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View Poll Results: Liquor: Straight or mixed?
Straight 32 64.00%
Mixed 25 50.00%
Neither 7 14.00%
Who voted? Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 50
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Posts: 1512/2670
(11-Jan-2007 at 04:56)

i think they are the same thing basically...and i also agree that most liqur has over 40% alchol...

Altho i have seen liqur as low as 40 proof (20%)....beer usually only goes up to about 8.1% (in the us at least)

and im more starting to think ima stright drink kinda guy...i was just at the bar, and thats the fastest way

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Posts: 1055/1061
(17-Jan-2007 at 01:03)

I learned a lesson a while ago to never mix vodka with mango juice. Mostly depends on why I'm drinking tho (to get drunk or just chill)

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Posts: 490/564
(17-Jan-2007 at 08:17)

well it depends on what I'm drinking for.

If I'm drinking with the intention of getting completely hammed I'll do shots.

If I'm drinking to be sociable I drink mixed, or beer... actually if I'm being sociable I only drink rum and coke (50-50 is how mixed drinks are supposed to be fools anything more and you just should stick with beer or wine).

So if I go out I predrink (shots) and than when I arrive to wherever there is I'll have my mixed drink or beer.

On a side note what does a black russian count as because really you mix your alcohol with more alcohol (as it's vodka and coffee flavoured brandy/any coffee flavoured liquor) which means it's still mixed.

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Posts: 65/97
(19-Jan-2007 at 01:39)
I generally only drink beer, but, on the rare occassions I drink 'hard stuff', if I run out of beer. Normally Vodka and OJ (screwdriver).
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(21-Jan-2007 at 04:55)

shots are awesome. <3.

but mixed can be fun!

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