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(31-Aug-2007 at 01:38)

1.85a1 Books Per Acre Limit Broken

The Science Calculator only allows a field up to 2000 bpa. I have just broken it. So now I guess I have to use my own imagination now rather than the bars.

I have not been hit down, this is just what happens when you go static for a *long* time. I've had a rather boring age.

Science Intelligence on
[http://www.utopiatemple.com Angel v1.85 Alpha 1]

Server: World of Legends (Age 36)
Science cost: 12gc

** Effects Summary (Known Science Only) **
61.4% Income (1,023,903 points)
40.5% Building Effectiveness (1,779,967 points)
51.6% Population Limits (2,893,291 points)
117.4% Food Production (415,591 points)
40.7% Gains in Combat (1,152,398 points)
117.4% Thievery Effectiveness (415,536 points)
104% Magic Effectiveness & Rune Production (469,958 points)

** Science Points in Progress **
Housing: 396,257 points in progress

Hey Vegeta, what's the scouter say about his power level?
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Posts: 7703/8415
(02-Sep-2007 at 23:21)

sunglasses Re: 1.85a1 Books Per Acre Limit Broken

Thanks for reporting, the value will be raised in the next release.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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