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(Posted as Celtic18)
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(28-Jul-2007 at 00:31)

Well i have now read the whole series...granted there was a LONG period of time between the Order of the pheonix and the half blood prince (Didnt start readin the HP Prince till sunday, finished tuesday and finished the last book yesterday)

About the book....

Basically i was a little shocked to see Mad Eye die so early. I think he would have been way better to die in the final fight. But aww well...

The whole Ron/Hermoine relationship didnt surprise me. Hell i thought they would get it on in the sixth book!

The ministry falling but not really falling and Potter becoming an outlaw was brilliant IMHO.

I liked the Hallows...Very good. I was disappointed at how long it took them to find horcruxes and then how fast they discovered them.

I liked how Albus' character wasnt shown to be birght and shining as i had thought all along...

Snape good!? Well well surprise surprise...

The final battle at Hogwarts was good...got just a tad bit boring outside but still good...

The final duel...OMG...Terrible IMO. I mean come on he could have done way better! Bah! I would have liked to see more of the epilogue...Took me a couple minutes to figure it all out...

All in all a good book to finish the series. 9/10
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(28-Jul-2007 at 00:56)

man, i easily saw snape was gonna be good... it had to happen... his precise story, however, was pretty surprising, and very creative... kudos to rowling who woulda thunk he wanted lily potter...

furthermore, the way this book was written pretty much shits all over most of the other books... always had me on the edge of my seat, whereas the others often got a bit wishy washy

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