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(03-Nov-2003 at 06:10)

Concerning Banks vs. Training grounds

I was thinking about the formulas for the banks vs. training grounds and I thought of a factor I didnt see mentioned.

You know how the training ground reduce expenses. Well one of the economy happiness modifiers is related to the ratio of income to expenditures. If you had more training grounds you could gain an otherwise lost happiness message that could further increase your income.
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(Posted as illuvata)
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(03-Nov-2003 at 14:37)
but the ratio would also increase if your income increases
also, there really aren't accuracte enough numbers to predict what the effect on hapiness is, so adding stuff like that to the power tools would be impossible

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Research Group
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(03-Nov-2003 at 21:40)

I agree with illuvata; there may a be an effect, but it is hard to model. The best you can do is to compensate by setting the happiness down to the appropriate level.

We could do what I have done with the optimal homes equation, and set a cell to work out whether the recommended build would push down happiness a level or two, if that would make you feel better about it.

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