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(24-Feb-2002 at 01:02)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.27 Beta

What's new & fixed since version 1.26 Beta:

** Formatters **

- Fixed: No Away Bonus in CB / faulty customization (GRNutz)
- Small CB parsing fix (Julianna)
- SoM Translator soldiers counted as 1 defense point (soah)

** Military Calculator **

- Fixed: Avians' Prisoners do not count toward offense (Starkodder)
- Prisoners value automatically imported from CB to Mercenaries box
- Avians can import Prisoners from CB manually
- Attack results disabled when relations are conflicting
- Minor: Panels update from CB even if calculator not open

** Buildings Calculator **

- Orc +10% population bonus implemented (Hewus, Digger)

** Archive **

- Fixed: Disappearing Archive intermittent bug
- Automatic crash recovery (suppressed confirmation dialog)

** General **

- Crystal-Ball icon is back
- Fixed: Stack overflow error on 2nd instance of Angel
- Fixed: Potential crash on startup
- Fixed: Potential crash on Windows 95
- Fixed: Linux/Wine compatibility (Eagle)
- Improved popups protection (see below)

[ Report new bugs here ]

Improved Popups Protection:

Utopia Angel includes a popup protection mechanism, to block popups from the advertisement window. This protection was a bit limited, and some popups managed to overcome it. We have improved this protection in this version, on the expense of reduced income, because, well, we really hate popups.

Some ad codes try to contact their popup windows after they create them, but since Angel blocks them, this generates an error. You will probably encounter this error in the Script Debugger. The easiest way is to disable Script Debugging:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Disable Script Debugging.

Feel free to discuss this issue here.

"Catastrophic Failure" / "Unexpected Failure":

It appears that Angel is suffering from "Catastrophic Failure" and "Unexpected Failure" errors during the last couple of days. The cause for this error is still unknown, and we will appreciate your feedback here.

Disappearing Archive on Windows XP:

We had a few reports about disappearing Archive under Windows XP. Again, the reasons are still unknown to us, however I haven't been able to reproduce it with v1.27 (I haven't been able to reproduce it with v1.26 either though)... Please help us here.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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Posts: 3705/8415
(25-Feb-2002 at 08:20)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.27 Beta 2

What's new & fixed since version 1.27 Beta:

Utopia Angel v1.27 Beta would not start after a crash (in case there are CB's in the crash recovery queue). The symptoms are excessive CPU and memory usage, until either shut down by the operating-system or the user, or causing the operating-system to crash, thus requiring full computer restart. The cause of this problem was discovered by kaasszje. This problem was fixed in version 1.27 Beta 2.

If v1.27 Beta 2 still does not start, here is how to fix it. It seems that v1.27 Beta did some damage, and we have to fix it before running the fixed Beta 2. In order to fix it, we're going to clear the Angel key in the Registry, using the /clearreg switch. Here is how to do it:

Start -> Run -> "c:\utopia\angel\angel.exe" /clearreg -> OK

If you have placed Angel in another directory, update the path above. This process might take a while, and your computer may seem stuck, however DO NOT restart it or end tasks before this operation completes! Thank to Giant Turtle for helping me understand this problem.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.

Last edited by Brother Green, 26-Feb-2002 at 01:17.
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