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(14-Apr-2007 at 15:07)

J. R. R. Tolkien - LotR 3: The Return of the King (1955)

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The Return of the King is the final part of The Lord of the Rings. It details the end of the story, the fate of the Ring, the battle between Sauron and the rest of Middle-Earth and what happens to the main characters.
The title refers to Aragorn taking the crown of Gondor.

The story continues divided into two parts, one concerning the events that most of the Fellowship takes part in, and the other concerning Frodo and Sam on their journey.

Battle of the Pelennor Fields - Sauron unleashes his forces on Middle-Earth in an overwhelming attack against Gondor. With the aid of especially Gandalf and Aragorn, the armies of Rohan and Gondor (assisted by the Fellowship and an army of doomed souls) manage to hold and defeat Sauron. Key in the victory is the White Wizard driving, and the bravery of Aragorn.
Éowyn (niece of Rohan's king) and Merry manage to slay the Witch-King, the leader of the nine Nazgul (Ringwraiths, Black Riders).

After the battle, a suicide attack on the gates of Mordor (Saurons land) is organized in order to distract the Dark Lord from Frodo's dangerous mission.

Frodo and Sam meanwhile travel through Mordor, disguised as Orcs, in order to reach Mount Doom where the Ring can be destroyed. They succeed in this task during the battle at the Black Gate, so that the army there witnesses the destruction of Mordor.

After Sauron was defeated, Aragorn takes the crown of Gondor. Aragorn and Arwen (Elronds daughter) marry. Faramir and Eowyn fall in love.

The group, save Aragorn and the fallen Boromir, depart for Rivendell where they meet Bilbo again. They are accompanied on the way by Elrond and Galadriel, and meet a defeated Saruman.

Eventually the four Hobbits reach the Shire again. They find that Saruman has been corrupting the Hobbits, using big folk (men) with weapons to beat the Hobbits into submission. They set things straight. Wormtongue kills Saruman.
Sam uses his gift by Galadriel to fill the Shire with flowers and trees.

After several years, Frodo and Sam leave home again to meet a company of Elves, including Galadriel and Bilbo. They go with them to the great Elven harbor. There they meet Gandalf and Merry and Pippin.
Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf and the Elves all leave for the West (where the Gods reside).
Sam, now the most respected Hobbit in the Shire, and Merry and Pippin return to the Shire.
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Posts: 4722/4986
(14-Apr-2007 at 15:09)

An excellent book. Whenever I read it I get sad that it's over. Especially the final scene is depressing
Even though it is a happy end.
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(16-Apr-2007 at 13:56)

Again a long time ago since I read this. And again one of the best books I have ever read.

I agree completely that it sucks when you've finished it, because you just want more to read. Thank god there's still other books like The Silmarillion and The Hobbit you can read over and over again.

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(29-Nov-2007 at 05:49)

the best part of this book is that by the time you finish it for the first time you've ever read it, you feel as tired and beleagured as the characters.

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