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(28-Feb-2009 at 01:47)

What's the formula for TPA? Utopiapimp confuses the hell out of me, because it says my mod tpa is 1.34 and I have almost 2 raw.
Important stats that I can think of
Dwarf (-30% TE)
Science: +39.7% TE
1.91 TPA (1704 thieves on 890 acres)
Anything else important?
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(28-Feb-2009 at 03:33)

I have been away from the game for over 2 years, but Thieves Dens affect effectiveness?
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(28-Feb-2009 at 04:52)

TD's and the spell invisibility have an added effect too
Lifted from the Guide
Modified TPA Formula: ModTPA = RawTPA * Invi * Csci * RaceBonus * TD
1.91*0.70*1.397 = 1.87 mod tpa according to your figures

Ignoring your science bonus gives you ~1.4tpa, which may explain why Pimp is so wrong. Pimp is normally wrong about guesswork like that anyway though.

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