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(21-Feb-2008 at 10:31)
Re: Religion

Originally Posted by Ninjoo: View Post
Your last sentece for discussion purposes was ambiguous.
In fact everything you said was.
I have difficulty with this, so I am sorry. I will try again. Perhaps a more systematic approach is needed.

How do you explain scientific math saying that demention exist if there are no gaps in the universe?
Scientific math creates it's own dream-world where it proves it's own laws.

Time doesn't exist either
No, it doesn't.

Its obviously an imaginery graph.
That's right.

In gods universe time exist and by saying this I am implying that god made this universe and god also has other universes but for the purpose of explination he put us in this universe so we could explain it.
If you say so. It is no more less imaginary that much else you've spewed forth.

You can't simplify god by our definition.
You're telling the story. Not me.

Yes logically he exist.
Yes, sir.

On another note

The only way I see for you to actually aproach proving me wrong is to say god either exist or logic is wrong.
It's too much to prove you wrong. I'd have to share the same mind as yours. What a scary thought that is, hey?

LOGIC is wrong not what ever the discountinue theory states.
Logic is whatever you feel it is.

Stop comming up with non sense that doesn't prove that.
Its ambiguous, assinine, and further more doesn't make sense and is off topic.
Again, I'm sorry for the misunderstandings.

Lets focus on one thing at a time
If that makes you happy.

You start using your mind and I will give you piece of mine about this situation.
Use my mind? In which way exactly? Your way?

Contrary to popular belief, you are not smart by becoming an athiest.
So stop trying to look cool by being athiest!!
Being an athiest because your community is athiest is not cool at all and every athiest should stfu about there 'brand of town' they are born in.
I don't care about weather its popular or not or weather you seem cool or weather you are fitting in.
I'm not sure where you got all of this from.
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Posts: 284/294
(22-Feb-2008 at 07:41)
First off I would like to state a few things.

That everyone is failing to understand organazation of language is a must.

Let me tease your logic with this question and thanks for being less vague.

What does the circle sign with a pentagram MEAN in the bible? D

I need the question answered before you move on about babble.

I am giving you the approuch and there for you must say its a rectangle as well and an oxygon.

Can you be more descripitive so we all equal the same iq? Stop trying to prove your teritory is yours.

You are essentailly a cat in my eyes. Well you can't prove anything but what we already know. YOU CAN talk to the cat. You are responding exactly like a cat to me.

Thus can we pretty please use the absolute basic logics to answer questions from now on in comparision.

Stop telling me this junk "3209847530948yt34hnripojdhfv09ouish4ae-9tuh0qw943ugt29304jt304u89hng43098uyng4w8un58g3480 9uht809q34uhrt98123u4hynrt0234unt28034ut0234"

equals this junk "A" with out proving it.

The proof is that I view you as a cat and you are not using our language and while I can poke you until it hurts... I still can't prove anything to you.

Stop using satanic language in this christian board.

Start using human language because I don't understand what your saying to be currect because you are not 'speaking' to anyone but yourself. The art in the circle is to break that mold and preform your emotions with love.

I am asking you to love me while responding logically.

Give me one reason you shouldn't use something we all know broken down to simple logic?

a + a = b

Thats how the human language opperates.

2-9=1/91984(a2)J# is not telling me anything clear. In order to solve that I need a + a = b
Break your logic down with every day items we all use.

I think what its saying (my question in the above post)

Don't exept a pentagram in the circle of logic. Meaning live with out hate

It could mean a whole world of things to you that you havn't thought about and I'm on the virge of tears because you can't understand the How the human language works.

By on the virge of tears I mean I am constantly almost crying because you don't understand how we as humans relate patterns to one another
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Posts: 941/1637
(27-Feb-2008 at 10:56)
You know what, you're spot on.

To your original question:

Originally Posted by Ninjoo: View Post

I would still like to know why exactly you guys who are religious and christians... why exactly you are christian.
It has more than less been the way I have been taught. It has been inescapable and more than less a pattern of thought and practice which has pver time been imbedded within me. It has been a loving mentor and a fulfilling disciple to follow.
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Posts: 1561/2860
(28-Feb-2008 at 01:13)

Oh God! It found a mate.

Mars II - American Scientist
PhD - Physical Chemistry
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