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(07-Feb-2010 at 04:37)

Front page formatter

Just a quick question if you still have the box for the front page formatter why is it not working ?

ERROR: No recognized data was copied!
Was the right server type selected?
You still update angel every age why not the front page formatter as well ?

People still use it, ( or try to ) ...... now utopian players are being restricted more and more with the public formatters available; we only have Dragon Portals ultima to do Kingdom news formatting and there is now no own news formatters left.

If the excuse is because not enough people are playing utopia do you think part of the problem compounding that is the general public has limited or no ability to use offsite formatters ?

You where the golden light for all ghettos because you had a formatter that didn't need to be down loaded, now that's been removed !

Having no front page formatter will never effect the top Kingdoms and alliance they have always had personal programmers but removing the ability to use Utopia temples front page formatter probably has done more damage to keeping the casual player and turning them into a "Utopian" then all the alliances, bottomfeeders and cheaters combined.

Temple was the holly grail of mid to lower level kingdoms and you have removed it.

Why still call yourself utopia temple ...... you really aint !

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Posts: 1783/1848
(08-Feb-2010 at 06:21)

found this annoying on my comeback as well.

the real shame is that it doesnt hurt players like hurlin or myself, i have access to more tools than i can poke a stick at but most of the lower tiered kds dont.

and thus can only do it manually by hand.

the coding should be relatively simple as its only really just parsing and regexp.

ill even give a hand if youd like to get it working again

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