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(Posted as Black Aurora)
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(16-Aug-2012 at 17:39)

Religion in politics

Simple question:

Does religion have a place in politics?

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(17-Aug-2012 at 07:55)

Re: Religion in politics

Simple answer: no.

Although religion is the preferable way to control people (it beats oppression by police and military), it's still a way to control people, and a huge waste of money that could be invested in more productive places. I'm not against religious people, but they shouldn't use my money to support their facilities and beliefs. It's like I'll make up an imaginary friend, get other people to believe in him too, and use the state's money to build churches for him. Doesn't sound fair for the people who don't believe in my imaginary friend, does it...

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(17-Aug-2012 at 23:47)

If the majority of conservatives actually believed in trying to act the way they try to tell everyone Jesus preached, I might not be so against it.

Religion really should not have any in politics, especially when it frequently seems to prevent the scientific progress of society.

How many people have had to suffer after not being allowed to be euthanized because of precedence that's all related to the bible? How fucked up is it that some asshole would ban stem cell research which would save a bunch of lives because of a religious belief it was immortal, after he declares a war on false pretenses killing a bunch of innocent human beings? How sickening is it that homosexuals aren't allowed to use the word "married" because some silly ass political party makes a big deal out of it? A lot of people, very fucked up, and disgustingly sick.

That being said, it's also fucked up when religious people are told they can't pray in school or wherever else. Using politics to try and further some sort of atheist agenda is just as fucked up.

Also, it's incredibly fucked up that where I live taxes go towards Catholic schools only. Not that it should go to any other non public school, but I rather that money goes to the OPP if it gets them to stop giving tickets just so they could meet a fucking quota.


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(18-Aug-2012 at 14:03)

Define "a place in politics."

As the situation is now, it does. By that I mean that it should be an issue if elected official (or as of yet unelected candidate) holds religious views that have some direct or indirect influence on the politics of said candidate. Abortion comes to mind, as does stem-cell research, opposition to evolution (aka science) in schools, oppression of women, etc.

And really, as long as people hold these views, then religion will have a place in politics. Few people believe something devoutly as a religion, that does not then affect their political views.

That being said, it's also fucked up when religious people are told they can't pray in school or wherever else. Using politics to try and further some sort of atheist agenda is just as fucked up.
This doesn't actually happen. Anyone can pray anywhere they want. What you can't do is set up a dedicated "prayer session" that involves the entirety of the school or class.

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(22-Aug-2012 at 06:18)

Re: Religion in politics

I think it does have a place. Many people form their opinions, including political opinions, based on their religious beliefs. In the case of the Middle East that so many leftists here defend, it's the primary basis of political opinion in many countries.

To tell one person that their religion has no place in a debate or politics is like telling VoR his extreme leftist, antisemitic views have no place in that same debate or political realm.

So yes, I believe it does have a place in politics. A prominent one? Meh... But a place, nonetheless.

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"You know, this election is going to be a referendum on their job-killing policies," he told The Hill. --John Boehner on the 2010 election.
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Posts: 1634/1637
(23-Aug-2012 at 00:39)
Does politics have a place in anything?

GTFO of my life.

The end.

Remember, politicans need you, you don't need them.

If not for religion being forced down your throat, then something else. Let's not blame religion, it's a much bigger problem then that.
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Posts: 459/460
(23-Aug-2012 at 01:05)

It absolutely has a place in politics. It always has. Religion is a large part of what determines how politicians act while in office, and what they believe to get them voted into that office. Essentially, religion is a factor that people use to state, or justify how they behave.

Politics itself is a case study in human behavior. It's a tool we have come up with to influence how the masses should behave and what the masses should believe in. It's not as simple as drawing a line and saying this is right, or this is wrong.

Basically what I'm getting at is that if there existed no religion in politics, we would have perfect politicians. Those persons who would create legislature and policies based on sound logic and solid rationale, void of any decisions made purely out of religious principal.

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(23-Aug-2012 at 07:44)

Absolutely not. And in fact I think that organized religion has no more place in society as well and should be eliminated

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common; they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views
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Posts: 7005/7006
(16-Sep-2012 at 14:37)

It depends what you mean by 'have a place in'.

Given that if religion exists, it is part of the culture that defines the values of the people that do the politicking, it is almost impossible to keep it out. If you are raised in a Christian family, you will hold broadly Christian values, and if you then enter politics those values will be reflected in your political views.

That may not be much of a problem.

The problems arise where religion *defines* the politics, where policy is based on religious texts - "God gave us this land" or "Allah said we must fight to defend our religion" or "an eye for an eye". The results of letting religion define politics can be seen across the entire Middle East.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." But let it be considered that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak of self- interest.
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