asked why he doesn't block his account he just shrugs...she suspended hers...

You go away for the weekend Easter you get back he goes out and leaves his computer on and the accounts open they have both been on line ?? at the same time on suspended accounts???? for the last three days in a row???? Am feeling dumb at this point what am i doing....what would you do? cause it kind of makes you feel inadequate he says he wants nothing to do with her is it just coincidence they are online together? Or is love making me blind?
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