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(21-Jan-2002 at 06:27)
VERY LONG POST - let me know your HONEST opinion pls

This is tremdously Long and what sucks is, I forgot to save my Notepad so i have to re-write this Idea. Overall, Mehul just look at it and give it a thought. My #'s are examples, please adjust it if at all.
Also all I want is some comments, suggestions, constructives critism, no flames without a cause! Thank you


1 - Start of War
2 - 36 hours into war - negotiation
3 - The next 12 hours Diplomacy
4 - The ending of a war
5 - the possible loopholes I found
6 - Scenerios of why this idea Ends last second suicider loophole
7 - The Winning KD and their Reward
8 - exaplantion of how the reward system works
9 - Definitions


1 - With the current system you have Mehul, my idea fits perfectly in. whatever the case you make, as long both KD enters into a 1 vs 1 War, there is not really anything I touched in this part

2 - The war has already started and provinces began their t/m ops and attacking. After 36 hours into the war though, both KDs' Monarchs at the SAME time will recieve an option. This option I called is a "Negotiation Treaty Pact"(NTP). This is found at the Menu Screen. To be percised, it is where the current option we all see right now to choose "Stay in KD, or Transfer out of KD"
In the "NTP" is a box which looks such as this:

__% Food
__% Gold
__% Runes
__% Soldiers
__% Honor/Sci

and what the monarchs has to do is, input a #% of what they would like to Gain if they win the war.
After both Monarchs submit thier "NTP". IT will round off and see what both side neutrally agreed upon (An Equilibrium) and that will be the reward given.


3 - After both Monarchs decided what they would like to recieve, both monarchs should be contacting each other about when to end the war. Both KD will recieve "PEACE" option on the 48th hour of the war, but it is NOT MANDATORY to end there if at all. But The reason of this "Diplomacy" explantion if of the possible scenerios where one does not wish to end war or both can not agreed on without even talking to end war cause of a hit they made on you and you now want to retal. And for your retal, they wish to retal. So I suggested, Diplomacy to be made so both can agree upon without dragging the war more than 55 hours...
Also, NO WHERE THROUGHT THE WAR WILL ONE KNOW IF THEY ARE WINNING (unless you know 100% sure you just opened up a can of Mehul)

***I'll explain more reason on the chapter 6***

4 - How does one end war?
I thought of 2 solution, My newest solution is:
Thru Diplomacy, both KD inputs a # from 48-72.
Lets say KD #1 choosen 48 hours and war ends automatically
But KD #2 choosen to end war at 72 hours.
The war will automaticall end in the 60th hour.


48-49-50-51-52-53-54-55-56-57-58-59 - 60
72-71-70-69-68-67-66-65-64-63-62-61 - 60
As you can see, they got canceled out, and the neutral agreeable # is 60
both SIDES SHALL NOT KNOW WHEN WAR IS OVER! to prevent last second suicide! To prevent an "A-hole" KD to drag out the war FOREVER

what if the second KD doesnt pick a #?
then the war is over on the # choosen by the other party. Both side didnt pick any #? it automatically ends in 48hours to precent forever war blocking...

(THAT IS MY NEWEST IDEA - need to look for flaws)

this is where the "PEACE" option comes out when 48hours of the war has passed.
This is how it works:

The first side of the KD who clicks PEACE will have a "NON BIND PEACE". What this does is:
gives you 15-20% Def bonus
your attacks against the other are reduced by 35%-45% randomly, your t/m ops are reduced by -35% effectiveness. After 3 hits onto your KD, you recieve the "KD-wide GB protection" meaning the more ops/attacks onto your KD, will be reduced. To prevent draging out the war and punishing the KD who is in defeat.

Now if the second KD clicks on PEACE..than both side has entered a "BINDING PEACE" which does:
no side can attack, no side can do ops on each other. BUT THE WAR IS NOT OVER.

to officially end the war ONCE again, the first kd who clicked PEACE has recieved 2options:

end war - the war is now over
continue war - if you felt they abused and suiciders and did all thier nasty ops and click peace to get away, they are wrong, you can continue the war and REPEAT the process to end war. So if ya dragged it out, too bad (HENCE WHY I ASKED DIPLOMACY)

so its:
A: PEACE (non binding) + PEACE (both binding peace now) - END WAR (war over)
B: PEACE (non binding) + PEACE (after suicides and massive ops and you felt cheated out) +Continue WAR (reapeat prcoess until "A" occurs)

5 - The loopholes I seen on the current system of your mehul is, that both sides can surrender. Those who feels they won can easily suicide and click surrender to enter MUTUAL PEACE. on my idea.
if the first KD who clicked peace SUICIDED than entered peace, the seond KD is allowed to do 3 full non PENALISED attacks onto the Suicider before thier PEACE BONUS takes into affect.

Ah but now you say, what if the first KD who clicked peace didnt suicide, now they take advantage of 3 full hits, suicide or not.
Remeber, the first KD has to RECONFIRM to end the war, they have the upper-hand. If they felt cheated out or wants to make retal because of thier dity deeds, click Continue War.So until both sides like in a real war agrees to END IT..diplomacy..than it shall end.
I will show some scenerios of other related issue on it


(even though during the war, one side wont know if they are winning or lossing this is just an ex.)

