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View Poll Results: Should the US attack Iraq?
Yes 491 42.07%
No 676 57.93%
Who voted? Voters: 1167
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(Posted as Jammer X)
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(11-Feb-2003 at 20:54)

(Originally posted by Poekie)

They prefer to stay alive.
You are right but a little obvious there. Many people want to stay alive but does US care about these lives is that a question?

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(17-Feb-2003 at 06:12)
(Originally posted by PlatinumGangsta)

yea y not, i mean we gunna have to sooner or later- y not now- betta now than never- also i say to anyone that disagrees that is not from US- if u get killed by terrorists and they invade u- u gunna beg us for help
man i think he must commit some wrongdoing that could convince our un allies to attack too, think about it, isn't this kind of unwarranted military action just exactly what the UN was formed to prevent? we're in the wrong if we attack

bush is a complete moron for his bungling of our relations with europe already, why make him look even stupider by attacking an innocent nation, uniting the muslim world against america, and basically making life hell for americans all around the world?

the war on terrorism is like the war on drugs- it doesn't work. if we make more enemies by attacking nations that we can't prove have committed a crime, we're no better than they are.
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