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(25-Sep-2009 at 23:22)
New Race:

Not sure about a name. Sticking with Half-Bloods for now, because I'm tired and I can't think straight.

Descendands of immortal beings and mortals (humans, elves) they are powerful and strong in combat. Depending on the god/goddess they come from, they have unique powers.
(Anyone seeing the Greek mythology myths here?)

Elites: 7/7 1100gcs Demi-God/Demi-Titan
Off and Def specs normal rates: Off spec called Hero, Def spec called Hunter
(like the hunters of Artemis)

-Okay, I though I'd add something completly new to this, so I'm going to have another choice, - Race/Person AND the immortal being they hail from, which grants them unique powers. Can only choose one, obviously.
As I'm not feeling very creative now, gonna go with Greek mythology, with The Olympians, the Titans- etc. Have some ideas already, but I'd like some more. Please put the deity's name, Titles, etc.
Ares: God of War: 10% bonus to ME, In War: +10% OME

Zeus: God of the Sky: 10% bonus to attack gains, Dungeons hold 2x people

Poseidon: God of the Sea: +5% DME, stables hold 2x horses

Hephaestus: God of the Forge: +5% BE, -15% building cost

Apollo: God of the Sun, Music, Archery, Healing, etc:+1 def spec. -5% losses.

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare: Half all War and Dragon cons. -20% sci cost

Gaia: Titan of the Earth: 10% bonus to income (gold and silver in the earth, yay) 10% bonus to food from farming

Hades: God of the Underworld: 10% of dead troops in battle Reanimate themselves for that battle: (So, if you were going to lose 100 people, you get 10 "extra" troops just before the battle), +5% pop bonus

Hermes: God of theives, travellers, etc: +10% theivery eff, -10% attack times

Kronos: King of the Titans; Titan of Time: Building, Attacking, Training troops, sci learning, all 15% quicker.

Hyperion: Titan of the East; Titan of Light: +1 off spec +5% OME

Hecate: Goddess of Magic: +10% bonus to Magic eff, +10% bonus to rune production

Tell me if these are really stupid or if you've got any to offer/fix mine


Godly blood helps shield them from magic: +10% spells fail on them.
Great Strength: +10% ME
Military people (Demi-Gods have pretty much been heroes in Greek Mythology): Military Spec costs 300gcs

The Gods, despite being known to get around, aren't good enough to create a large species: -10% Max Population
Heroes have expensive equipment: Elite Maintenance x2.5 normal wages
Can't build more than 25% of a certain building
Can't build Libs or Schools

Specific spellbook: Pitfalls, Nightmares

I think I went way overboard.

Last edited by Fanatic39, 25-Sep-2009 at 23:28.
Edit reason: Messed up words. I'm tired.
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Posts: 31/75
(27-Sep-2009 at 03:41)
These bonuses are huge!
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Posts: 79/93
(27-Sep-2009 at 10:10)
Re: New Race:

Originally Posted by raiman: View Post
These bonuses are huge!
Feel free to fix them.. I don't really mind. I was very tired when I wrote that, and not thinking clearly.
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Posts: 3/3
(28-Jan-2010 at 09:02)
Freak {new race} The outcasts of the utopian world, these unsightly and unlearned creatures seem very weak; But, are highly unpredictable, and suprisingly effective in their chosen fields.

Split personality: {bi-polar} Can be TWO personalities at once.
Science: -30% {can`t consentrate}
Can not use Homes {insomniac}
Spreads Plague {low hi-gene}
Can not send or recieve aid {hoarder}
+15% ME durring Hostile relations
Access to NightMare, Townwatch, and Bloodlust spells
+ 25% success on intel opps
- 15% land losses

soldiers 3/3
Off spec 4/2
Def spec 2/4
Elete 4/4
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Posts: 2627/2670
(01-Mar-2010 at 02:45)

3/3 soldiers? lol. So basically if you pick that race you just use all soldiers huh? Super low cost for military, no training time at all, and super low NW. sounds good to me. Thats not even getting into the fact you get 2 personalities. Personalities are pretty powerful nowadays...

"Hmph, you and your third dimension."
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"Yes five thousand."
"Donít question it."
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