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Old Po8tick
Imported Post
(17-Jul-2001 at 06:16)
please respond! Utopia problem solved?

all 3 ideas affects:
cheaters - GREATLY
honest player - LOW
rare cases popping up? - HIGH
loophole - seems low to none...pls spot them
abuse of power - pls locate them, the utopia board barely fond anything.
***PLEASE IF YOU LIKE UTOPIA TO BE FIXED AND HELP MEHUL OUT BY GETTING HIS GOAL ACCOMPLISH ABOUT MULTI. RESPOND AND TWEAK WHAT IS NECCESSARY! than when the final conclusion I can make out of it..I'll repost it back in Utopia for Mehul to see!
Yes I brought this topic up again but it was a good Idea and I WANT THAT MEHUL GUY TO LOOK AT IT OR A ADMIN WHO WORKS FOR HIM *even though the chances ae small slim 1%...it is still there...


Overall im gonna start from scratch, get comments, flame it, and fix it, so that the final piece of this created by the utopian addict people who are dedicated to this game i guess hehe will be considered minimum by mehul and friends.


ok we know that the utopia world is
*1*:1 - *30*:1 TO 1:*1* - 1:*50*

so the highest will be ##:##...now if mehul can create this:

35:55 - 55:55 (even though that is alot, you get the pic though i hope..)

than those lands will be the Exile Land
Why have an exile option in Utopia?
- to get rid of inactive easily n fast, to get rid of spammers, anyone annoying, multi's if at all, non team-work players, whatever the cause that the KD wants this player out w/o dmg'ing the KD-NW alot.

How can be exiled?
- Anyone

Why anyone?
- The entire KD voted you out

How do you vote?
- there is one exsisting poll thread in the forum, or a link such as "poltics" in the game where everyone votes the monarch.

How will you determine if that person get's exiled?
- 2 ways:
A-) Same as how people vote for monarch or
B-) a point system ( 1-10 ), and if that person recieve or passes a certain #, than he/she will become exiled.

What wil be the # if it is B?
- if there is 25province in 1 KD, than the # is mehul pick, but it will not be the same # needed if a KD had 13 province...but the % and/or ratio for that # is always gonna be the same weight metaphorically

So what happens if he/she is now exiled?
- This person will be randomly dropped in ??:?? (the exile island) with the many rest.

Arent the exile players gonna retal for that or rally up that kd thier in attacking thier formal kingdom?
- 3 things:
A-) Either they are not allowed to attack anyone out of the exile island
B-) 3 utopian month they cant attack anyone outside of utopian island
C-) Can not attack the KD they came out from unless declared upon.

What benefits will the exile people get?
- FULL LAND/Profit from Intra-KD attacks
(they can kill off inacts and get for lands atleast for being punished by the non exiles and we cant be 100% mean to them, they need to have fun n giving a chance)
They get a bonus for being exile which is a certain fair % of defensive from other KD out of exile island and protection either for 3 month or forever from the KD they got exiled from.
(They need a Def. Bonus cause alot of different KD will want to attack the exile people and for fun, or thinking they are inacts or whatever, so if they do attack the exile, they get somethng like as if a Dragon was on thier KD, neg- attack % and EXILE +% def. to be fair and kind)

Arent the Exile Islands gonna ally up than?
- I dont know what to say here..help me pls!
GOT MORE QUESTION POST THEM UP HERE PLS...let flame it but give more comment, what is good n bad n to fix, more ideas to prevent loopholes, abuse and over power...let's make this fair for both exile/and non exile.

MistressSelena SEB
Moderator Jul 15th 1:58 AM
These are some really radical idea's(that go together), that would completely change Utopia. =D

1st) Kingdom personalities. The Monarch can set his Kingdom's personality, like; aggressive, peaceful, friendly, neutral, etc.. things along those lines. There could be bonuses involved too, or not(I'll explain why later).

2nd) When you first start out, you don't know where any other Kingdom is located. You need to send out expeditions to find other Kingdoms. This could cost soldiers, food, and gold. When sending them out, you could tell them how far you want them to travel, and the distance could affect the gold and food cost(and time). The further you send them, the further away the Kingdoms you find are, unless you haven't found the ones close by. Could allow Kingdoms in protection to send out expeditions, so beginning of game won't be lets find people!

