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(14-Nov-2009 at 00:51)
exclamation mark *Instructions on how professors/instructors/guides work*

As we've all seen, professors, instructors and guides (science, military and exploration) were all given to us because of a bug created by the programmers that was being exploited by some (the bug allowed you to train and explore 1 unit at a time, over and over again and the return time was always the same, return times were not randomly generated.

so instead of them fixing the bug that they created, they band-aided it with these guys.

Professors: For every category you invest in, you use 1 professor, so if you invest in all 7 at once, you use 7 profs. they return 24 hours later. There is an issue with professors, if you use them all, down to 0, you will not be able to change your level of research (no button). This has been reported here:


so BE CAREFUL in how you use your professors! you're screwed if you use them all up! They have added 50 more professors, so it won't be so much of an issue now.

Military Instructors: They seem to work the same way, 1 per training instance, so if you train all defspecs, you use 1, but if you train offspecs, defspecs, elites and thieves at the same time, you use 4. they also appear to return when that instance of training is completed. Have not seen any bugs regarding this.

Exploration Guides: It appears that it's pretty basic, looks to use 1 guide each time you explore, and they would return when all the land explored in that instance.

Return times:
Professors - 24 hours
Military Instructors - 19-24 hours (depending on if IA is on or not)
Exploration Guides - 24 hours (or whenever your last acre from that guide is completed)

So basically they don't return to you until all research, training and exploration initiated by them has been completed.

hope that helps give everyone an understanding of how they work
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