KD 1 - winner
KD 2 - Losing

KD 1 win or lose decided when the 48 hour came - the will click peace to end the war.
Kd 2 however dont want to end it, they are kinda mad or whatever and began doing more ops and attack, even more than 3 full non penalised attacks before clicking peace.
now both kd CAN NOT ATTACK since both sides agreed on peace. YOU ARE RIGHT..but remeber the first KD has to reconfirm to end the war, if not, click Continue and retal

KD 1 - Winning
KD 2 - losing

Kd 1 decided to end the war already and did a semi-suicide and few attacks and was the first to click on PEACE to take advantage of the bonus def.
Well, now KD 2 has 3 full non penalised attacks to make onto the semi-suiciders, Also, KD 2 doesnt have to CLICK PEACE at all, and can continue to bash them and drag the war out. Yea they might gain less n less acres but now you dmg'ed them enough that they perfer to get out of that bonus cause of the negative attacks bonuses they get being in peace. War has continued.

KD 1 - losing
KD 2 - winning

KD 1 felt they were losing and entered Peace to end the war
Kd 2 feel like NOT ENDING the war at all and keep bashing them.
KD 1 has somewhat of a ll advantage, go after thier monarch and submit him into PEACE or after 6 hours the other side of the KD hasnt clicked peace once the first KD clicked peace, the first KD will get another option:
the following options they have is:
not avialiable "END WAR" Avialiable Continue War
Avialiable - WITHDRAW war

Withdraw activates - after an additional 6 hours (so let's say you licked peace 48 hours + 6 hours no peace, withdraw comes out + 6hours before it takes into effect = 60 hours) both KD will end the war, and whomever was the winning team, losses the resources that the monarch input in the "NTP" box.

kd 1 - losing
kd 2 - winning

If both KD has entered mutual peace, but doesnt end the first Kd doesnt end the war, within X hours both KD goes into withdraw and the first Kd who had the option to end war will lose resource.

SEE WHY DIPLOMACY can ease things and agree saying, im willing to end war around this time, please dont make any drastic attack on this time so we both can walk away and find out who is the winner.

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Posts: 13/21
(21-Jan-2002 at 06:28)

8 -
The reward system should be more, cause if you try to cheat the system, you can lose more than actually gaining, unlike sacrificng 5% honor.

now there are 5 boxes to choose from, it is not MANDATORY to put a # in there..but what is though, the total amount of % is "15%".
The MAX #% on each category is:

Soldiers - 5%
Gold - 15%
Runes - 8%
Food - 15%
Honor/Sci - 5%

so as long, the total overall is 15%

what is up with the Honor/Sci?
It means, if you choosen to put a %# and if you win, your Kd is gonna recieve Either Honor Or Sci. RANDOMLY (abuse feeding you might say, rare honor)

now how does this work though?

Simple Lets say KD 1 choosen this:

5% honor/Sci
5% Soldier
3% Gold
2% Food

and Kd 2 choosen this:

1% Honor/Sci
8% Runes
1% Food

the neutral agreement (Equilibrium) will be:

5% Soldier (both agrred to 5%)
3% Honor/Sci (the middle of 1 and 5)
2% Food (sicne both agreed food not gold)
1% gold (gold was least favorited)
4% Runes (leftover #'s from above)

Once both Sides END THE WAR
the winner will be notified on the paper or to the Monarch only.

Where does all this reward enter?
The reards enters into a "Pool"
the pool ONLY holds everything above BUT HONOR/SCI

the HONOR/SCI is divided as much as possible EVENLY, and the odd fraction goes to the monarch

Can I add stuff into the pool? NO
Can I take stuff out of the POOL? YES

the Pool will affect TB

what we know already is:

1gc - 1gc aid tb
1food - 0.1gc aid tb
1soldier - 100gc aid tb
1rune - 5gc aid tb

if you take from the pool though is:

1gc - 100gc aid tb
1food - 10gc aid tb
1soldier - 750 aid tb
1rune - 250gc aid tb

this is made to prevent OFF THE BAT FEEDING.


9 -
POOL - Is where the winning team rewards goes to except for HONOR/SCI

No BInding PEACE - X% Def Bonus -40% T/M'ing
after 3 attacks GB protection is on ALL of the provinces

BINDING PEACE - when both sides agreed to have peace - NO SIDE CAN ATTACK OR DO OPS/SPELLS

CONTINUE WAR - removing your non binding peace or removing the binding peace

END WAR - officially end war

Withdraw - if the other side never delcares peace after a certain time, you can withdraw and stay in peace (doubled the peace affect) and wait till 6 more hours so the war ends by itself

NTP - Negotiation Treaty Pact - where you input what you would like to agree on if you win the war and the prize is given to you, where you may find it at the POOL

DIPLOMACY - not mandatory but many people might be needing this to end the war instead of draging it out or continue to go back n forth of ending the war cause of dumbarse players doing to big of an attack that must be retalled or you suicided and try to get away but it wont happen and the war goes on forever.
This is Version 4.3 created By Misanthropist/Grizaje for serious consideration
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(Posted as RuNeFiRe)
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(21-Jan-2002 at 06:59)

Why are you posting it here if your addressing it to Mehul?

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Posts: 16/21
(21-Jan-2002 at 08:10)
Copy Paste

I already posted this in the forums but i want to see you guys opinion without being flamed...copy/paste
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(21-Jan-2002 at 08:12)

honest opinion....

His not kidding about having a long post is he.

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(21-Jan-2002 at 14:37)
wow i just took all that time to reed it twice and im still sonfused well u did warn me
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Posts: 44/68
(21-Jan-2002 at 18:26)

Yup, it's long alright. Damn long.

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