Once they have found a new Kingdom, they'll return to your Kingdom. It could appear in the news, saying we found so and so. Then it's up to the Monarch to determine what to do next, which would be setting relations based on the Kingdom's personality.

3rd) Relations: Once the Kingdom is found, the Monarch can send send a message to the Kingdom's Monarch, introducing him or herself. When this happens, the discovered Kingdom becomes aware of the Kingdom that found them. If this Kingdom is marked as aggressive though, then it would be best to not make them aware of you(That's what personalities are for).

Once communications are open, the Monarchs can set their relations. They could be friendly, peaceful, allies(be no limit), or war(only one Kingdom needs to do this). If they go the peaceful/friendly/allies, they could establish trade routes between the two Kingdoms, improving income. They could trade maps of the world, and so on.

Of course for the trade routes to work, this will need to be worked out. Like how much income increases, how it effects each province.. and so on.

I know these changes may seem completely odd to some, but it will solve some of Utopia's problems. Multi's will have much more trouble now, Alliances based out of game will be useless(Until they find each other), and those with long ICQ lists won't have much of an advantage. With that in mind, a lot of the restrictions placed on the game could be lifted, making it more fun again.

True, I will admit the later the round gets, the more people will be finding each other, and gang bangings can occur, but won't be like it is with today's rules.

These changes aren't complete either, just what I feel would be a good base to start with, to build them up.. so don't go flaming them based on that fact. Just give your opinion, and I already know some people will be hating this.

It's 3 am too.. so don't feel like going into major detail on each(Just enough, so people understand). This is just a blue print. =)

Member Jul 15th ##:## AM
Randon Event Suggestions

I think they would be very cool

it might happen when you get new acres or watever

"Our scouts have reported a deep cave in our territory! Would you like to send 500 elites to explore it"

and when they return like 8-16 hours later if successful

"lord we have successfully located 30k gold 5k runes and 50k food in the cave"

and when one fails perhaps you would lose 1/2 or less troops from the battalion u sent to explore the cave.

i was also thinkin that mebbe u could find artifacts in the caves or lakes or forests u explore that give like +5% attack power for 20 hours or something like that(and mebbe some super rare stuff thats like +20% attack but make it real rare )

there could be all kinds of these events

another type of event could be :

"The peasants have started a carnival and our income and happyness (wink wink) will increase for 20 days" (just some small bonuses for fun that happen when u have not been attacked for awhile)

"A soldier opens the flap to your tent and enters bearing an old worn tome in his hands. He lowers his head as he explains that it contains all kinds of spell knowledge and might help the mages"

^ This one could occur when returning from a pillage/science stealing attack(dont remember name)

i could post more but im real tired / hungry

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Old Grizaje
Imported Post
(17-Jul-2001 at 14:53)
Seems like

Seems like none of you care about the game..let it be run multi n farmers and bad players who keep on b!tching in B&S board somehow convincing mehul to add more restraining, more protection, more "LESS FUN" or ucked up poop?
If you are a honest player and like to bring utopia back what UTOPIA WAS without mehul chaing the game as it was in the past...but adding new stuff making it seem like the pass screweing farmers/inacts/multi/gb'er, etc...
I am guessing none of you care at all...say something about these 3 suggestion and how will it affect if they were together in utopia nowadays! flame it with a suggestion positive comment pls.
Unless you are the cheaters!
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(Posted as Runefire)
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(17-Jul-2001 at 15:15)

Re: Seems like

Umm, Mehul wont make Utopia the way it was, so why bother asking for it?

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Old Grizaje
Imported Post
(17-Jul-2001 at 17:43)
the way it was:

they way it was with this post isnt talking about building added or changed or modified, nor race, nor style of playing.
is bring the game in a enivorment where once it was lil multi or they had lil str and less farms than now.

all this thread ask is, keep what utopia has now, you do the building thing the race, the #...whatever...just add this in for fun random factors, and to lessen the str of multies, inact, annoyance what everyone complains in the game, err whoops what YOU COMPLAIN about mehul...
read the thing, look at the idea...am i asking for 2/7 faerie? boats? sh/gs? NO..im not, this idea is based on probable solution?
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