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(27-Apr-2010 at 11:58)
content Utopia on Facebook

How about that guys.. make application on facebook.

plsss... plss... make Utopia on Facebook..
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(27-Apr-2010 at 16:48)

Oh, definitely! I'll get right on that.
I'll have it done by week's end.
The link will be dead until I launch, but here:
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(03-Jun-2010 at 21:11)

What would be the point of that?

Utopia is much better of as is .... making it a FB App would only limit things

besides .. plenty of Utopia type Apps already

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(03-Jun-2010 at 21:48)

Uhm I think the people you should make the suggestion to would be Sean and Brian as there likely copyright infringement issues.

But I think it would be a most remarkable way to keep it alive and bring new people to the game.

Also it would add a new twist to those who insist on playing the game as a a 'multi' as they have to work a bit harder at making all their facebook accounts appear to be active in other games like they were "real people"


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(05-Jun-2010 at 00:12)
BS commented earlier that they are thinking of implying it in the future.
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(05-Jun-2010 at 10:29)
Hi, all - I am currently developing a version of utopia called 'The Battlefields'

The plan is to get this on facebook also, currently its in Alpha Stage - if anyone remembers how Mehuls utopia used to be, the old ticks, the speed of the game its worth taking a look!

Currently it only has the old 'classic' theme but I think for facebook it needs something more appealing for new customers

Races, personalites and game mechanics are current last age omacs wol, I have not introduced Spy on Throne or Snatch News and have no plans to do so. Ticks are every 15 minutes.

Support, ideas and criticism welcome. I am on utonet in #battlefields channel.

Beta Age will start in about a week, when ticks will probably be every half hour.
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