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(24-Jun-2007 at 04:31)

Re: Language (Non-English)

Originally Posted by Starfriend: View Post
Do you expect everyone, people who had read the older posts in question and those who hadn't, to read back over a dozen posts to see if that was the character YOU posted about? Get real.
See, the thing is, you're making this sound like something difficult. Reading over a dozen posts, especially in the pictures thread, is nothing.

Of course, this is subjective, and anything short of in-your-face fact won't change your mind.

You got warned, several people were involved in the decision that you should be warned. Now please quit hogging the thread with your complaint. If you wish to complain about it, you know exactly which thread to do it in. Let me tell you straight up though that what has been said here will be said there as well.
I'm not arguing that MY post was wrongly warned, I'm arguing that the language rule encourages redundancy, and should be revised, using my warning as an example.

s o u l f i r e
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