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(14-Apr-2007 at 14:23)

J. R. R. Tolkien - LotR 2: The Two Towers (1954)

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The Two Towers is the second and middle part of Tolkiens trilogy The Lord of the Rings. The title probably refers to the tower of Minas Morgul, and the tower of Saruman (Orthanc).
The book is another major classic in the fantasy genre, and is essential to the plot of Lord of the Rings.

The story follows:

Merry and Pippin - After being caught by the Uruk Hai of Saruman, they escape when these Uruk Hai battle with men of Rohan. In Fangorn Forest they encounter the giant treelike creatures called 'Ents', and manage to convince them to attack Saruman - the wizard who turned to evil.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli - Follow the Uruk Hai with the intent to rescue Merry and Pippin. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli meet the men of Rohan and learn about the battle. They discover a trace of the Hobbits, leading into Fangorn Forest. Entering the forest themselves, they meet Gandalf again. Gandalf has returned from his battle with the Balrog of Morgoth, and is now Gandalf the White.

Gandalf - Has returned in a more powerful form. Was carried by the Lord of the Eagles to Lothlorien to speak with Galadriel. Then went to meet the Ent Fangorn, who takes care of the Hobbits. After that Gandalf went to meet Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn to accompany them to King Théoden of Rohan.

King Théoden - On the council of Gandalf, he sends his councilor Grima Wormtongue (a traitor, works for Saruman) away. Then he leads his people to Helm's Deep, to fight Sarumans coming army with the help of Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf.

Saruman - Saruman sends out his huge army to fight against Rohan. While his army is away, he is attacked by the Ents at the urging of Merry and Pippin. After the battle at Helms Deep, Gandalf comes to break Sarumans power.

Frodo and Sam - Find that Gollum has been following them all the time, and meet with him. They make him promise to lead them into the land of Sauron, where they will destroy the Ring. In the lands between Mordor (the land of the enemy) and Gondor (a kingdom on the good side) they meet captain Faramir, brother of Boromir. After hesitating for a while, he decides to let them - and the Ring - go on the perilous quest, rather than taking the Ring for himself.

Gollum betrays them by leading them through Shelobs lair. Shelob is a giant spider, but with Galadriels gift of light, and the Elven sword Sting, they manage to fight Shelob successfully.

Frodo is paralyzed in the battle, and Sam thinks he died. Sam takes the Ring to continue the quest alone, but then overhears Orcs finding Frodo's body. He discovers Frodo is still alive, and needs to get him back.

Key events:
- The escape of Merry and Pippin
- The return of Gandalf
- The defeat of Sarumans army at Helms Deep
- The defeat of Saruman in Orthanc (by the Ents and by Gandalf)
- The enlisting of Gollum's aid by Frodo and Sam
- The capture of Frodo and Sam by Faramir
- The fight with Shelob
- Entering the land of the enemy

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Posts: 4720/4986
(14-Apr-2007 at 14:28)

Book III (first half of this book) is probably my favorite in the series. A good battle, interesting events with Saruman, the kingdom of Rohan. I like it alot. The story of Frodo and Sam is a bit dull in my opinion. Still this book is obviously an excellent.
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(16-Apr-2007 at 13:52)

The last time I read this was a couple of years ago already, but I can still remember me being overly excited throughout the entire book. Once you start, there's no stopping it. I am not sure which I think is better, The Fellowship or this one, but the Trilogy in general deserves a 10/10, most definately.

I don't think the Frodo and Sam part is dull by the way. It is less awesome than the battle-part, but I still like it. You are so involved with the characters, I love it.

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(29-Nov-2007 at 05:50)

this is my favorite frodo and sam part actually, ithilian and faramir rock. the book overall isn't that great though. they're all just kind of more of the same after the first one.

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