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(15-Nov-2000 at 22:55)

only For I can find...

Yes, I agree, it would be nice to get to talk to those he once taught me the game... but it's not many who never changes their province name.. =/
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Old nrg
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(16-Nov-2000 at 02:09)
target finder

that would be the gayest thing ever on utopia!
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Old kronous00
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(16-Nov-2000 at 03:55)
correct this time?

ok kazper, so what you are telling me is that at some point the finder reads all of the kd's on utopia and sorts the information there so that all you have to do is type in the criteria that you are looking for and 'poof' it is at your fingertips. well, i am fairly sure that that brother green doesnt have an army using copy and paste to go thu each kd to get that information, which would lead to him using some type of automated script to get it. thereby accessing the utop server, with said process. making that illigeal or cheating. while formatters are also using an 'automated process' , they do not access the server in any way, you are still taking that information from utop by 'hand' to rearrange the information at your convience. i guess this would mean that the Utopia Rankings Brought to you by Glorat are also 'illigeal'. while not laid out for the express purpose of finding targets, neverless, there is no denying that it gets used for that purpose by some ppl. did i get it right this time? dont hessitate to correct me again if i am wrong.

the following is taken directly from - The Utopian Code -

In order to make everyone's experience here at Swirve Games enjoyable, we
have set up several basic guidelines which we ask that you follow. Violation of
any of these rules can and will result in immediate removal of your Utopia

Game Play
Under no circumstances are users allowed to use the aid of automated
processes to improve their performance in the Utopia game. Use of
automated scripts or other software that accesses the Utopia servers for
any reason outside of normal gameplay is expressly forbidden.

Policy Violation

Users are not allowed to encourage others to violate any of the above
policies. Any player found to be doing so will be immediately removed from
the game.

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Old xb95
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(16-Nov-2000 at 14:45)
Normal gameplay...

Define "normal gameplay"...

I would say, without a doubt, that looking through kingdom pages is normal gameplay. Wouldn't you? Heck, we all do it.

So if that's what this Target Finder does ... then what's wrong with it? It's doing what normal people do in the course of their game, just a helluva lot faster.

So what's wrong? :P
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Old dilamon
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(24-Nov-2000 at 16:40)

You could't be more right, to find the right target requires skill and thinking, if you add the target finder it will make it far to easy to find a right target.
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Old GenieZol
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(23-Dec-2000 at 16:21)
Quit the game lazy attackers!

Hey, why dont you guys just get a script that can run the province for you? Then you can spare even more time! Now wouldnt that be great?!? Then you wouldnt have to log in at all. And chatting over the Forum wouldnt be neccessary anymore, because you wouldnt have to rely on your Kingdom mates, since all you have to do is run a script and get everything done.

Quit the game if you cant even find a decent target by LOOKING at kingdom pages anymore.
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(Posted as Defender)
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(23-Dec-2000 at 18:25)
Re: Target finder = Cheater

Oh come on! Don't say that 'bout ppl from younger ages. I am 13 and I know the words pretty well. If you think I donno much about games think again. I'm currently a clan leader in Starcraft with people way over my age as members. Believe me, I've beaten 36 year old ppl in Starcraft before. (Not that they're bad, they are quite good too) By nature, younger ppl will be less mature than older ppl. But it doesn't stay that way. So don't say we ppl within that age group that you specified are lamers. And really bad newbies coz thought this is my first time playing, I have beaten ppl who have started playing much earlier than me.

PS I'm sure you're 12 once right? How would you feel if you're told u suck when you're that old?

Reg: Dec 2000 =)
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(Posted as Defender)
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(23-Dec-2000 at 18:31)
Re: Target finder = Cheater

The reply above is in response to the post in Page 1. Sorry to be so out of time.

Reg: Dec 2000 =)
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