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(24-Oct-2008 at 23:19)

ME as a function of Pay, revisited

Ok, so Ive been playing a bit on genesis to find ME at various pay rates (50, 100, 150 and 200)

The following values for ME at various pay rate was found;
50% pay yielded 93.7% ME
100% pay yielded 100.0% ME
150% pay yielded 104.3% ME
200% pay yielded 107.6% ME

Each ME was found by (simply) staying at the corresponding pay rate for a longer (3+ IRL days) time once that the quoted ME was achieved.
As example, for 50% pay - ME drops slower and slower the closer it gets to the lowest possible value (as everyone probably knows) and once it had hit 93.7% ME at 50% pay, I allowed for 3 IRL days to tick away at that value before calling it quits (as comparison, it took it less than 2 IRL days for it to tick from 107.5% to 107.6% ME when staying at 200% pay)

Anyways, toying with excel, I was given the following relation for ME as a function of pay (note; taken straight out of Excel, copy and paste back into an excel sheet, replace x and youre ready to go);


or, without the excel-style things;
(4/3)*x^3 - 8*x^2 + 22.26*x + 84.4

where x = pay / 100; if your payrate is 190%, x = 1.9

I tried a curve fit with a pure quadratic as well, however, it didnt go well (innacurate when checked with my own values as well as when compared to values posted at https://forums.utopiatemple.com/showthread.php?t=75711 whereas the suggested relation above seems accurate for the available data).

Now, anyone who can be bothered to check, recheck and confirm/deny its accuracy?

It's my life to wreck
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(16-Jan-2009 at 23:03)
A much simpler formula for people to check:

.4*x^.25+.6 (same as .4*sqrt(sqrt(x))+.6)

It is within .1 of all values I have tried.
It's possible that utopia uses a fast square-root function that isn't 100% accurate.

Strangely enough if I first round down to 4 digits, then round-up to 3, it works perfectly.
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Research Group
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(06-Feb-2009 at 14:41)
Keep in mind that 93.7% ME for example is rounded up, at 50% pay rate the ME is 93.65% - to find it just format your throne page for the more accurate version. Be careful if you have modifiers like forts or fortified though.
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